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Okay here is how it is working regarding the Cards and the playoffs


Because of the extensive postponements the Cardinals had in August due to COVID-19, they are currently scheduled for 58 games. If either of those two additional postponed games, both against Detroit, end up needing to be made up to settle home-field advantage or who is in or out, they would be played on Monday. They will not be made up if the only thing left to settle is seeding that has no impact on home-field.

Now the Cards and Giants each clinch playoff berths "either by winning two more games or any combination of a victory and a loss by the Phillies and Brewers." (The Cards are playing the Brewers)

Basically since the Reds and Cards have no chance of catching the Padres for the 4th seed - it appears that St Louis will only have to play Monday if they dont clinch a playoff birth this weekend.

Of course I also totally expect MLB to change their mind between now and then too


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Stuff left to play for


Twins lead White Sox by 1 game. White Sox however win the tiebreaker.

Minnesota is playing the Reds. Chicago (AL) is playing Chicago (NL)


There are a bunch of other seeding left to decide but I mention this one specifically because its the difference of 5th in the AL vs. 8th in the AL

Yankees lead Blue Jays by 1 game. Blue Jays win the tiebreaker (sound familiar).

NY is playing the Marlins. Toronto is playing Baltimore

(I should note here that the Yanks, Jays and Indians will all have better records that the Astros but 2 of them will be seeded behind Houston who is locked into 6th. I should also mention that if Houston loses today they will become the first team to make the playoffs with a sub .500 record)

And then we have the chaos that is the NL CENTRAL 2ND PLACE/NL WILD CARD


Four teams are still alive for the final two spots. One of those spots will go to the winner of Sunday’s Brewers-Cardinals game in St. Louis. The losing team is also still alive, but would need both the Giants and Phillies to lose to clinch Sunday.

• The Phillies (28-31) are in a must-win situation Sunday. If they win and the Brewers (29-30) and Giants (29-30) both lose, Philadelphia would have the three-way tiebreaker advantage based on division record.

• If the Giants win and the Brewers lose, the Giants get in. The Phillies result won’t matter.

• If the Brewers, Giants and Phillies all lose, the Brewers get in based on the intradivision tiebreaker advantage over the Giants.

And now, for the most chaotic scenario.

• If the Cardinals (29-28) lose and the Giants win, the Cardinals will have to play a make up doubleheader in Detroit on Monday to help decide the final spot.

I took that from Yahoo which could be a dicey decision on my part.

Also remember that the Reds have clinched a playoff berth from that group. So one of those 4 teams will not make the playoffs

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NL (starts Wednesday)

8 Milwaukee at 1 Los Angeles

7 Cincinnati at 2 Atlanta

6 Miami at 3 Chicago

5 St. Louis at 4 San Diego

AL (starts Tuesday)

8 Toronto at 1 Tampa Bay

7 Chicago at 2 Oakland

6 Houston at 3 Minnesota

5 New York at 4 Cleveland

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