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15 hours ago, Control said:

This is probably good. Tenryu and Hansen is such a grumpy team of shit kickers:

Baba takes a very painful looking bump at the end.

Edit: also, I just found “All Japan Pro Wrestling Classics” on Facebook, which seems to have quite the library. Has the Chosu v Killer Khan match I was looking for.

That's a great page...love them dropping random gems on my timeline.

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I've never seen Yumi Ikeshita before but she is a teeny, early 80's Japanese women's version of the Super Destroyer.  In that she will punch you dead in the face.  Nancy Kumi is the face she is punching.


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Kazuo Yamakazi vs. Tatsumi Fujinami (NJPW) G1 CLIMAX 1998

AJPW - Giant Baba vs Baron von Raschke. 1975.12.6.


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11 hours ago, DEAN said:

This is from 1969.  So Nelson Royal always looked like an insurance actuary.


I wish we had footage of Nelson doing his British aristocratic gimmick. 

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This is basically all the behind-the-scenes leadup to Dump's retirement match on February 28, 1988 including footage & B-roll from the spot shows and whatnot. Here are few casual observations:

1. There are like a disturbing amount of teacup dogs and puppies in general in the heel locker room (compared to just Chigusa's one in the face locker room). Everyone basically brought their dog with them on the tour. Who was the puppy caretaker on these tours? I mean they're traveling on bus and once on cruise ship. Maybe the young girls? I dunno about Erika Shishido watching over my dog. That's just me.

2. It's heartbreaking to see Dump break into tears (in a Mickey Mouse sweater no less) after the first house show in the video. Bull is also absolutely crestfallen, but it appears Dump basically passes the torch to Bull.

3. Man, it's crazy how painfully shy Bison and Grizzly are. In general, the heels are surprisingly reserved out of character. It's likely the reason is Dump's retirement is looming over the locker room. I dunno. In comparison, all the girls in babyface locker room are super out going extroverts especially Lioness. Clearly, there was a system there to determine who was going to be on which side. The dichotomy is certainly intriguing.

4. The kids and teenagers at these spot shows are SOOOOOOOO fascinated with this shit while the older people are laughing their asses off.

5. Rookie Mima Shimoda hocking merch at these shows looks like it went like this:

"Hey ma'am, do you want this shirt?"

"No thanks, young lady."

"...well fuck you then. We don't have up to your size any goddamn way. Probably can't even afford it with yo broke ass. By the way, my name ain't young lady. It's Mi-MAH! Get it right before I come over there and jam these size Medium cotton polyester blends down your gullet....Have a nice day!"

BTW, I believe that is Yamada after her in the video selling headphones or watches. Whatever it is, she's half-assing it. She's making no real attempt to sell that shit. Minimal effort on her part.

5. The Atrocious Alliance jamming to Chigusa's performance from the nosebleeds is disarming. With that said, I'm not shocked cause a few years ago, everybody during essentially an AJW reunion card put on by Bull, Lioness, and Verna Bloom in High Plains Drifter...uh..I mean Jaguar Yokota had to perform their old songs. The best part was a rib Jaguar Yokota played on the audience when she faked out the audience and pretended she was going sing her old songs (w/ the help of Bull) with her raspy chain smoking voice. In addition, apparently Manami Toyota at one point was in EVERY singing group AJW had (1987 Team Gold Combo w/ Yamada, Mint Showers w/ Mita, and D Power w/ Mariko Yoshida, Kaoru Ito, Rie Tamada, and Yumi Fukawa). Poor Kaoru Ito is too big to perform their old dance moves now. 😟 Yumiko Hotta of all people was performing...in a dress. Yumiko Hotta dancing in a dress and makeup is a sight you won't unsee. FWIW I didn't know Hotta was in a group around 2000ish before everything went to hell in AJW. Or at least she was replacing someone in Kiss no Sekai who wasn't there on the reunion card. Research shows there was a D Power 2000 (cause boy the original one was such a hit) with Kumiko Maekawa, Momoe who was already in Kiss no Sekai with her peers from her class, and Miyuki Fujii all replacing the three girls who went to ARSION w/ Aja in the lineup. They were grasping at straws.

6. Man, Dump breaking out in tears before a match is so heartwrenching. Nobody in the audience knows how to react because they know it's not part of the show. Fuck. She can't even keep together during the match. The crowd is sorta bewildered at what's going on. Asuka's warm embrace after the match.....if that doesn't make you want to shed some tears, you're not human buddy.

7. Then we finally see Dump's retirement. From Condor fainting and then sobbing uncontrollably when she recovers where she has to be consoled by the ref to the fans crying out Dump's name with not a dry eye in the room to I believe Dump's mom in the audience losing it to Dump's own genuine "relieved that this ordeal is over" reaction, it's remarkable what an emotional rollercoaster ride one woman's retirement could be. Even Chigusa who is trying to be not caring and nonchalant throughout the video is touched by this.

8. That AJW luxury double decker bus was pretty baller. If you track down the 8/24/1994 AJW interpromotional Budokan show on Youtube, at the beginning of the first part, you'll see it only got more baller several years later. Sadly, if they were cutting expenses when business started to dip badly a few years later, that thing was probably the first to go. Still, a hell of a way to roll around the country.

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Yesterday Wrestling Twitter decided to have it's quarterly discussion of whether or not Intergender Wrestling is acceptable, or if it glorifies domestic violence. Spoiler: Almost every female wrestler thinks it is acceptable (including those who are domestic violence survivors). So the fine folks at Tiger Driver 9X put together a YouTube playlist of 29(!) Intergender matches, which is here:

Featuring Tyler Black vs Amazing Kong, Cesaro vs Sara Del Ray, Keith Lee vs Mia Yim, and Hikaru Shida & Matsunaga Tomomitsu vs Kenny Omega & Michael Nakazawa, amongst other stuff.

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