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On 9/4/2022 at 11:42 PM, odessasteps said:

What I watched instead of any modern stuff tonight

steamboart/Youngblood v Steven’s/snuka

steamboat vs Stuka 

Steamboat vs jumbo 

Steamboat vs Sheik (June 1981) was absurdly fun while it lasted. Seriously, I've never seen Sheik give more to his opponent from an actual wrestling standpoint as opposed to a "let's try to out-bleed each other" gore-fest.


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WCW New Blood Rising

Goldberg vs Kevin Nash vs Scott Steiner 

Nowadays Joshi Promotion Stardom uses the New Blood term, even with their own take on the NB letters. I find it amusing.

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On 9/6/2022 at 6:32 PM, driver said:

I watched the Mid-South episode with Flair, DiBiase and Murdoch the other day. The most amazing thing outside of the main angle are two women sitting ringside. One sits there for the entire match with her hands over her mouth and at the opposite end of the row a mother with a look of complete horror on her face holds and comforts her crying daughter while chaos ensues in the ring.

How about the girl that the camera got a good look at from the MX vs Fantastics Clash match? She was legit scared but she couldn’t look away. 

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This is for the the folks who were born after the Amerikan Bicentennial who might not realize what an amazing worker and wrestler Adrian Adonis was, and how festive The East West Connection was, and even how much fun Jesse "The Body" Ventura was too. I wuz gonna babble on, but this is about Thee Golden Boy. I wish there was more SWCW footage of him available. 

Edited by thee Reverend Axl Future
'cause it's still messed up on my chromebooks, so first on my phone like the pioneers did
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