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  1. They were sold to Disney, who had to divest them to get the deal through. Some went to Sinclair, but not all.
  2. Nope. She's working full time creating content for UpUpDownDown. The article I read wasn't really clear on whether this was permanent (a retirement) or a Covid break.
  3. Isn't Murder Death Kill from Demolition Man?
  4. Rumour (from Tokyo Sports) is that Meiko Satomura is heading in as a coach and performer. https://www.tokyo-sports.co.jp/prores/sendaigirls/2342109/
  5. TJP has already failed basically everywhere.
  6. Haven't got a freaking clue what point you're trying to make here...
  7. I've followed Dave for decades and generally speaking been a fan, but is what you say really true right now? He never seems to criticize ROH (other than match quality) because Delirious is a source. He never says anything negative about PWG no matter what, can't imagine he will about AEW either with Cody, the Bucks and Jericho being sources. That's three major promotions I would say he isn't unbiased in his reporting. I would absolutely say his NJPW love is a little over the top as well, but not to the same level.
  8. That would be a terrible decision. You don't have your top star lose in his first match in a new promotion to a nearly 50 year who is mostly known from your top competitor.
  9. Berretta and Chuckie T, as well as Sammy Guevara and Kylie Rae, close to signing according to Meltzer on todays WOR.
  10. Someone who was the tapings said they're doing a masterful editing job. Apparently the first show was pretty good, but the rest was 200% better on TV than it was live.
  11. Eye Candy is Willow Nightingale who is really talented. She's been breaking through on the east coast indies like Beyond the last few months.
  12. Johnny Saint should be the Jack Tunney of NXT UK. Just have him hand his judgments from on high via taped video segments.
  13. Lochy Hendricks from Australia did as well, but nobody is sure whether it's true or he is joking/running an angle...
  14. That was the one result I was close to 100% certain of. Toni is NXT UK while Rhea is in Orlando and was basically fill in champion because the timing of the tournament didn't fit with making Toni champion at the time.
  15. Dave only said "soon" in the Observer. I'm guessing not before the WOS tour though.
  16. Wasn't there just one main one? The guy that smeared shit all over and then on a later occasion turned up with a gun.
  17. Enfield, according to Reddit, but they're trying to keep the location somewhat secret after the incidents with the psycho at the PC in Orlando.
  18. This could be awesome, the problem is that WWE very rarely puts any effort into making it's tournaments any good. It's basically "so the fans like tournaments? Well, here is something we slapped together in 2 minutes and where nobody will be trying very hard".
  19. I'm expecting him to do more than appear.
  20. How has healthcare happened? They've already backed down on those claims https://411mania.com/wrestling/cody-and-young-bucks-say-never-say-never-to-aew-providing-benefits-to-talent/
  21. Only one I would consider is Savoy, and from what little I've seen she's regressed significantly since her injury. I'd say Allisyn Kay and Kylie Rae are no brainers, Jordynne Grace too if she isn't under contract with Impact. Don't see them signing more than 4 or 5 regulars in total, so I'd look to add some lower profile talents as part timers. Someone like Samantha Heights, Willow Nightingale and AQA.
  22. You literally just said they had to be getting a huge TV deal to "offset the costs". Are production costs somehow not a part of "the costs"?
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