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  1. Once Upon A Time In Hollywood, is nearly perfect,and will go down as one of QT's masterpieces
  2. From a purely emotional standpoint, that Kofi-Bryan match was six stars. Incredible stuff. Overall, I enjoyed it as much as NXT Takeover, and way more than the MSG show on Saturday night.
  3. Finally watched the AWA Team Challenge trainwreck, and I'm convinced that Verne's Alzheimer's had started to rear its ugly head around 1989.
  4. Like I said elsewhere, Cody booking himself to win the NWA title is the most Dusty thing ever.
  5. Maybe neckbeards will tweet @ Snickers to express their fake outrage about Hogan, the way they did with the Moolah deal.
  6. Gargano vs Ciampa was better than Okada vs. Omega. Yes, I said it.
  7. The politics, religion etc..etc..blah blah...doesn't bother me. Just looking forward to the show. Should be fun.
  8. My favorite Bruno match took place well past his prime....
  9. Enjoyed the show a lot. A couple of minor quibbles, but nothing too awful. Team Levesque vs Team Rangle is probably going to turn out to be one of my favorite WM matches, ever. Great storytelling in that one. Loved Nak heel turn, too. About fucking time. Didn't mind the main event, and the blood was a cool touch. Like everyone, totally expected Roman to win. Intrigued as to what happens now.
  10. Predictions, I guess. Mark Henry wins the ATGMBR Becky wins the Women's Battle Royal Mustafa Ali beats Cedric to win the Cruiserweight championship Usos retain the Smackdown tag titles Braun and TBA win the Raw tag titles. (Guessing Braun's partner will either be Elias, Big Show, or the returning Neville) I really thought Rusev would win the US championship, but since he won on Smackdown, I don't know now. I'll say Roode regains the title in the fatal 4 way. Balor wins the Intercontinental championship Nia beats Alexa for the Raw Women's championship Asuka beats Charlotte for the Smackdown Women's championship. Carmella attempts to cash-in, and fails. Angle and Rousey beat Team Levesque, when Ronda submits Steph. KO and Sami beat Bryan and Shane when Shane walks out on his partner. Against my better judgement, I'm gonna go ahead and say Nakamura beats AJ for the WWE championship. If the experiment is a success, I see Shinsuke holding the title for a while. Roman beats Lesnar for the Universal championship, and we finally get a full-time titleholder. Cena calls out Undertaker one last time at the end of the show, and either biker Taker or hooded Taker comes out and accepts. I say Taker wins, to close the show.
  11. Ya'll are reacting just the way I thought you would lol. Bunch of old fucks.
  12. Taker's exit got me in the feels. The fact that Roman was able to carry him is pretty damn impressive. AJ vs Shane was MOTN. Shane is a workhorse. Overall, wrestling-wise I give the show 7.5/10. For spectacle etc.. 10/10. Entertaining show, for sure.
  13. I don't know about Ruby. Her face kinda kills it for me. Hot body, though.
  14. I mean she's not exactly Alexa Bliss or a Bella.
  15. Holy shit, yes! I feel like when I praise something, I almost immediately get shouted down. I guess that's one of the major drawbacks of social media, message boards included. By the way, PWO jumped the shark when they started talking about sociopolitical issues as they pertain to wrestling. What a bunch of pretentious nonsense.
  16. Oh, same here. I'm in a great mood. Gonna have a bunch of people over for Mania, and we're not gonna overanalyze and nitpick everything. Just gonna enjoy it and not get all tense over little things. Happy #Wrestlemania Day!
  17. That's kinda what this board has become. It's just wrestling. Lighten up, people
  18. JBLmay be a bit of an asshole, but it's not like he's Ole Anderson or something. From all accounts, that guy was a tyrant.
  19. Super fun show. Both tag matches were great, and Nak-Roode was way better than I thought it would be. And am I the only one who finds Nikki Cross strangely hot?
  20. Let's be honest- even if this show is very good to great, if the last thing we see is Roman standing tall in the ring after defeating Taker(which he should), then people are gonna forget all the positive, and shit all over it.
  21. Fred Blassie and the "Skipper"-The tag team that should have been.....
  22. It's a good name. Neckbeards are just hateful.
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