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  1. Whole show is up now, the main event is a lot of fun too.
  2. My hometown's best indy are doing their biggest show this weekend and they've released this video individually featuring 4 of the 8 participants in the two night tournament, am genuinely curious to get the opinion of those outside the Australian wrestling bubble. I'm flying back home for the shows, am really keen to see how the weekend progresses, PWA is a really fun fed with almost a production line of very talented guys and girls.
  3. I agree with the golden opportunity bit, I wouldn't be surprised that the next tour the roles are reversed and Sydney gets the major show and Melbourne the house show.
  4. From being there live it was a smaller crowd than last time, as they'd closed off more of the bleachers and tried to put more of the crowd on the floor section. Bury getting the shot was great, he's a mainstay in the Melbourne indy scene and is a good dude. Ospreay vs Eagles should've gone on last, they just match up insanely well. The main event tag was fine, mostly the charisma of it's participants carried it but during the match a relatively big portion of the crowd started leaving.
  5. Mikey Nicholls is the man in question. Always thought he was a better fit for Japan than he ever was in NXT. I'm really keen to see Robbie vs Ospreay again, the two have great chemistry. Their match they had for PWA in Sydney last August is still the best match I have ever seen live, when they've faced off previously, they've always done something different stylistically each time, one match being just crazy moves, the other aforementioned PWA match being a lot less big moves and a lot more striking and submission based. I'm really keen to see how the match goes. Also, a lot of the guys who have been in the Fale Dojo in New Zealand who have graduated to NJPW Young Boy status are appearing on this show with Andrew Villalobos, Mark Tui and Michael Richards debuting on the Melbourne card while on Sydney the Filip Brothers make their debuts as well. Also, a lot of speculation that Slex who wrestled Okada for MCW and Switchblade on last years tour may be going full time for NJPW in the near future. Hopefully they get a decent sized live crowd, they have reduced the price on some of the remaining tickets in the last week to try and fill the venue, Festival Hall holds around 4000 at a guess. It's very cool that a venue with major wrestling history dating back to Jim Barnett's WCW in the 60's and 70's.
  6. Sabbath is really underrated, even by Aussie standards, just been doing smaller indy shows in front of kids and families for years, only really starting to break out on the national level in the last year or so for RCW. Baron is a guy who'll probably be better known in a year or two, he's still really new and hasn't really found his schtick yet. RCW as a company is very traditional in terms of characters and storytelling so it's probably the best place for a newish big guy to get better in Australia.
  7. Just got back from watching it about an hour ago, honestly I thought it was perfect. If there was another screening on nearby now i'd go and watch it again, I enjoyed it that much.
  8. Most recent match of Istria, I rate his work very highly.
  9. Istria is the goods, he's a guy who's flown under the radar for years, even here in Australia.
  10. PWA's most recent show from a little over a week ago. They had some issues with the hard cam so decided to release the show in full for free. PWA was my local indy of choice when I lived in Sydney and even now, i'd say they're the best indy fed in Australia. I'd be curious to hear what people think of this show.
  11. Big fan of Cara Noir, his work has always been great, even when he was Blackbelt Tom Dawkins. He's now found the character work to go along with it.
  12. Some more stuff from the Australian indy scene of late. One of Robbie's most recent matches and his first back in Sydney after his New Japan tour. For a guy who's mostly been a career underdog babyface, Robbie has really gotten into the Bullet Club attitude, a lot of his matches since his return has him being more aggressive, kicking opponents in the face and such. Tyler Payne is a really talented younger guy, he had spent some time in the Fale Dojo in New Zealand and is apparently off to be a New Japan Young Lion soon, this was one of his first matches after dropping his Chikara-esque masked gimmick. Fun match. Also, PWA have a 1 month free trial on their streaming service at www.pwaplay.com using the code #PWSLEIGH which is a good intro to what's currently happening in the Australian scene. From Kyle Fletcher's brief return back to Australia from the UK. Tommy Knight has been wrestling just over a year I believe and is the understudy of Jonah Rock. He's a bigger dude, just over 6' and probably close to 300lbs and has a pretty extensive shoot background. Fun match with Fletcher being the more experienced guy out smarting his opponent and using his height advantage, while Knight just keeps moving forward.
  13. One of my local indies had Ken Shamrock on a show last night. He didn't do much, but he was super over and took a nice bump into the guard rail in his match. I'm trying to think when the last time he was on a pro wrestling show, early TNA maybe? Now I want to see against PCO or Nick Gage haha
  14. I don't mind when Brody does some agile stuff, but when he does it all the time it comes off as really forced. On the flip side though, seeing him wrestle live in Melbourne for WSW's Australia tour, he totally lived up to the hype. Being Marty Scurll's tag partner, he cut down on the flippy stuff and just concentrated on chops, clubbing blows, kicks to the face and lariats, made him look like a monster. I wonder if being on a tour with Walter and Jonah Rock might've inspired him to start wrestling like his size more? Speaking of which, hopefully WSW will finally get their online distribution going better as Jonah vs Walter on night 2 in Melbourne was awesome and Robbie Eagles vs Aries in Sydney apparently tore the house down.
  15. Debut show for a promotion in Adelaide, Australia. Main event of Jonah Rock vs Hideki Suzuki is very good. Also, AJ Istria has an excellent match with Adam Brooks. Istria I think would appeal to those on this board who are fans of Drew Gulak, Tim Thatcher, Fred Yehi and such.
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