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Second video this week was Guy Mercier vs Allen Le Foudre (Charles Verhulst/Johnny Londos). It was a weird round systems match but had a lot of great individual moments.

Verhulst really liked doing this:


These Mercier armdrags are wild too:


One of the most defining things of 50s French Catch so far has been extended holds and the utilization of multiple moves to break them. Here, Verhulst holds on to a chinlock despite another one of those deep armdrags.



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Another example of a hold being hung on to, this time a cravate through a really high bodyslam attempt:


Mercier had some throws, let me tell you:


It's not all front facelock deadlift floatover suplexes though. I like the way Verhulst uses his head to steady the anklelock, and then Mercier's counter.



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