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Am I the only one who thinks Cena had kind of a down year? It felt like everything from Hell in a Cell to just before the Cesaro match was well below his usual standards.


He came back from injury way too early - plus Del Rio and Orton aren't really very over right now.


The early period of the year saw him have pretty decent matches with Ryback (if not Khali-miracles I grant you), a very good match with Mark Henry and then an excellent match with Daniel Bryan.


Given that he closed with an incredible match with Cesaro and was part of a decent (if overbooked) Elimination Chamber, The MITB cash-in defence against Sandow was also pretty good. I think he's done okay even if it's not been a career peak year. 


Whether this justifies going over Volador I have no idea.

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Man I really hate that Volador match. It's like watching a time warp. I'm sure if it happened in 2006 with Jimmy Bauers saying how great it is to have these guys in ROH I would have ate it up with a spoon, but watching it now it just felt so mind numbing.

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Dorada is better than Volador so I would guess he would be better than him in most every match.


I don't hate Volador Jr. as much as some, but I almost never seek out his matches.  I'm not completely averse to your spot running guys, but I want them to be more along the lines of Aerostar where they are doing things so nuts and unique that you don't care if the match happening around them is just okay.  Or at least like Shockercito be really little so the novelty factor is turned up.  Anyway to me Volador is just sort of there as a guy who does a bunch of stuff in his matches.  The fact that he had the worst Casas match of the year hurts him more than any list of bad or annoying things he does, but he wasn't going to beat Cena anyhow.


I actually don't really think Cena had that much of a a down year.  Like all Cena years you can find some incredible highs and some periods where he doesn't really do much to stand out.  The highs this year were the six man tag from the EC last year (outside of voting period but I'm talking calendar 2013 first), the Mark Henry match, the Daniel Bryan match which some people think is one of the best matches in company history, and then some randomly great trios stuff especially when he worked opposite Cesaro.  This year he has added to that with the Cesaro match which is my current singles match of the year.  In the gaps you can find plenty of "good" if not great performances.  


Again I don't hate Volador, but not sure I saw him in a trios as good as those trios Cena was in ever, let alone last year.  Also don't think his best singles stuff is even close to as good as Cena's.  And when Cena worked Bryan and Cesaro, he had much better matches than Volador had against Casas (though they were on the opposite side of each other in a really fun tag from IWRG at the end of Dec.).  Also there are probably 64 luchadores I think are better than Volador.  

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This is a weird one. I have a lot of fun watching Volador, but I've never known if that means he's better than anyone. I think he's good at conveying that "loud-mouth wide receiver" personality in his mannerisms, which helps him stand out to me. At the same time, I don't know for sure if I'm just projecting that. I still voted for him. I just don't have a lot of confidence in saying why anyone else should.

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My lack of knowledge/interest in Lucha will keep me from voting, but Cena had a down March to March compared to last year's tournament (when he was the best guy in the WWE hands down and should have won this fucking thing you fuckers) but he certainly wasn't bad.  I mean, he added Sandow to the list of guys who have had their career best match with Cena (a rather illustrious group that includes, imo, Lesnar, Ziggler, Ryback, Umaga, Khali, CM Punk, and maybe The Shield) and he had my personal 2013 MOTY with Bryan, kicked this year off with a great match against Cesaro, was really good in the EC (I know I raved about it in the ppv thread, but that sequence he had with Cesaro, leading to the STF and Cesaro's elimination, was my highlight of the show, and one of the best 90 second in-ring stretches I have ever seen), was the "other guy" in what appears to be the consensus pick for "Angle of the Year", which led right into a very good match with Mark Henry...


That's a down year that 95% of guys could claim as a career year.

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Rippa voted for Volador. I hope it's like when he voted against Orton and it's because he hates Cena's stupid face.


In this case - it was more a of general lucha support vote... especially since I knew Cena would win easily.


But this also hasn't been the greatest of years for Cena with the injuries again and the 7 trillion Orton matches.

And since I hate Orton's stupid face...

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Cena/Henry was my WWE MOTY. Add to that Cena/Cesaro from 2014 and Cena/Bryan, and those three matches alone are high-end matches where Cena was playing TOTALLY different roles in each match and doing a wonderful job of filling each of them. I loved Cena's year and can only imagine how good it would have been if he wasn't so dinged up. 

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And the 64 luchadores would be?..........


In no order....


1. Aerostar

2. Black Terry

3. Negro Navarro

4. Gran Apache

5. Dr. Cerebro 

6. Dinamic Black

7. Shockercito

8. Negro Casas

9. Demus 3:16

10. Solar I

11. Villano IV

12. Cassandro

13. Machine Rocker

14. Virus

15. Rush

16. Rey Escorpion

17. Rey Cometa

18. Puma

19. Valiente

20. Trauma I

21. Trauma II

22. Dr. Wagner Jr.

23. LA Park

24. Rey Hechicero

25. Charles Lucero

26. Stigma

27. Fuego

28. Astral

29. Bam Bam

30. Titan

31. Mascara Dorada 

32. Satanico

33. Freelance

34. Chico Che

35. Hooligan

36. Skandalo

37. Raziel

38. Cancerbero 

39. Arkangel de la Muerte 

40. Misterioso Jr. 

41. Sagrado 

42. El Terrible 

43. Bobby Zavala

44. Maximo

45. Pierrothito 

46. Averno

47. Electrico 

48. Stuka Jr. 

49. Alan Extreme

50. Oficial 911

51. Kraneo

52. Felino

53. Vangellys

54. Barbaro Cavernario

55. Espiritu Maligno

56. Guerrero Maya Jr.

57. Avisman

58. Apolo Estrada Jr.

59. Califan

60. Faby Apache

61. Mary Apache

62. Cerebro Negro 

63. Bombero Infernal

64. Canis Lupus


Could keep going for a bit, especially if you include guys like Namajague, Tama Tonga, and Okumura.  

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Volador has had an interesting year. He started the year as a rudo a lot of CMLL fans ended up cheering as a tecnico and went into the mask match with Sombra as the crowd favorite even though the CMLL fans clearly wanted Atlantis/Ultimo Guerrero and by the third fall got fans to give a shit about him even though they were still upset they didn't get the mask match they really wanted. 


He then had an out of nowhere tecnico turn where he ends up respecting Misticlon as a way for the CMLL office to get the fans to cheer Misticlon. Not an easy task. He was also crazy enough to get a 54 year old Negro Casas to take a Spanish Fly off the top rope in their Leyenda De Plata champions' match. 


The finishing sequence to the match posted above was absolutely insane. 


Cena's going to win, because he has so much experience dealing with crowds not taking to his act and embracing it. He's had some clunkers due to rushing from injury. Plus his Orton series was fucking boring as shit and the Royal Rumble fans had every right to shit all over it.

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