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2022 Pro-Wrestling Merchandise Thread


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8 hours ago, Kevin Wilson said:

So my brother is really into AEW and his favorite wrestler is Fenix. So for Christmas he wanted a wallet that Republic of Lucha sold that was personally painted by Fenix. Its stupid expensive but he has expensive tastes. Anyway I got it in today and while it still feels expensive, it has the original "Coach" price tag in it and its a $150 wallet even not painted by Fenix (on sale various places for like $65 of course). So that made me feel a little better that its not a $10 walmart wallet.

But its kinda silly.



Lucky to have you for a brother. Nice one.

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My Dad ordered me a hoodie I liked from wweshop.com for a Christmas present in mid November. My Dad got a message from WWE yesterday saying it's gone missing and apologised. WWE's sending a replacement out. First time that's ever happened buying merchandise there.

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I had a CM Punk shirt and DVD I ordered from WWEshop years ago disappear into the ether. They were using DHL as their Canadian delivery service at the time, so it wasn't super surprising, I've had multiple packages disappear with DHL.

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On 12/16/2022 at 6:14 AM, Gordlow said:

50vMJiI.jpg  I am gonna enjoy me some プロレス coffee while watching Rampage tomorrow. Then I am gonna enjoy crushing and trashing the Koji Kitao can.

You can send me one of the Bull Nakano ones if you're feeling froggy 😉

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On 12/18/2022 at 11:17 AM, notoriusvig said:

Whatever you do, don't show these pics to Vince Russo.

Nah, show it to Russo,  He'd probably like Kinnikuman.  "Bro, I gotta be honest, bro, I don't like reading subtitles but it's in like Chinese or something, bro, but the humor, bro, and Connectorman, bro and his relationship with his mom, bro.  It's like a complex, bro.  An edible complex, bro.  He's wants to eat out his mom, bro.  I love it, bro."

Don't show it to Tony Khan.  Someone will be flying into a pile of cardboard boxes.

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