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Pokemon Go!

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The table I was staffing for work yesterday allowed me to hit 3 PokeStops without having to move and students slapped lures into all of them.

The ease I was able to stock up for those 2+ hours made up for the app constantly crashing and not registering my walking for egg hatching.

Stupid 10K eggs

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Why must Clinton ruin fun things?  At least when she did that stupid dab movement that was already dead.  But this?  C'mon, man, I just got into it.

But screw it, I'll keep going.  I'm at level 10 (team Mystic FTW!) and it's been pretty fun.  I never saw so many people walking in a particular area that's normally dead Friday.  So many lures and Pokestops, and with them all being local businesses they were smart to find ways to bring in customers.  We ate at a restaurant mainly because it had two lures and stops going on.   I never thought I'd say this for a game, but with the walking I've been doing I could actually lose a little bit of weight doing this.

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