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  1. No idea if this should go here or in the general wrestling topic, but Evil Uno is going to have some sort of show on Giant Bomb.
  2. The Steam version of Fire Pro Wrestling World is deeply discounted (80%) through 10/4. Base game is $5.99. The bundle with all the DLC packs is $18.80.
  3. I am a poor sleeper. I tend to fall asleep with the Network on, because Peacock doesn’t time out on the Xbox like most video apps do and if you find the right wrestling, it’s perfect white noise. At any rate, I’ve been half listening to 1987 Primetime as I try to settle. While Monsoon and partner tends to be good for that task (not to mention some of the matches being pretty yawn inducing as well), this team with Tom Prichard/Mike McGuirk/Pete Doherty is grating in every way possible. I do enjoy when The Duke laughs hysterically at his own jokes, but it’s otherwise like trying to listen to Gilbert Gottfried do commentary. Had to mute the tv last night!
  4. Just an FYI: I noticed that the Edge browser updated on my Series X and I was able to stream xCloud stuff with no problem. It was laggy for me, but I also don’t have great internet. Would have been fine for something less action-y, I think. Also noticed a few video sites I’d never been able to get working consistently (bilibili and the Roku channel were the two I tried) seem to run way better. EDIT: Still seems like movies borrowed through the Hoopla library app don’t play. That’s a bit of a bummer, but also the first thing I’ve tried that hasn’t worked.
  5. Emo Fight was a real fun show. Jimmy/Lacey was legit one of my favorite wrestling moments this year.
  6. Northstar Express (Darin Corbin/Ryan Cruz) Weren't Vic Steamboat and...Joe Savoldi, I think (?) know as the S & S Express in IWCCW?
  7. 1000 internet points for the Murat Bosporus reference. I probably would have gone Emil Sitoci if it were my post! This is a thing I ponder a lot, too. There was no shortage of Tv-ready (and potentially TV-ready) acts out there with no real options on that front. 2005 ECW would have been WILD.
  8. Just want to say that it's fucking awesome how much live indy wrestling is available to stream these days. IWTV has, what...6-7 streams going just this weekend. Teenage Shane's head would have exploded. I was used to waiting months, if not longer, to see the shows I'd read about. Now I can't even keep up with what I want to watch.
  9. It definitely feels like a Red Ventures thing, as Giant Bomb is also putting out a lot of shows now that are only tangentially related to video games (if at all). I'm not sure who is even left at GS. Tamoor and Lucy, I think? Not 100% positive on that, even. They show up in GB content, though, so it's a safe guess.
  10. What’s the story with the Frank Frazetta-esque painting that hangs behind Lance Russell/Dave Brown in the Memphis studio? It’s a thing I’ve seen 1000x, but never really thought about until today. Did Lawler paint it? A fan?
  11. Nioh: Complete Edition is one of the free games on the Epic Store this week.
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