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Full Gear IV - 11/19/2022

Dolfan in NYC

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The opening match was about what I expected it to be. Was this the firs time Danhausen did his teeth gimmick in AEW?

Starks/Cage didn't interest me much but what I saw wasn't bad.

Eddie seemed like a kid in a candy store during his match and he and Jun put on a nice show. This probably should have been on the main card, though I wonder if Akiyama's participation was just a recent thing they weren't able to build to. Eddie > Moxley.

I wasn't that hot on Jungleboy/Luchasuaurus going in as I feel like Jungle Boy has plateaued for a while, however he did a great job as the underdog face in peril which is his strong suit. They didn't try and overdo anything or put in a bunch of convoluted spots and Jungle Boy got decent color to enhance the danger. The splash from the top of the cage was a nice visual to end on and this was probably the best I've seen Jungle Boy look.

I get that advertising The Elite as returning tonight was a good way to try and hype up more interest for the show, but I think it would have been a lot better had they left it up in the air as to whether it would be them or the HOB answering the challenge. I was hoping we'd get through this match with no CM Punk related chants, but that was not to be. At least it was just limited to the opening of the match. Death Triangle going over, fuckery or not, was a surprise. Sadly we got no HOB

Jade's Cheetara cosplay was neat. The match was what it needed to be.

The potential fallout within the JAS and BCC was more interesting to me than the match itself and it ended in the least interesting way possible. While the in-ring action was solid it was no ROH title classic. So much of it just came off like a tag match with the occasional fighting among teammates. Everyone but Jericho did that overused hammer and anvil elbow move and there really needs to be a moratorium on its use. All the wrestlers involved are near the top of the card, but this would have been better off main eventing Final Battle.

The awkward face/heel dynamics in the Saraya/Britt match were almost like a retread of Punk/Hangman without the shooty bullshit, but enough has been said about that so I tried to just watch the match itself. Saraya obviously has some ring rust and hasn't had much time to train and Baker is good but she's not good enough to do that much heavy lifting so this wasn't expected to be a classic. The match wasn't terrible but given how much they tried to heat it up both women came off as just going through the motions and had a really abrupt ending.

There was some good meat slapping amongst big meaty men in the TNT Title match. I would have rather seen Hobbs win but I'm here for a Joe/Hobbs feud that further makes Hobbs.

No interest in the tag match, but I ended up enjoying it more than I thought I would. If they want to bring Jarrett in to lend his expertise to backstage and business matters then great. He'd also be fine used as a Regal-type on air authority figure and matchmaker, but keep him out of any type of ongoing angle or in-ring action. Darby also needs to go do his own thing at some point soon.

Storm/Hayter was my MOTN. There was plenty of matwork, hard hitting, and near falls without overdoing it. Britt and Rebel running in kept making me think it was going to backfire and Storm would win, but it just heightened the tension. The lack of turns so far surprised me so I guess now we get Britt demanding a shot from Jamie?

They'd been building Swerve and Lee's distension so much it would have been a bigger swerve had they not lost via some miscommunication. This match was cooking with gas up until the end. Bowens was doing an awesome sell job with Caster being a magnificent hot tag and plenty of exciting near falls. Then Swerve's spot with the pliers (which was way too similar to the hammer spot from the six man) pulled the plug on that. Despite the ending making Swerve look like a moron, I think I liked this better than the second match.

Wow, Tony heard the "fight forever" chant during the trios match and really ran with it. I wouldn't mind seeing a rematch, but this is complete overkill and devalues the rest of the division.

Man, the crowd was pro-MJF from the get-go. It's probably just me but this match never really clicked into high gear for me. MJF winning and Moxley going away for a while is fine by me, but I'm not sure what I think about Regal's turn until they explain themselves on Wednesday.


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Pretty good show overall. 

Honestly, Omega and the Bucks, say what you want.. they ARE AEW.. loved them coming out to fucking Kansas lol building was rocking and them and Death Triangle put on a dope match. 

Jamie Hayter is awesome.. her and Toni had good chemistry too.

Jade Cargill gets better and better. 

One miss on the night was Powerhouse Hobbs..  he needs some wins he's a star. Good match though. 

Mox looked like shit he needs that vacation. The Max and Regal pairing should be fun. 


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2 minutes ago, Phantom Lord said:

Overall a very entertaining show. I thought it was pretty good for the most part. I'll expand on my thoughts later, but for now I can't wait to hear Regal's reasons for what he did.

I did it for The Rock.

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10 minutes ago, The Natural said:

Best AEW PPV since AEW x NJPW Forbidden Door. Right enjoyed AEW Full Gear.

Ironically the last PPV I didn’t get was Forbidden Door, and I ended up not getting this tonight. Might still spring for it this weekend, results aren’t exactly making me want to drop $60.

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2 minutes ago, JLowe said:

Ironically the last PPV I didn’t get was Forbidden Door, and I ended up not getting this tonight. Might still spring for it this weekend, results aren’t exactly making me want to drop $60.

I think it's probably still the best top to bottom PPV this year in wrestling.

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