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  1. I don’t think so. They were on the same team on an early Cage of Death show in CZW (I want to say 5 or 6?), but that’s as close as it got. I’d be happy if someone followed along and told me I was wrong, though.
  2. There's no story and the only purpose is to see the sights. I just started playing since the console release. It's definitely going to end up being my "zen" game for a while, I think. Just pop into a Spotify playlist and fly around while I decompress. I'm enjoying exploring places that I'll likely never see in person. You can dumb it down pretty far if you choose, to the point that the plane pretty much flies itself, whether autopilot is on or not. I've been shocked at how accurate the places I grew up are rendered. It's not 1:1 at all, of course, but I grew up in a rural area and, like, flying by the mountains and instantly recognizing the shape of the horizon had me in my feelings in a weird way. It does ask a lot out of the controller. Every button feels like it has 15 purposes/modifiers, but again, it can be streamlined pretty well.
  3. Got 2/3 of the bugs I needed. Down to just the Golden Stag now. Still another month to look, so I'm not too worried. Added Bianca this week after Patty left. Though they're the same personality type, it still feels like a step up. With Patty leaving, I'm down to one original villager, Molly. Can't remember if she's ever asked to leave.
  4. Been playing Watch Dogs: Legion. It sure is a video game made by Ubisoft. No towers to climb, I guess, but otherwise fits their catalog perfectly. It’s…fine? Not as good as WD2. The play as anyone gimmick is novel, but mostly meaningless in practice. I’ve reached the point to where I’m just floating in on a cargo drone, hanging out far above whatever my mission objectives are and using my spiderbot for literally everything that doesn’t absolutely require a person to complete. Continue to bang away on Isaac runs, too. What a great game. Won an Apollyon run earlier that may have been the most powerful I’ve ever been in that game. I’m not sure I could have lost even if I tried to. Felt like taking hits was generating more HP than I was losing. Felt real good! I’ve preinstalled the XSX version of Flight Simulator, so I’ll probably dump a good bit of time into that come Tuesday. I need a good relaxation game and exploring places and landmarks I’m unlikely to ever have a chance to visit sounds perfect for that. Isaac is great. Relaxing, though? Not so much.
  5. I’m not sure I’ve ever seen Big Bad John before, but if I had been alive (which I *almost* was) and living in Alabama, he sure as hell talked me into the arena here. Weird to see the Samoans cutting promos, too
  6. Got both my first Mega Satan and Delirium kills in Isaac today. Feel like the greatest videogamesman to ever live. Of course, it’s probably not much of an accomplishment to someone who is actually *good* at the game, but damn did it ever feel good for me!
  7. Very much so. I watch Dynamite regularly (in fact, it’s the only TV wrestling I watch regularly), if not always weekly. They do some stuff I like. The wrestling is usually pretty good. They have a bunch of my current favorites and a few of my all time favorites (thinking of Kingston there). I don’t have a lot of negatives that I’d sling their way. All that said, I don’t think I could say that I care about it at all. It sometimes feels like I turn it on to pass the time, mostly.
  8. I really want to see Guido vs. AJ Gray now. I also hope Nese works with a chip on his shoulder and something to prove...
  9. Reminder that Summer Games Done Quick kicks off later today. This will pretty likely be my background noise for the next week, though there are a bunch of runs I’ll actually pay attention to as well. https://gamesdonequick.com/schedule
  10. One of my quarantine projects was to entirely catalog my DVD collection. The going has been slow, especially once I hit the sets of television. At any rate, I'm currently working on a big set of World Class shows. I had forgotten how much I liked Iceman Parsons as a kid. He's not a revelation or anything, but he's still pretty damn good with 2021 eyes...
  11. Victory had great punches. I always thought he was fun in the enforcer role for a guy like Tatum. He and Rip Morgan were a team I always wished got more of a chance, too. I'm glad I got to see him live during his ECW days.
  12. Foley also had the gnarly bump he took when whipped into the steps where he would slam into them knees first and use the momentum to flip over.
  13. Rikishi’s inside out clothesline bump is up there for me.
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