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Jericho has gotten very Jeckyl & Hide for me. When he tries to be "Y2J BAY-BAAAAAAAAAAYYYYY!!!" and he's shoving Fozzy down everyone's throats he's pretty unbearable to listen to. When he chills the fuck out and talks to his kids or interviews someone he's comfortable with and doesn't feel the need to relate everything they say back to himself, he's terrific.

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I always forget to check in here b/c of the "new" forum.


Want to agree that the Woods interview was absolutely fantastic.


I frequent Booker's promotion and am excited that it moved to about five minutes from my house, so it was wonderful to hear him talk about his plans for ROW and discuss some of the wrestlers.

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Fun interview ... Basically Neville told Jericho he was hurt but didn't tell Robinson when he asked. However, Jericho saw Robinson ask him and assumed that Robinson knew and still didn't count him down.

Jericho's thought process was that he was looking for a way to end the match without making it all about Neville being injured because he still had to do the angle with AJ. So he shoved Robinson looking for the DQ but it stunned Robinson and he went off on Jericho legit. Jericho said he was in work mode but was obviously still heated or else he would have said something like "That was three ref!"

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