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  2. We had some hope we might be able to watch Stargirl with the almost 8 year old because Johns hammered the "family friendly" phrasing in interviews, but between language and slut talk, that wasn't a thing. Ah well.
  3. Okay, so here's what they've announced. Ten cities are under consideration for Hub City status. Each conference would play in whichever city corresponds to their conference. The regular season is done. 24 teams have made the playoffs. The remaining 7 teams are going to the draft lottery (Ottawa by way of having their, and San Jose's pick are the favorite to get the #1 pick). The Top 4 teams in each conference play in a round robin to determine Seeds 1-4. Seeds 5 through 12 will be in regular bracket play. These two tweets show what the brackets will look like if this goes down.
  4. I mean, yes and no. The platforms are new, but the NEWZ~! is not.
  5. I enjoyed Stargirl again this week, and the show felt tighter this week than the pilot did. Honestly, it feels like it's going to be a fun little show in the long run. My only real gripe is that Luke Wilson's character is a total pushover, but maybe they wanted to avoid making him the standard mentor character. Would also like to have seen Courtney go through a few more growing pains with learning how to use the staff and everything. She seemed like a seasoned pro already.
  6. Youtube version of the show is currently premiering. You can go back to the beginning or if you see this way after I post it, it'll just play normally. Everyone wants to see our handsome faces so fuck an audio version
  7. I like how she knows they about to be comin to her crazy for random stuff. also its topical with the New Day pod this week and their graphic designer who helps them design their gear.
  8. Well, this thread won't be needed any more.
  9. I was scrolling through my IG today and was floored by just how MANY IG accounts that are "WHO is going to debut for AEW this week? Check my Story for details!", "Find OUT what WWE Superstar might be returning! Check out my story!" etc. etc. and I thought how crazy the whole wrestling industry is in that the biggest company buries so many of its own stories, under-reports its own news, and leaves so much under-discussed that it gives rise to thousands of news accounts on IG, Twitter and Youtube by guys who have absolutely no connections, but re-report stuff from other sites, do their own half-assed commentary on it and are able to thrive doing so.
  10. I'm actually not super fond of Riddle, but Riddle vs. Braun, Bryan, Nakamura, Roman, Cesaro, & Gulak again are all things I really want to see.
  11. Mike Rapada was a better NWA Champion than Adam Pearce.
  12. I don't know which was worse, that or Cougar Jay being thrown face first into the floor!
  13. I did get a chuckle out of them using the "Jesus is my homeboy" theme for Seth's shirt. It still sucks though. I do like the Io one though.
  14. Emma is that young? Wow, I always assumed she was at least in her early 30s.
  15. Hayes vs Gaspairrini Hayes tries to eat him up just like he did Casi but Gasparinni (Who I would describe as "some really game Italian guy" makes him work for it. Not here though (what do you even do with this bs?): This step up monkey flip is so cool: Gasparrini doesn't give up, but then neither does Hayes. This is an amazing sequence:
  16. She dug her own grave with that one. Those pants were amazing.
  17. What sucks is the best one one of the three retired and is an agent for WWE.
  18. I never read it but I think he was friends with Scaia during the time OO was a thing, since they were both in the Cincinati/Dayton area.
  19. I think he had one either he was the Bengals beat writer or Dolphins beat writer. Thinking mid to late 90s
  20. How is he going to be in the cast? A séance or something?
  21. I mean, I'd watch Riddle casually kicking Braun's head until it flew off. But I don't know how many people want to follow me on that path.
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