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I cannot wait to see that.

Also, on the Topanga happening, I was pleasantly surprised to see Stephen Schneider of Broad City at Head Like A Cole (which was another not-so-great PWG show). 

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Went to the show Friday, which was my first live PWG experience ever. I used to wonder why PWG didn't run a larger venue, but now I get it. The locale, the quirks of the building, etc., all felt like part of the show. Definitely an incredible event I'd highly recommend any wrestling fan who's either in or visiting California check out. Some spoilers: 



Sammy Guevara came in from Texas. I'd read some about his work in the Houston-Austin-San Antonio indies, but had never seen him. TREMENDOUS talent. Great worker, plays a hateable douche really well. He got a loud PLEASE COME BACK chant. 

There was a six-man tag originally scheduled between Sami Callihan and the Irish Airborne vs. Dezmond Xavier, Shane Strickland and Jason Cade, but Strickland and Cade's flights got delayed. It turned into a four-way between Sami, the Crists and Xavier.  A very ...DIVE'y match, including SoCal referee legend Rick Knox hitting five (!) of his own. Knox worked the first (and maybe every?) PWG show, so the spots with him hitting dives felt like a loving tribute to his career. 

Keith Lee is MONEY. Aside from Trent?, seeing as he's already been there, Keith's the guy who seemed most likely for a WWE career. He's an absolute mountain of a human being, moves around amazingly well and has a superstar presence about him. ROH letting him get away seems like further evidence Delirious and/or someone else there is out to lunch.  

Zack Sabre Jr. and Chuck Taylor both took thumbtack bumps at the end of the match, which I was NOT expecting.




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The list of all 24 participants of this year's BOLA have been announced-

Brian Cage

Dezmond Xavier

Donovan Dijak


Flash Morgan Webster

Jeff Cobb

Jonah Rock

Keith Lee

Mark Haskins

Marty Scurll

Matt Sydal

Matthew Riddle

Michael Elgin

Penta el Zero M

Rey Fenix

Ray Horus


Sami Callihan

Sammy Guevara

TK Cooper

Travis Banks

Trevor Lee


Zack Sabre Jr.


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BOLA Night 1:
Brian Cage vs. Dezmond Xavier
Rey Fenix vs. Rey Horus
Flash Morgan Webster vs. Marty Scurll
Matt Sydal vs. Penta El Zero M
Jonah Rock vs. Zack Sabre Jr.
Flamita vs. Ricochet
Non-tournament: Donovan Dijak & Keith Lee vs. Jeff Cobb & Matt Riddle
Non-tournament: South Pacific Power Trip vs. Young Bucks

BOLA Night 2: 
Sammy Guevara vs. TK Cooper
Donovan Dijak vs. Trevor Lee
Matt Riddle vs. Michael Elgin
Jeff Cobb vs. Sami Callihan
Mark Haskins vs. Travis Banks
Keith Lee vs. WALTER
Non-tournament: Ricochet & Matt Sydal vs. Zack Sabre Jr. & Marty Scurll
Non-tournament: Flamita, Rey Fenix & Penta El Zero M vs. Kenny Omega & the Young Bucks

Tickets on sale July 27th.

*flails arms wildly*

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South Pacific Power Trip vs. Young Bucks is going to be fucking insane. Lee/Dijak vs. The Chosen Bros: yes, please. The Elite vs. Lucha Brajs and Flamita is another fan-fucking-tastic piece of booking. Awesome to see Kenny back in Reseda! Not really feeling the first round matches other than Keith Lee vs. WALTER. I'm sure a handful of them will overdeliver. Like, I can't see Cobb and Callihan having anything but a really good match in them. Elgin/Riddle could be pretty awesome but I'm a little worried about neither guy selling all that much. Flamita/Ricochet will hopefully be the last tournament match of the night because how the fuck are you going to follow that with anything but the Young Bucks tag?

I haven't seen Jonah Rock. Any recommendations? 

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On 18/07/2017 at 2:10 PM, Oyaji said:

I haven't seen Jonah Rock. Any recommendations? 

Jonah's one of the top guys here in Australia, but most promotions here don't have much in the way of full matches online, as Video On Demand has taken off here.

His home promotion, Wrestle Rampage in Adelaide is only just starting to get stuff online, Here's an excellent match with him facing Damian Slater from the CWC

Also a fun match with him facing AJ Istria a few years back in Qld.

Plus, his feud with Mr Juicy last year was suitably awesome, two 300+ monsters just beating the fuck out of each other. Jonah's promo's in that time frame were awesome too.

TK Cooper is going to kill it as well. He and Dahlia Black have been on fire in Australia the last few months and from what I hear their work in New Zealand has been similar. His feud with Dowie James in Melbourne City Wrestling gave two epic matches as good as anything i've seen this year, never seen a more rabid crowd on an indy show. Side note, with a bit of luck Dowie is someone who'll hopefully get some opportunities down the line from Banks, Cooper and Jonah going to the US and UK, dude's work is phenomenal.



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The one shirt my friend got me a year or so ago is okay. It's pretty course cotton but fine. 

I love everybody in the Bucks/Lucha Bros match but it sucked complete ass. Just listen to the crowd reactions at the beginning compared to the end. That's not how it's supposed to go. 

Thanks DeadEffect. I'll check some of his stuff out the next few days. I just watched SPPT vs. Ringkampf from progress and it was so great. Everything I've seen with them in it has been super. 

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57 minutes ago, Valcourt said:

For anyone who has bought a PWG shirt (from PWG's website, as I've not found them anywhere else) in the last 2 years, is the quality better?

The shirt I have isn't the most comfortable shirt.

I bought two PWG shirts from Highspots because they were sold out on their site back then.  The 1% shirt was comfortable and really nice.  The Revolucion shirt was the same but the logo wore off pretty quickly.

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Just watched Only Kings Understand Each Other...

Thought Cody vs. Trevor Lee was a lot better than it had any right to be. I don't watch much wrestling now a days, but this is the best match I've seen Cody in since he left WWE.

Thought Rey Fenix vs. Trent? was fun too.

The rest I thought was forgettable.

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