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How brave is Mann to get knocked to the floor right where he was eating shots from fans before?


So I think the fans' reactions are legit but even if they're not, this is the coolest stunt granny ever:


I've seen vertical rolling short arm scissors before but I don't think ever horizontal ones:


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Bert Royal and Vic Hessle (Son and father) vs Guy Robin and Edmond Liehn

Royal and Liehn messing with each other to start. I'd watch a whole match like this:


Nice "screw you" counter to the up and over:


Quick concessions break between falls. One of the most interesting thing with any old footage, be it 1980 Portland or 1958 France is the cultural stuff you pick up by watching. I swear the announcer said something about "Candied marmalade." We saw that LA footage from the 50s the other day where girls in the front row were throwing jelly beans at the heel.


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Real Crusher/Bruiser vibe here from Hessle:


More Satisfying comeuppance stuff:


I don't like giving finishes but this arm devastation is amazing:


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Second match that goes up tonight is Francis Louis/Petit Prince vs Jacky Richard/Daniel Noced and it's just excellent. Top not and a mixing of the hyped up 70s French Juniors style and a more grounded American style tag with Petit being one of the best working-from-underneath faces-in-peril you'll ever see. 

Like with any Prince match, there'll be a ton of gifs here over the next few days. He was a singular talent and here's another match that really brings the substance along with the style.

A takedown like this would be close to the peak of most matches:


It builds here in the shine though. I really like Noced. He's such a goon. Look at how he gets dropkicked over the top and still taps his forehead:


So those were Louis. Here's Petit Prince and whenever he gets someone in a headlock, you know something amazing is going to happen:


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It's so easy to say "Spot monkeys!" or "Don't show this to Jim Cornette!" or whatever other bs to these clips and I think that was somewhat valid with some stuff like the trampoline match, but really look at this. Look at the speed and the torque and the selling. There's believable simulated struggle here within pretty much every world of pro-wrestling except for Battlarts. Noced is helpless because of the speed and the angle of the twist and the second he gets a moment of physical freedom at all, he yanks on the hair and lays in a stomp. It's pretty impeccable.


Same thing. We've seen this sort of a flip over before to escape a hold but look at the way Prince manages to do it, and then how Richard locks the hold right back in. It's basically the equivalent of the hope spots in this match, these little escape attempts, sometimes with the hold hung onto and sometimes with quick cut offs.


Speaking of struggle and cutoffs, here's Louis just crushing Noced on an escape attempt. Take a look at the way Noced is constantly trying, moving that foot, and then trying to get a fist on the jaw afterwards:


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Remember, in this match, this is just a ho-hum exchange:


Because almost immediately after, Le Petit Prince comes back in:


But they sort of seep into the heat shortly thereafter with a lot of the remainder of the match being elaborate and passionate hope spots of Prince trying to escape:


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Here's the first hot tag, which is, in its own way, just as good as a Ricky Morton one. Here, Prince is just a constant force, bedeviling his opponent to avoid the containment that he'd seen before. 


One of the narratives of the match is that Prince wants to keep getting in despite still being hurt. Here he does, to high effect. It's another spot out of a headlock.


The heels cut him off soon after though. Prince, being so small, has a real Rey vibe in how he can take nasty offense:


The crowd really didn't like that.

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