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The 2021 WWE Forever Purge - Part 3 of ?


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1 hour ago, Eoae said:

FWIW, Meltzer and Alvarez say the what they were told is that Ric texted Vince to complain about Charlotte's booking and gave Vince an ultimatum - "Fix it or I quit".  Vince, unsurprisingly, did not "fix it" so Ric quit.

Ric's supposedly been looking to get out of his contract for awhile, so there was some implication that Ric never expected Vince to do anything and just engineered the situation to give himself an excuse to quit.  That sounds idiotic, but so does a lot of what 'Naitch does and says.

“Ric Flair: helicopter parent” is not something I expected.

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14 minutes ago, Technico Support said:

It’s been reported that Adam Cole is at the Smackdown show tonight to meet with Vince.  I’m predicting talks break down when Vince realizes it’s not Adam Bomb.

Was there anything better than those mid 90s Rumble matches where the talent roster was so depleted and Vince on commentary had to pretend that wasn't the case? Prime example being Adam Bomb coming out at like #29 or #30 and Vince excitedly exclaiming, "IS ADAM BOMB GONNA WIN THE ROYAL RUMBLE?!"

Vince, if he wins, then your company is fucked. 

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Just now, odessasteps said:

In a kayfabe sense, shouldnt the PXP announcer think anyone entered could win the Rumble, especially if they were number 29? Except maybe the joke entry like Gillberg. 

No, in the same way it's ridiculous to say mathematically everyone has same odds to win the Rumble.

Folks who entered at 1, 2, and 3 won a Rumble before someone who entered at 28, 29, and 30.

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2 minutes ago, LoneWolf&Subs said:


ari sterling, bobby fish, mercedes martinez, tyler rust, leon ruff

Isn’t Bronson Reed a champ?

Edit: Jake Atlas too.

Recently the NXT North American Champion. Ditto for Leon Ruff.

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Ari Sterling is Alex Zayne, isn't he?

Mercedes should go to AEW ASAP. Well, she should have gone there a yea ago instead of going to WWE, but oh well. Her last match was getting concussed by Xia Li, wasn't it?

Jake Atlas should be another AEW pickup. Vince wasn't kidding about feeding them more talent.

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