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  1. Uber's last three text messages to its Hudson County (NJ) drivers were basically: Our Hoboken office is closed today. Holy shit, HOBOKEN is closed today. Fuck it, we're closing the Uber driver app too.
  2. Between "Seven Nation Army" and this, Haley Reinhart is rapidly becoming Post Modern Jukebox's MVP.
  3. And this is why I'm continuing to become a rabid Carrie Coons fan. Exhibit A (spoilered for size):
  4. So here's the full-length Bond/Heineken tie-in commercial for SPECTRE. Am I the only one whose ears perked up and said "Holy shit, that's the theme music from Something Weird Video..." https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vuMvhJaWIUg (Edit: It's "The Hellraisers" by Syd Dale, and apparently has a long and storied history as background music. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UvIc-jmj3JY)
  5. So the stoner/porn-star who's been my best friend for a decade convinced me to scoop up some last minute tickets for the Dead and Company at Madison Square Garden on Halloween. (For those keeping score, that's Bobby, Bill, and Mickey, with Otiel Burbridge filling in for a sick Phil Lesh...and John Mayer on guitar.) Keep in mind I'm no Deadhead by any stretch of the imagination... IT. WAS. AWESOME. Older, mellow audience, Dead dancing in the aisles and passageways, open and unbridled drug consumption. They opened the main set with "Truckin'," and you can bet your ass EVERYONE sang along. Also: say what you will about Mayer's dick's tabloid adventures, the boy can play guitar like a houseafire.
  6. Elle King is a straight-up (if poppier) ripoff of Gin Wigmore. Discuss.
  7. As this past Sunday's episode started, I remember thinking "Hmm, they haven't touched on bipolar Carrie yet this season." And then we got not only cryface Carrie, but off-her-meds-batshit-insane Carrie to boot. Awesome. Oh, and in case y'all missed it, some artists hired to provide Arabic graffiti in the previous week's ep managed to punk/critique/burn the entire show in epic fashion: http://www.cnn.com/2015/10/15/middleeast/homeland-grafitti-racist/
  8. Ladies and gents...the Screaming Taylors.
  9. The S2 opener, even taking into account the "new career in a new town" switchup, still managed to set new what-the-fuckery record levels: The Simon in the Desert guy on the pillar. The epileptic daughter running naked through the woods with her friends. THE GODDAMN GOAT SACRIFICE IN THE RESTAURANT. And the "Perfect Strangers" brick joke. Let the bad times roll...
  10. So as a coda to my earlier posting of the fake "Better Call Saul" advert: I just finished binge-watching BREAKING BAD last night...and just this moment discovered this Esurance ad from the last Super Bowl. Yep. All kinds of awesome.
  11. An oldie (in several senses of the word), but an absolute charmer.
  12. Not to speak ill of the deceased, but my first Cyberspace Wrestling show as a ringside photographer (I wanna say...summer '03?) was pretty dire. First of all, they held it in a hockey rink in Rahway, NJ, and had to haul out huge fans just to circulate the air a bit. There were, at most, 60 people in the entire audience. Then the card included a Steve Austin knockoff, a Rock knockoff, and a Tommy Dreamer knockoff. Then the planned 4-way women's match had to be hastily rebooked when Mickie James (still "Alexis Laree" at that point) and Simply Luscious walked out...after the promoter had made a not-subtle-at-ALL reference to Mickie's LEG SHOW photos in the locker room. (I was there. But I didn't find out about the pix until much later...) So yeah, not a fun night on the indies.
  13. So I'm just now getting around to binging BREAKING BAD (thank you, Netflix!), and saw my first "Better Call Saul!" commercial - which, of course, is both awesome AND annoying.
  14. If we can widen the "bad actor" net to include "real-life asshole," I nominate Shia LeBeouf based solely on his performance in FURY, which was unexpectedly enjoyable.
  15. Rust Cohle spouting elliptical dialog? Magic. Ray Velcoro and Frank Semyon doing same? Not so much. Season 2 feels like a modern-day James Ellroy joint. It would be nice if it fucking sounded like one, as well. But I'm still watching. Because, between this and THE LEFTOVERS, I'm masochistic enough to need my feel-bad HBO television fix.
  16. stiffshots


    Not quite. Boon opted NOT to take the hipster's hat, then went out and got his own (smaller) Stetson. Which fit more with his "Wild West gunslinger wannabe" personality. That was always one of Elmore Leonard's minor issues with the show: Raylan's hat was too damn big. He initially envisioned the hat as a "business Stetson" a la the cop in the famous Ruby-shoots-Oswald picture, but eventually conceded that Tim O made the big white hat work.
  17. A Canadian sci-fi show about female clones, with an actress I've never heard of? Why would I want to watch that? As Shirley Manson sez, you'll wanna hear about my new obsession...
  18. Based on the cast alone, I wanna be in the audience that MST3000's this with lines from DOCTOR WHO, GAME OF THRONES, and ZERO DARK THIRTY.
  19. Rousey/Rodriguez for UFC200. Or Wrestlemania 2016 (I'm too lazy to look up the numbering). Book this shit now. Seriously, the Designated Chickfight, fanservice-y though it may be, was a thing of beauty, right up to (and including) the Spanish Announce Table finish. Yes, I know it's all choreography and editing, but it was also (ironically?) the most "real" moment in a film where most of the in-universe physics was straight out of Wile E. Coyote-ville.
  20. Ronda's already a better actress than Carano, but Carano's fight scenes in HAYWIRE still beat Rowdy's in EXPENDABLES 3 for not being disguised by editing.
  21. Too many bad film choices. GIGLI was perhaps the most egregious, PAYCHECK the most meta. Honestly, I think I would've enjoyed his comeback as a director more if he didn't appear in so many of his own films. But I had no issues with how he played GONE GIRL.
  22. Sad, but not entirely surprising; we'd known about the COPD for a long time. Still, he accomplished quite a lot in his life, and in a variety of creative avenues. Godspeed, sir.
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