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Payback VII - 9/2/2023

Dolfan in NYC

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It's Labor Day weekend... you just came back from a barbecue with your family that you barely like, but you were good and didn't say anything... what's your reward?   A WWE show you WON'T have to pay $50 to see!     Live from Pittsburgh, it's Payback!  


FOR THE WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP - Seth F. Rollins (c) vs. Shinsuke Nakamura

FOR THE WOMEN'S WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP - Rhea Ripley (c) vs. Raquel Rodriguez

FOR THE UNITED STATES CHAMPIONSHIP - Rey Mysterio (c) vs. Austin Theory

STREET FIGHT FOR THE UNDISPUTED TAG TEAM CHAMPIONSHIP - Tabernack!! (Owens / Zayn, c) vs. The Judgement Day (Balor / Priest)

STEEL CAGE MATCH - Trish Stratus vs. Becky Lynch

LA Knight vs. The Miz

THE GREYSON WALLER EFFECT with special guest, Cody Rhodes


*Jimmy Uso vs. Jey Uso



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Hope this is finally Shinsuke Nakamura's time for a main roster World Championship win. The biggest was at Summerslam 2017 when he lost to Jinder Mahal of all people when Mahal was WWE Champion. Still pissed me off. The second was WWE Champion AJ Styles in 2018. That feud was so disappointing.

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On 9/1/2023 at 2:20 AM, L_W_P said:

I think Priest is walking out champion.

There will be a moment in the tag match where he will need to decide between taking a bullet (chair shot?) for Finn or bailing to keep himself fresh.

He bails, cashes in on an exhausted Seth, leaves the new WHC.

Before or after Punk drops his title in a garbage can!?

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I guess that's it for Trish now?

I wish they structured LA Knight's PLE matches to be more like Attitude Era PPV matches. He got the Cena approved rub anyways.

I'm happy the Undisputed WWE tags are on another tag team, hopefully they get new designs. Or maybe the titles wonts.

Quite fitting there was a talk show skit on the final World Wrestling Entertainment Inc. PLE.  The bloodline junk has gotten weird.

Skipped Rheas match.

The PWInsider rumour mills were right about the Great Muta again, but he was appearing physically as Keiji Mutoh.

I didn't really thought Nakamura would win, and he didn't.

Oh well B level PLE's innit?

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Becky/Trish was great and probably Trish's best match. It was good to see the crowd so into it. They bumped bigger than expected and Trish had a big bump on forehead around halfway in. I assume Becky threw her into the cage a little too hard.  The post match with Zoey was a decent breakup for her and Trish. Curious if Zoey will be a face after this.

Knight/Miz was solid enough, but I think the inclusion of Cena brought it down a tick though it was good to see Cena give Knight the rub post match.

Rey/Theory was solid.

Sami/KO vs. Finn/Priest was actually a little crazy and pretty fun overall. Dug Owens wearing a Funk shirt. The jersey change for Sami and Owens was neat as well and helped get the crowd even more behind them. Dom, Rhea, and JD were used well. Happy Judgement Day won and with how they won.

The Waller Effect segment with Cody wasn't much. Not sure how I feel about them moving Jey to Raw. Would have been more interesting if it was via trade with Cody trying to face Roman again.

Rhea/Raquel had plenty of nice stuff and built into something solid overall. Still they haven't done a good enough job building Raquel to get the crowd behind her here. At least they didn't dislike her.

Seth/Nakamura built into something good. It was nice to see the crowd into Nakamura. Even felt like maybe there was a moment or two they thought he had a chance. Pity they didn't pull the trigger. Was neat to see Mutoh in the audience.

Solid B show. Becky/Trish was easily MOTN though the tag titles match and Seth/Nakamura were worth checking out as well.

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Short show with several long matches.

Becky/Trish overdelivered and was definitely the best performance I've seen out of Trish.

Didn't watch Knight/Miz or Rey/Theory.

The tag titles match was your standard WWE chaotic brawl, but Owens and Sami pulled out enough entertaining stuff to keep the spectacle engaging. Owens also caught a decent gusher. The numbers game of Judgement Day getting them the victory was unsurprising.

Seth/Nak was a good match, though there being no doubt about Rollins retaining kind of kept me from being more engaged. I was kind of surprised Priest didn't come out to cash in after the main event.

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3 minutes ago, Johnny Sorrow said:

I think the match was a redemption for everyone involved considering the whole program was pretty cold.

You make a good point. This match and Becky/Zoey on Monday were easily the best things from this feud. All three definitely felt more motivated than usual for both matches.

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6 hours ago, Jamal said:

They've been ripping her apart on Twitter. Admittedly many seem like newer fans not familiar with her initial run. 

That would make sense. I suspect newer fans aren't too familiar with people from that era outside those at the very top who broke into pop culture or were mythic figures.

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I finally watched Payback. Honestly for a B Level PLE I thought it was overall an enjoyable experience. The cage match will likely be a legitimate MOTYC for women's matches and the street fight was really good. That may have been the best singles match of Trish's career, no joke. Cena was at his cartoon worst, I didn't need any of that, but between those two matches and the main event it was worth watching.

The only disappointment to me was the LA Knight/Miz match. In the old days, a match like that would have turned Vince sour on Knight. The match just wasn't very good and the crowd lost interest until towards the end, it just wasn't interesting. I'm not saying that should doom Knight to the midcard forever, but I could see in Vince's eyes him thinking if he was still in full power that if you can't have a good match with a vet like Miz then you aren't ready. When in reality I think they just did them no favors by having them do a 15+ minute WWE style match.

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