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  1. Just want to say that it's fucking awesome how much live indy wrestling is available to stream these days. IWTV has, what...6-7 streams going just this weekend. Teenage Shane's head would have exploded. I was used to waiting months, if not longer, to see the shows I'd read about. Now I can't even keep up with what I want to watch.
  2. It definitely feels like a Red Ventures thing, as Giant Bomb is also putting out a lot of shows now that are only tangentially related to video games (if at all). I'm not sure who is even left at GS. Tamoor and Lucy, I think? Not 100% positive on that, even. They show up in GB content, though, so it's a safe guess.
  3. What’s the story with the Frank Frazetta-esque painting that hangs behind Lance Russell/Dave Brown in the Memphis studio? It’s a thing I’ve seen 1000x, but never really thought about until today. Did Lawler paint it? A fan?
  4. Nioh: Complete Edition is one of the free games on the Epic Store this week.
  5. Singles cage match is definitely Magnum/Tully for me. Maybe my favorite ever. I’ll also shout out the Dibiase/Duggan stips match. Tag-wise, I love the Midnight Rockers vs Rose/Somers.
  6. Did a quick scan through that one. Looks like some footage from Southwest, some newer stuff that I can't place (looks like a tag that also has Ron Bass involved and a match versus 'Stro) and then a shoot interview that runs about an hour.
  7. Just an FYI, but it looks like TubiTV added a bunch of wrestling stuff since the last time I looked. There are a few really random comps (Manny Fernandez, Tommy Rich, 70s wrestling and the Hawaii territory). There’s also what looks to be CZW footage of El Generico, AJ Styles, MJF andJoey Janela. I assume it’s CZW stuff, anyway, as DJ Hyde’s name is on them. May be some other titles that I skimmed over Just noticed them, so I haven’t actually watched anything. Figured some folks here migh be into them, though. Lucha Underground is still on there as well.
  8. I agree that III is better than consensus. I had a ton of fun with it. Never played the DLC, but J.T.’s commentary is giving me the itch to go back to it. Never played the first game, but I really enjoyed II as well. It’s a franchise that I’ve always held a bit higher than most critics.
  9. I’m not sure what I’d even want a Saint’s Row game to be in 202X. I’d love a gritty reboot that leans into the GTA-ness of the first two games. I’d also love more of the over the top stuff that franchise turned into in 3/4. Those two things don’t really coexist. Probably why it’s taken so long to move forward with it.
  10. I ended up buying the Season Pass for Valhalla because…fuck if I know. It’s more of that. I’m okay with that. I know others would not be. It’s hard to recommend because there’s already too much game in that game, but I am enjoying myself. Haven’t really dug into it too much, but I also got Death’s Door. Really like the visuals and the soundtrack is exceptional. It’s just Zelda-y enough to be comfortable and just Souls-y enough to be a challenge. Really digging it so far. My time with Isaac also continues. Only playing on Hard mode now. When this game decides to fuck you, it does so ruthlessly. Had a run yesterday where I had to skip 3 item rooms in a row because the game refused to give me any keys. Unsurprisingly, I lost that run soon after! Had I not been playing as Judas (extra starting damage), it would have ended much earlier.
  11. For as physically impressive as he looked and the style he was able to work in ECW, was there any less intimidating promo than Mike Awesome? This thread has me rewatching some later-era Hardcore TV (I had long since stopped buying block of TV on VHS by the time Awesome returned to the company) and man, he was such a terrible talker. Pairing him with Jeff Jones, who was also bad, did him no favors. The episode I was watching was right after he attacked Spike Dudley's girlfriend and left her a bloody mess and the promo is just laughable. He's portraying "badass" by literally growling like an animal. Spike himself cuts a far more intimidating promo in response.
  12. So, Matt Tremont is coming out of retirement to wrestle Onita in an exploding ring deathmatch. I doubt anyone is surprised. Hopefully, Onita actually shows up!
  13. Not sure who might be interested, but after Bobby Eaton passed, I started thinking about how none of the wrestling streaming services allow you to really do a deep dive in on a single wrestler and follow everything chronologically. So, I started putting together a playlist on Youtube. That snowballed into me just starting a new channel to collate playlists for *all* of my favorites. Somehow, my first orders of business after Eaton were Nick Bockwinkel and...Sabu? Also working on Eddie Guerrero and Terry Funk, but they're not ready for primetime just yet... All of these are works in progress, but I'm like 250 matches deep on Bobby (with 200+ still to sort), so I figured I could share it. Shout out to all the folks who upload stuff, including a few who post here, I think. I've watched more Eaton matches in the past week than I ever thought possible. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCgEzo-ybb4DAPJl2lUIJ-ew
  14. Billy Robinson, Pat Patterson/Ray Stevens are the first names to pop into my head. Seen relatively little of any of them. Would love to have the ability to just watch every match Terry Funk ever wrestled. Like, I've seen a ton of his career, but I'd love to be able to see it *all*.
