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What are some of your favorite covers. Non professional covers, professional covers, any kind of cover ever. Post your favorite YouTube, SoundCloud, or whatever kind of clips you have. Maybe you know of a great song that's made even better, or a bad song that was just made worse. Let's hear what you guys got. Here's a few off the top of my head:



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All of mine I first saw/heard in movies:


Gary Oldman covering Sid Vicious covering Frank Sinatra: My Way




Rebekah del Rio covering Roy Orbison: Crying (Llorando):



The Gypsy Kings covering the Eagles: Hotel California



Sly and the Family Stone covering Doris Day?: Che sera sera





and of course:


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DEVO puts its own spin on The Rolling Stones & it rules.




Yeah, when I was a kid I did not realize that Hendrix was actually covering Bob Dylan.






Hugo covers Jay-Z's 99 Problems.



Ben Folds Five doing their cover of Dr. Dre's Bitches Ain't Shit.



Dynamite Hack covers Boyz N Tha Hood.



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