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17 minutes ago, RIPPA said:

Oh that explains why ESPN had a feature on him last week. (I obviously didn't read it yet)


2 minutes ago, Chaos said:

I had the same thought. (Also didn't read it). 

Well, it's also because Sunday marks the 40th anniversary of The Play. We are all so very old.

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18 hours ago, Cobra Commander said:

guessing that the Bills stadium would need to be hit by a comet for them to consider playing an NFL game at the UB Stadium as an emergency (if UB was open this weekend), especially if Syracuse (despite the Saturday basketball) wasn't gonna beat out Detroit.

The NFL wants to have re-located games in NFL stadiums for two reasons. 

1. It keeps the money generated by the game in the NFL family, even though tickets will be $10 there’s still money rolling in from parking, concessions and so on. 

2. The stadium is broadcast ready for NFL games, neither UB Stadium or the Carrier Dome could be brought up to that level in a few days. 

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Also, Michigan State's bowl hopes are back on thin ice. They got the upset they needed when they beat Illinois to have a shot at getting a bowl, but now they blew a big lead and lost to Indiana. They need to upset Penn State next week to get to six. And it's at Happy Valley.

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