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Dolfan in NYC

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35 minutes ago, Andy in Kansas said:

Not sure where this goes. Didn't feel right labeling Skaggs with the "stupid crap" brush, as it would feel like I'm blaming him for something. Move as you see fit.



This story should be way bigger than what it has been.  A team employee sold drugs that caused the death of a player, and nobody really ever cared.  Think how much time we spent talking about whether or not the Lakers should let Lonzo Ball's dad come to games, or Magic Johnson quitting as the GM...neither of those things matter at all.  Someone in baseball ODs on drugs supplied by a team employee, and I don't think it got 1% of the coverage.

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4 hours ago, RIPPA said:

Cards/Cubs postponed because of another St Louis positive.

There is also concern that it is more than one positive

But I am sure Manfred will say everything is fine

And MLB has postponed the entire series

Everything is fine

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The Cardinals have been told they won’t be allowed to come together as a team for at least 3-5 more days

Their series with the Pirates (which was to start Monday) has effectively been cancelled.

At some point - MLB either needs to end the season or just tell the Cards to go fuck themselves

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To add to Rippa's post about the Nats-O's game because of the tarp issues they had to suspend the game and are playing the rest of it Friday.  Not sure what happened with the tarp but it sucks that they'll have to resume it for what could have been an error with the field crew.  With how much of a shitshow the season's been might as well just end it and call it a day.

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8 hours ago, Niners Fan in CT said:

Some teams have played 16-17 games.   The Cardinals have played 5!  What the fuck. 

To show you how far behind the Cards are - the Marlins and Phillies (the other two teams hit hardest) both hit 10 games played yesterday.

So St Louis is now 5 games behind those teams

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8 minutes ago, RIPPA said:

I am enjoying that Manfred has gone into hiding


“I think whether you get all the way to 60 or not, that’s difficult at this point,” Manfred said in a phone interview Monday afternoon with the Post-Dispatch. “I think it’s possible for them to play enough games to be credible, to be a credible competitor in this season.”


5-inning triple headers when?

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