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DYNAMITE!- 1/4/2023!


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things I remember from this episode of Dynamite

I tuned in around 30 minutes in just as Acclaimed/Jarrett+Lethal started. Great Jarrett celebration as Billy Gunn was being sent to the back.

Jesse Ventura mode ON

Mack-mannn.. Jay Lethal pinned him. That Audrey had no business telling the referee to reverse his decision. Jarrett  and Lethal got robbed, Mack-man.

Jesse Ventura mode OFF

MJF and Danielson talked for seemingly forever. Bryan Danielson will have to complete the 30 labors of Jericho to get a title match in March.

AR Fox took some ridiculous bumps and also backflipped a lot.

Toni Storm is gonna be Saraya's partner until something happens to make her not the partner.

FTR is dead, like the Bruise Brothers back in Memphis.

That bearded guy was shocked that Joe would attack Nick Wayne like that.

It was a good show for smaller dudes bumping.

Good thing they had all that confetti for the ending of the main event.

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AEW Revolution 2023 is 5th of March but it'll go out at 01:00am UK time on the 6th of March. The 6th of March is my birthday. Happy birthday to me, even better if Bryan wins the AEW World Championship while knowing he won't.

  • AEW Revolution 2021 was on my birthday weekend, 7th March at 1am. The 8th UK time.
  • AEW Revolution 2022 was on my actual birthday, 6th March but the 7th UK time, 1am.
  • AEW Revolution 2023 is the 5th of March but will be on my actual birthday as it'll be the 6th UK time at 1am. WWE RAW will also be on my birthday USA time, the 7th over here.

I've had UFC PPVs either on my actual birthday or my birthday weekend. It's too early in March for WWE PPVs.

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Allright!  Let us watch some professional wrestling!  It's Chris Jericho!  It's Ricky Starks!  Everybody is OVER in Seattle!  Starks is especially over!  Jericho is a HEAT MACHINE!  A very basic wrestling match but the crowd is MOLTEN!  The Kobashi bump to the floor is starting to become a part of the HOUSE STYLE~!  Picture in picture is even teenier than normal with the lazor beams around the commercial picture.  WAIT A MINUTE!  Are they going Broadway?  Jericho isn't laying it in and there are taking their time getting into gear.  It will be awesome if Jericho said, "Let's do a time limit draw." Crowd is fucking PSYCHOTIC for the Walls Of Jericho!  Daddy Magic CHEATS!  Ricky is TOTALLY DUSTY RHODES~!  SPEAR BY STARKS! STARKS WINS! STARK WINS! STARK WINS!  Postmatch, Jericho Appreciation Society mauls Starks!  ACTION ANDRETTI!  Tay Jay CRUSHES the Lil Actions!  Starks is sent through a table!  That was fucking perfect.  Clean finish that gets Ricky Starks over.  Jericho gets MORE than his heat back and continues the Action Andretti SAGA!  HANGMAN! MOX'S DINK IN THE DIRT!  It's GORDLOW's time to go pee!  PEE! GORDLOW! PEE!  It's Jeff Jarrett!  This should be a good Southern style tag match.  TOTAL NONSTOP ACCLAIMED!  Jarrett is a HEAT MACHINE!  Max Caster and Jeff Jarrett are gonna be MAGIC when they finally touch.  AEW is very cursey tonight.  They need the backstage Soap Mouth Washer.  MAKE IT HAPPEN, TK!  Fargo Strut is in Picture in Picture!  We world weeps except for the part of the world watching on Fite.  They are setting up Max to make the hot tag and have Jarrett and Max finally clash.  This IS a great Southern tag match.  GREAT NEARFALL on Bowen!  Satnam gets sent to the back! Which distracts fifteen refs and allows SANJAY to CHEAT!  LETHAL AND JARRETT ARE NEW CHAMPIONS!  Aubrey squeals on Dutt cheating!  IT'S A DUSTY FINISH!  Lethal pins Bowen AGAIN!  The ref doesn't count the three!  Bowen rolls up Lethal and gets the win!  That was some horseshit filled fun right there.  I am digging the Jarrett/Caster burgeoning blood feud.  They missed a moment not having Caster and Jarrett face off.  Unbelievably, Bryan Danielson is OVER in Seattle!  Tony Neese doesn't get a ring entrance!  This crowd is fucking INSANE!  Neese looks fucking GREAT in this.  This is awesome!  Neese gets the hell beaten out of him.  Danielson CURSES! (the A word!)  MJF shows up postmatch!  HUMAN SUITORS IN SEATTLE!  The crowd curses!  (The AH word!)  MJF puts over Jim Cornette!  They seem to be having fun.  Awesome!  MJF making us watch more Bryan Danielson matches!  IRONMAN MATCH!  That will be fucking awesome.  MJF!  CURSES!  (The GD word!)  Danielson minor curse! (The D word!)  OH NO! NOT MORE DANIELSON MATCHES EVERY WEEK!  Our hearts are broken!  Not really.  I find it very exciting that Danielson is going to wrestle the top contenders the next three weeks.  I want Dragon versus Konosuke Takeshita. The crowd is torn between hating Swerve Strickland because he is a BASTARD and loving him because he is from Washington!  They opt to just yell like maniacs because this is the best crowd in wrestling history.  This match is total Strange Style.  Arez must be PRODUCING in the back!  Actually, AEW term is COACHING in the back!  This match is fun.  AR Fox is awesome.  JESUS!  DEATH VALLEY DRIVER FROM THE TOPROPE TO THE APRON!  Jayzeus!  That match was highly entertaining. HIKARU SHIDA TURNS EVIL!  Actually, that was more of a Toni Storm and Saraya heel turn.  ASS BOYS BURY FTR!  Keira Hogan and Skye Blue!  TEAM CALLIPYGOUS!  We will now concentrate on the wrestling in the ring. Kiera Hogan hits a HIP ATTACK!  Jade Cargill once again looks GREAT in picture in picture, beating the snot out of Skye Blue.  Red Velvet gets tagged in to prove to Jade that she deserves to be a Baddie!  Red Velvet doesn't tag in again to finish off Hogan!  Jade kills her instead!  That was an interesting Jade Cargill match.  They seem to have sectioned off the three belts.  I await for folks to join the ATHENA! ATHENA! ATHENA! divison.  Hopefully, Willow Nightingale goes to the ATHENA camp and isn't stuck being beaten to death by Jade.  YES! FUCK YES! BRYAN MOTHERFUCKING DANIELSON VERSUS KONOSUKE TAKESHITA!  I would like to thank MJF, the best booker in pro wrestling.  Darby Allin is completely fucking insane.  Seattle comes unglued!  Darby Allin is more OVER in Seattle than AmDrag?  Maybe.  This match is great.  Allin selling the knee looks way too legit.  The fact that Joe targets it makes me feel better about it not being a legit mangled knee.  TAZ lightly curses!  (The H word!)  CODE RED! COFFIN DROP! COFFIN DROP!  DARBY ALLIN is your NEW TNT CHAMPION!  That was fucking great.  I loved the channeling of A MAN CALLED STING!  AEW RULES THE MOTHERFUCKING WORLD!  

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I'll be honest, it got real dusty in here at the end of the main. That's why we watch this shit, man. 

Also, I liked a Strickland match! The start of the show will be reviewed later since I missed it while people at work talked and talked and delayed my viewing. 

If Max decides to call in like, say, Slade to try and cripple Bryan I will lose it. 

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Goddamn great show!

Mox recycles!!!

Leila Gray brings out my inner Cibernetico!!!

Lethal/Jarrett theme remix!!!



Edit because I forgot FOX V SWERVE holy SHIT!!!

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