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  1. You should be able to watch for free on A&E’s website. That’s how I watched the Piper episode yesterday. Not sure how long they stay up, though.
  2. I started messing with MLB21 today. I’m not a baseball guy and sports games have mostly gotten way too complex for what I want from them. That said, this lets you tweak things so I’m pretty much only playing my at bats or the games I’m pitching (RttS mode sets you up as a two-way player). Having fun tooling around as the newest Harrisburg Senators super slugger. The way I have it set up is basically feels like NES RBI baseball with prettier graphics. Exactly what I needed.
  3. Fabs vs. Nightmares, Masa Saito throwing a dude and Atlas/Reed vs. DWBs is a show I want to watch. Is the dude who confronts Superstar Graham Ricky Vaughn/Lance Von Erich?
  4. I finished the base game of Immortals: Fenyx Rising. I enjoyed it. I didn't *love* it, but I think it got overlooked. It has a tighter open world than the recent AC games and some of the movement and combat options just made it feel more "fun" than a lot of open world games. Fidgety physics aside, I enjoyed most of the puzzle variety as well. Definitely BOTW-inspired. It was a breezy 60 hours or so. Then, I started the first DLC and I just feel like saying fuck this game entirely. It ramps the difficulty up by 1000. Not in combat. That was never too terribly difficult. But the sort of strings
  5. I don't think he coined the phrase "Lurk and learn," but I feel like he's the first person I ever saw use it. He might have even used it on me in the days of yore on this very board! That had been my aesthetic anyway (pretty much continues to be, I guess), even before seeing it stated so plainly. Unlike a lot of folks who used it just to shut people down, it felt like he was more interested in engaging in an actual conversation. Not to say that he couldn't be, uh...abrasive at times, but the world needs curmudgeons, too. Horror lit certainly lost an encyclopedia's worth of lore and knowl
  6. Happened in JAPW. Halloween Hell 2010. I'm not sure the full match has ever been released? May be wrong about that. There is this, though:
  7. A very young Al Snow (this is the oldest match listed for him on Cagematch) versus Kerry Von Erich and a Dory/Patera vs. Flair/Blackwell tag are the highlights here.
  8. Finally got KK Birthday to complete that set! Now I’m waiting for scarabs to be back in season. I’ve given up on art. First time Redd has shown up in a few weeks. All fakes, per the usual. Bid farewell to Nan yesterday. Picked up...Elise, I think her name was? Mostly because I’ve never had a monkey villager and every other stop at an island would have been a dupe species.
  9. Flair vs. Samu and an appearance from Kamalamala!
  10. All sorts of fun here. Gang vs. Bubba...Idol vs. Lawler...Horsemen vs. Lightning Express & Bob Armstrong. Loved this show as a kid. Still do.
  11. I would have pegged VIII as my favorite until I played XI. I have a copy of IX sitting around somewhere. I bought it maybe two years ago, for some sort of family trip where I was expecting to *not* be very sociable, but I think I ended up playing Bravely Default instead. I should dig it out. I'd say that it depends on your levels. I had to do very little grinding at that point, because I'd done already done a lot of it earlier. The only non-boss battles I did were for various crafting materials.
  12. Finally tied a bow on DQXI and finished the last of what I wanted to. I’m left with two achievements still locked. One of them is for getting all the others. The other is for getting all the costumes for every character. I’m two short, but they’re gated behind stuff I don’t want to do. 125 hours phenomenally well spent. Started Immortals. It sure is an Ubisoft open world game. I say that will fondness, though, as that’s a playground I still like to visit. This has more of a sense of humor (and maybe even whimsy) than the AC And Watch Dog franchises do. For better and worse.
  13. I’d even settle for a remaster of Skies of Arcadia. Or just a way to play it on a current console. There was the original DC version (what I played), a GameCube port and...that’s it, right? Criminal. I’ll continue to say nothing more about DQXI, but man, what a hell of a game.
  14. I was also impressed by Mysterious Q. It’s impossible to keep up with all the stuff IWTV posts weekly, so this week was a good intro to some of the folks on the shows I haven’t been prioritizing. Arik Royal was another standout for me. Really liked the match versus Makabe.
  15. My fairly tepid hot take: The Midwest indy scene of yore was always better than the more hyped Northeast scene. Give me a second tier Ian show over any ROH show ever... JAPW is the exception that proves the rule, I guess? That always felt more like a Midwest company that just happened to run in Rahway instead.
  16. Pac-Man 99. Coming...tomorrow, apparently. https://www.nintendo.com/games/detail/pac-man-99-switch/
  17. It's the 40th Anniversary of the Terry Funk vs. Jerry Lawler empty arena match. What better way to celebrate a Terry Tuesday...
  18. What is this in reference to? I feel like I missed something!
  19. Live? None of the Collective shows. IWTV has all of the Showcase of the Independents shows live. https://www.pwponderings.com/2021/02/14/iwtvs-showcase-of-the-independents-schedule-and-announcements/
  20. Xbox folks: Check your messages. Microsoft has been sending out codes for a $5 credit, presumably to coincide with the Spring sale currently happening. I know they do this from time to time during sales, but today was the first time I've ever gotten a code myself. Of course, this came a day *after* I bought Immortals...
  21. Rolled credits on DQXI. I will dip back in to tie up some loose ends, though. @J.T.How far gave you gotten? Not sure if I just want to do that now, jump to another JRPG (Yakuza: Like a Dragon, in this case) or move on to Watch Dogs: Legion. I definitely needed a break from an open world after doing just about everything in Valhalla, but I may be ready for another. I should probably put a smaller game in there to buffer things even further, but I’m not sure what I’m actually in the mood to play. Thats on the console front, though. On PC, it’s all Loop Hero and (still) Slay the
  22. Not going to spoil anything for J.T. (I think I'm still ahead of him), but I made a nice dent in Dragon Quest XI today. Actually got to play for a good chunk of the afternoon, so that was nice. Such a good game. I believe it was said earlier in the thread, but the other side of that is the Tockle missions. Fuck the Tockle missions.
  23. Anyone ever see Ron Bass Jr. wrestle? Is he any good? I wasn't aware of him until earlier today, when he was retweeted by a different wrestler (O'Shay Edwards) I follow. Made me wonder about other second/third gen wrestlers that are completely off my radar. I'll have to dig into that at some point...
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