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8 minutes ago, AxB said:


Jacked Gordon Ramsey is a hell of a Wrestler.

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Alexander Hammerstone from MLW. He has long hair in a lot of pics and looks like the love child of Triple H and Thor.


In promos he reminds me of Scott Steiner.

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20 minutes ago, Oyaji said:

More like that guy from fucking Crazy Town.

I could see it if Hammerstone had been smoking crack for years.

Here's Hammerstone looking like Shane Douglas.

Image result for alexander hammerstone

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1 minute ago, Pete said:

TLDR: MiSu wants Moxley.

What a fascinating and perfect matchup I didn’t realize I wanted until right now. What’s great is those guys could do anything On a spectrum from a death match to a total comedy bit and it’d be great. In fact, the last thing I want on this spectrum is a straight up wrestling match.

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