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  1. At this point I ALMOST want Joe to win this so I can make my list of 50 guys who appeared on CWF Mid-Atlantic tv in the last year who had clearly better 2016's than he did.
  2. I don't like either guy really, but I voted for Omega because he's not on a weekly show that I often find myself watching. That was literally the deciding factor. I have to see Omega less so I voted for him
  3. I saw Nakamura live too many times to rate him over Reigns. On the other hand I might be the higher on Nakamura v. Roode than anyone on Earth so there is that
  4. Charlotte is overrated, but I voted for her because of the Sasha series which is both the worst and best thing the WWE did all of last year. Yes it became a feud about what they could do rather than what they should do, but they were in a position so unique I can't really fault them for that. I honestly see the Sasha/Charlotte matches as weirdly analogous to the Dynamite/Tiger Mask series but Sasha and Charlotte's matches were more likely to be good.
  5. I'm not sure Joe was a top 250 wrestler in the world last year, so this is an amusing result to me if it holds
  6. I really do want Sami Zayn to turn into a good, consistent, tv wrestler. That's the only way he has a shot in WWE long term. He's just not there yet.
  7. I want Samoa Joe to be good still, and he's a good promo, but I'd basically have to be a hardline NXT cultist to buy the idea he had a year roughly 1/4 as good as Riddle's. I mean...I attended 6 or 7 NXT events last year, and saw Joe live an awful lot so maybe I am an NXT cultist. But I just don't see any evidence to support the idea he's in the same universe as Riddle. Granted I'm less in line with the Segunda Caida critique that he's an emerging Angle BUT even if he was a 2004 Angle I'd take 2004 Angle over 2016 Samoa Joe 100 out of 100 times. Joe is a guy who was actually HURT some by me seeing him live last year and I say that as someone who has been a fan of his for well over a decade. If you were hurt by me seeing you live you shouldn't get out of the first round.
  8. Hit me on Twitter when that happens. This year I'll either sit out on March Madness or vote against all the New Japan guys
  9. Kind of feel like Joey Janela should at least make a play in. He's managed to make himself a top guy on the indies through viral suicide spots and Bad Boy Schtick and he's had some really good matches along the way. Generally I think the field lacks the sort of outside the box pick that people get indignant over when they lose handily in the first round. My view is that these type of guys are critical to the process. Here id argue for PWX ace/SCI standout Anthony Henry, or Nova Pro ace and CWF standout Arik Royal. Both are likely to be top 30ish guys to people who followed them closely and will have strong advocates
  10. I voted for Brock because CMLL booking sucks until this year when it's kinda been goodish at times.
  11. For some reason this thread made me forget that I forgot to lobby for Cheeseburger
  12. So I take it you are in Bill's "she is a glorified backyarder" camp Actually no. I'm an agnostic on her. But I haven't really watched her in part because anytime she comes up people say something like OH GOD SHE SUCKS. My post wasn't a troll. I literally didn't realize she had a large fanbase.
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