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  2. Xfinity has it running to 4 am so the replay starts at midnight which means Buy is at 7 pm then the PPV starts at 8 pm.
  3. Danny McBride doesn’t just look like him, he even sounds like him too. Seriously I’ve always wanted a WCW Nitro movie with Danny McBride playing Nick Patrick. Kevin Nash actually can play himself with a dye job. Edit: Yes, I know, Ready To Rumble is the Nitro movie, but that’s the post-98 shitty Nitro movie, and not the pre-98 prime Nitro movie.
  4. Man, this is good. Kenou and Kiyomiya are the fair-haired, good-looking young stars. KAZMA and Sugiura have faces like catcher's mitts. Sugiura is a fucking machine in this. ------------------------------------------ This is dirtbag Canadian indie wrestling at its finest. Plus my favorite referee. ------------------------------------------------------- More good stiff NOAH. Sugiura beats on Go Shiozaki- who doesn't lay it in as much as Sugiura, but who does?
  5. Didn’t Ross’s pedigree help them get a TNT deal? I guess maybe that was the only great thing in retrospect. So... Ehhhhhhhh...
  6. There's plenty of room in AEW for a King. There'll be four in the Casino Battle Royale.
  7. That’s the worst part about hiring certain people in wrestling. You have to realize who their friends are, and the favors they want you to do to keep them happy.
  8. A lot of the EVPs have been on his podcast. They've surely seen people dunking on him on social media for some of the things he says. You hire Jim Ross, you know he's going to say some old man things from time to time that get him in hot water on the Twitters. I'm just surprised/impressed he's managed to step in it (or not? I have no idea) before their first show even kicks off. Talk about a quick return on investment!
  9. The quote out of context was bad. In context, it still wasn't a great look but not as bad as it was being made out to be. I'd be more worried that he threatened to recruit Lawler to AEW.
  10. Jericho isn't gonna play it silly. In other "news," Jim Ross may or may not have been insensitive toward Joshi wrestling at Starrcast depending on who you ask.
  11. It’s like Stan Lane’s “karate”, and Jeff Jarrett doing MMA. I’ll allow it do to its silliness. Edit: Woah, giant poker chips. This entrance is already giving me a mark boner.
  12. Yeah. You gotta figure the sales would have to be 1.5x what they are now to break even, but I'd also wager the scheduling has been extra taxing on the whole office. They seem to be getting away from formal twice monthly books.
  13. Today
  14. Is tonight a referendum on Giannis and his style of play? If the Bucks lose, we really have to ask if his style of play can win a championship. No jump shot, take 5 steps to the basket and flail in hopes of getting to the free throw line. I don’t think it’s sustainable.
  15. 7pm for the Buy In show, yeah. Also, fwiw, I couldn't order the ppv from the BR Live app on my Roku, but people said they're having success ordering it on Sling. So I'll use that as my back up if all else fails.
  16. Didn’t hate OKC until Russ stole an MVP. Loved Durant because he went to Texas. Always thought Harden was cool, and had no idea he’d become the GOAT. Presti was insane to draft three MVPs and decide to keep the worst one.
  17. When does this actually start? 7pm ET for the 'Buy In' ? My PPV channel says this starts at 7pm ET also. So is the PPV also showing the 'Buy In'?
  18. I expect it to look about as good as CM Punk's BJJ and Muay Thai "I'm a serious fighter" stuff that he incorporated into his offense.
  19. Given you are new here, that probably is not entirely accurate.
  20. Jericho stumbling on the spinning back elbow while taking up MMA training to lose his belly and bitch tits and then deciding to use it as a new~! and fresh~! finishing move is ''how do you do, fellow kids?'' tier cringe.
  21. Today I realized Kenny Powers stole his look from heel Nick Patrick.
  22. Dustin, Cody and Kenny will have blood is my prediction. (3) But I also believe there will be one more wrestler who gets a crimson mask and it’s the poor soul who gets his head bashed in by Moxley. (4)...unless it’s Omega who is gets his head bashed in by Moxley.
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