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NXT on USA - 11/20/2019


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Announced for tomorrow's show

Pete Dunne vs. Killian Dane vs. Damian Preist - Winner faces Adam Cole at Survivor Series Smackdown Live for NXT Title

Fish/O'Reilly vs. Revival


I also forgot the Cole/Dominik Dijakovic Ladder match for which team gets the Wargames advantage

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I haven't checked in here until now, but what sense does it make to even let Killian Dane sniff a title shot opportunity? He hasn't done anything. Priest just fucking lost to Dunne and Dunne isn't exactly riding that high lately. Of the three, Dunne has the most history with Cole...I don't know, this part just feels really uninspired. It's also weird that the title match will be on Smackdown.

The rest sounds fine, but they're overdoing it with ladder matches. It makes me think of me running a new wrestling promotion in TEW and thinking ladder and other gimmick matches were the best way to get more viewers.

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33 minutes ago, Craig H said:

I haven't checked in here until now, but what sense does it make to even let Killian Dane sniff a title shot opportunity? He hasn't done anything. 

He was in a contenders match against Riddle a couple months back, right? Sure, he never wins anything. But he's been in the mix. Kind of.

I don't care. I just want to see more Dain. If they aren't going to worry about putting thought into this, then I sure won't.

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5 minutes ago, hammerva said:

Yeah Dakota and Shayna as a real couple is great and all but Rhea Ripley and Becky Lynch together.  ?     

Rhea would probably be a step up from Rollins just for not constantly saying dumb shit on Twitter.

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Becky/Rhea was nice while it lasted and definitely one of Rhea's netter performances.

The Ricochet attack leading to Ricochet/Riddle leading to a post match brawl with Nakamura, Cesaro, Strong, and Finn was all fun, but maybe should have been saved for later in the night coming off of Rhea and Becky defending against the Horsewomen.

Revival/ReDragon was unsurprisingly great. It was nice seeing the Revival get a good showcase again.

KLR/Kai was solid. The post match brand brawl was decent enough. They highlight was easily Kairi & Io seeing each other again and their reactions. 

Viking Raiders vs. Forgotten Sons was solid. I kind of love that Forgotten Sons are hated so much that none of the NXT fans can bring themselves to cheer for them over the Raw/Smackdown invaders.

I paid little attention to Cole/Dijakovic since it seemed to be about hat I expected with Dijakovic bumping around ridiculously for a guy who was a foot smaller and likely weighed 70+ pounds less.

The post match brawl was way the hell better than what we got on Raw. Seth was the biggest heel on the enter show, and I dug the faceoff with Ciampa at the end. Won't happen but I really do kind of want Seth to join NXT at SS. You could go the route of him coming into NXT as the biggest heel on the roster or having HHH bs Rollins and leave him to Raw anyways with Seth being hated there for his betrayal.

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I'm pretty upset that Becky/Rhea didn't get any proper amount of time. Rhea is one of my favorites currently, and Becky is Becky. Goddamnit. I just finished the tag match, so I'm about to see KLR vs Dakota Kai, which sounds fantastic. I'll probably fast forward after that to the end of the ladder match, since nothing else interests me on the show.

I don't know why it's RAW vs Smackdown vs NXT when it's been established for years that NXT is better than the main roster. RAW and Smackdown should be uniting against NXT, not everyone fighting everyone. WWE vs NXT plays better for the month than three bands battling (and, yes, I know NXT is WWE, but you get the point).


EDIT: Case in point - the main roster women attack KLR and Dakota Kai. Who saves them? The face and heel teams for the women's WarGames match. IT MAKES NO SENSE. These women hate each other enough that Regal put them into a match like WarGames, but they can put that aside because brand supremacy? Fuck outta here with that shit.

They could have went so many different ways with NXT being involved in Survivor Series, and they just do the same old tired stuff. We could have had a two night supercard of NXT vs WWE, culminating in a WarGames match on each show (Men on one, Women on the other). That's just one example of the route they could have taken. I mean, why do the midcard and tag champions of all the brands have to face each other, but the top champions (Cole, Lesnar, Wyatt) don't? Why was NXT: UK only involved for one week if they aren't involved at Survivor Series? Why isn't KLR in the match with Bayley, Becky and Shayna?

I'm going to lose. my. shit. if Ciampa and Cole's teams fight off the main roster workers at the end.

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16 minutes ago, Eivion said:

Viking Raiders vs. Forgotten Sons was solid.

Wow, what?  That match dragged NXT to a dead halt.  Raiders looked like they were going to murder them in 30 seconds, which should have been the right result.  Instead that shit went on forever.  I felt like I was watching The Road Warriors sell for The Conquistadors.

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