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  1. Jessie McKay (Billie Kay) vs. Madison Eagles - SHIMMER 35 (Sept. 12, 2010 Berwyn, IL)
  2. They aren't going to be running shows/creating new content for a while due to the pandemic, so nothing is going to be "fresh" for a while. This is a way for them to stay on the radar of wrestling fans by cutting together episodes for YouTube that consist of matches that haven't been available for free yet. They have the footage to put to use, so they are. It's honestly the smartest move on their part at this point.
  3. Belt related question for everyone to answer. If you promoted wrestling for an extended period of time (like, 10+ years), what would be your mindset as far as physical belts are concerned? Would you keep the same physical belt for that entire time, so that the first champion and the current champion are carrying the same piece of hardware, or would you get new belts made every once in a while and always keep "updating?"
  4. SHIMMER title match from SummerSlam weekend one year ago in Toronto - Nicole Savoy vs. Nicole Matthews
  5. One of my favorite criticisms of this belt that I've seen was someone pointing out that "The M is teabagging the eagle."
  6. Yep. The same people contacted me about putting SHIMMER footage on PPV, and I declined, due to previous PPV offerings of women's wrestling shows including titles like "Nude Sex War," "Ring Sex," "Nude Locker Room Mayhem," and "In Ring Sex Play." It's Steve Karel/Stonecutter Media/the former "ECW general manager"/Urban Wrestling Federation guy. I'd like to get some extra money from my footage as much as the next guy, but this was a hard no. To be fair, I told them outright the reason I'm saying no is because of these things, and they offered to not do it with my footage, but I still declined. I don't exactly trust it.
  7. Yeah, how dare him operate a business promoting pro wrestling shows.
  8. They absolutely should've kept using this one for the rest of the promotion's run. The later one with the blood font and barbed wire looked foolish in comparison.
  9. Yeah... never got a demo from or saw a Meredith Burke in a seminar. I call bullshit. Let me know if you are aware of the Fabulous BOOYA~! offending anyone, or causing a problem, and I'll look into it.
  10. This should just be "The Stan Hansen Thread"
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