  15. Not the hottest of takes, but Matty > Lance Wright.
  16. 10:40. Hardest one you've done yet. 5 and 46 down both confused the hell out of me. Had to work completely around them and come back later. These continue to rule, by the way.
  17. 10 posts deep and no mention of Taz? For shame! Sabu was certainly the guy that hooked me at first, but I absolutely bought into Taz(maniac) as first, a lunatic wildman and then a legit shooter badass. There's some of that Heyman booking for you. Heh. The build up to Sabu versus Cactus was what made me shell out $20 or whatever it was for a block of TV shows on VHS. That tape also had the first Sabu/Scorpio match on it. Spent a shit ton of money at that time to stay up to date on the TV. ECW was "the" company for me at that time. Perfectly encapsulates the era that it existed as well. Thought a lot about that while watching the Woodstock '94 documentary on HBO, actually. They were absolutely of their time and place. I don't know if Heyman deserves credit for that, or if it was ultimately a disservice.
  18. Had a COVID scare today. Test came back negative, thankfully. After 18 months of doing everything right and staying the fuck home, I decided that I didn’t want to miss my niece’s graduation from Culinary school. She worked her ass off and obviously, had the same sort of trying school year as every other student out there. To say that I’m proud is the understatement of a lifetime. So…I flew from Nashville back to PA. Made a pit stop to visit my other niece and nephew from my wife’s side of the family. Hung out with the kiddos for a few hours and went straight to my sister’s place. Turns out, the day after my visit, my BIL started having symptoms and tested positive.I wasn’t really around him much, but certainly close enough to catch it. I am absolutely mortified by the idea that I may have unknowingly exposed like…thousands of people. Had/having a rough mental health day because of it, even after the negative result. Yes, I was masked everywhere but with family and yes, we’re all vaccinated (other than the kids), but I still feel irresponsible. Will definitely be going back to just hanging out inside for the foreseeable future.
  19. I don’t think so. They were on the same team on an early Cage of Death show in CZW (I want to say 5 or 6?), but that’s as close as it got. I’d be happy if someone followed along and told me I was wrong, though.
  20. There's no story and the only purpose is to see the sights. I just started playing since the console release. It's definitely going to end up being my "zen" game for a while, I think. Just pop into a Spotify playlist and fly around while I decompress. I'm enjoying exploring places that I'll likely never see in person. You can dumb it down pretty far if you choose, to the point that the plane pretty much flies itself, whether autopilot is on or not. I've been shocked at how accurate the places I grew up are rendered. It's not 1:1 at all, of course, but I grew up in a rural area and, like, flying by the mountains and instantly recognizing the shape of the horizon had me in my feelings in a weird way. It does ask a lot out of the controller. Every button feels like it has 15 purposes/modifiers, but again, it can be streamlined pretty well.
  21. Got 2/3 of the bugs I needed. Down to just the Golden Stag now. Still another month to look, so I'm not too worried. Added Bianca this week after Patty left. Though they're the same personality type, it still feels like a step up. With Patty leaving, I'm down to one original villager, Molly. Can't remember if she's ever asked to leave.
  22. Been playing Watch Dogs: Legion. It sure is a video game made by Ubisoft. No towers to climb, I guess, but otherwise fits their catalog perfectly. It’s…fine? Not as good as WD2. The play as anyone gimmick is novel, but mostly meaningless in practice. I’ve reached the point to where I’m just floating in on a cargo drone, hanging out far above whatever my mission objectives are and using my spiderbot for literally everything that doesn’t absolutely require a person to complete. Continue to bang away on Isaac runs, too. What a great game. Won an Apollyon run earlier that may have been the most powerful I’ve ever been in that game. I’m not sure I could have lost even if I tried to. Felt like taking hits was generating more HP than I was losing. Felt real good! I’ve preinstalled the XSX version of Flight Simulator, so I’ll probably dump a good bit of time into that come Tuesday. I need a good relaxation game and exploring places and landmarks I’m unlikely to ever have a chance to visit sounds perfect for that. Isaac is great. Relaxing, though? Not so much.
  23. I’m not sure I’ve ever seen Big Bad John before, but if I had been alive (which I *almost* was) and living in Alabama, he sure as hell talked me into the arena here. Weird to see the Samoans cutting promos, too
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