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Apparently these will be the franchises

XFL will retain 4 teams:
Arlington Renegades
DC Defenders
San Antonio Brahmas
St Louis BattleHawks

USFL will retain 4 teams:
Birmingham Stallions
Houston Gamblers
Memphis Showboats
Michigan Panthers

In order of amount of bitching I have seen from the few people that care

  • No Roughnecks
  • 3 teams in Texas
  • No Sea Dragons

Apparently the big hang up that had delayed the merger was the XFL wanted the split to be 5 XFL teams/3 USFL teams (basically they wanted the Roughnecks over the Gamblers)

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RIP XFL. i always knew that it would have some sort of reappearance after the 2001 season. didn't bank on a moderately-successful season that got ground to a fine powder by a worldwide pandemic. i'll always hold fond memories of that inaugural Vince season. i had a lot of fun watching sub-par football. Hell, i have the entire season on DVDs.

i honestly don't know why the new Arena Football League doesn't just throw in with these guys. It's not like they have a real chance of huge success either way. 2024 marks their third attempt at a launch, with varying degrees of staying power. 

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AJ McCarron requested his release from the Bengals (which was granted) so that he can sign with the St. Louis Battlehawks (which would mark McCarron's return to the club)

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