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5 hours ago, Kevin Wilson said:

Pete Carroll continuing to complain about not being the Seahawks coach and saying he is open to coaching elsewhere. So far the Pats handled letting a long-term coach go better than Seattle, or maybe Belichick is just doing a better job than Carroll at publicly reacting to it. This reminds me of Giants/Coughlin.

"they're not football people" while complaining about your bosses is certainly one way to start an advisor role. 

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4 hours ago, Lawful Metal said:


Harsh. But people probably still remember what a clownshow he was as the HC for Detroit. 

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Texans OC Bobby Slowik has gotten like 5 interview requests despite looking Bobby from King of the Hill. We’re hoping he sticks around for at least one more year like Lions OC Ben Johnson last year and Demeco Ryan’s the year before. 

is Ben Johnson still a hot candidate for HC jobs? 

Should Bobby stay or does he need to take a HC job now and not risk his interest going down?

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15 hours ago, GojiColin said:

I want Belichick to FINISH THE STORY~! and go back to Cleveland and stay far, far away from the NFC South in the off chance he still has it.

I am not sure if that was a compliment to the Browns given what is going on with the other person trying to FINISH THE STORY

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The Browns are overhauling their offensive coaching staff

OC Alex Van Pelt and RB coach Stump Mitchell were both fired and TE coach T.C. McCartney did not have his contract renewed

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