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2 hours ago, Curt McGirt said:

I wasn't complaining about them getting paid btw, especially such a paltry sum. I'm sure Corgan isn't making but peanuts off that himself. I just thought maybe the old episodes would show up on Youtube down the line. 

Is that $4.99 for FITE period btw, or just Power? Because that's a steal. Only streaming cheaper is Night Flight Plus for $1.99.

Just for Powerrr I believe. they removed all previous videos from youtube with the move to FITE (Powerrr episodes and the 10 pounds of gold series and all that) Now they just do a post show recap on youtube.

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Powerrr returns this week after last week's "Powerrrsurge" was mostly a recap show.

Enjoyed the tag match cluster. Danny Daniels of all people getting beat up randomly being what got Storm upset was a bit odd but I love for Storm to get involved in any way so I'll take it. Solid build up continuing for Pope/Tyrus.  Kamille/Jennacide was pretty good while it lasted even if it felt sudden going to the finish.


week 4 results:


*Trevor Murdoch interview, saying he wants a rematch with Chris Adonis and he'll accept any stipulation to make that happen. Nick Aldis interrupted and argued with him. Aldis suggested Murdoch take the night off while he main events with an exhibition match. Aldis said Murdoch is not championship material but said if Murdoch doesn't show up during his match later then maybe he'll get a worlds title shot down the road.

*Sal Rinauro & Tim Storm def. Aron Stevens & JR Kratos (6:11) when Rinauro pinned Kratos with a rollup. Match was advertised as Rinuaro and a former NWA Champion but no one came out. During the match, Danny Daniels walked out but got destroyed by JR Kratos. Tim Storm took offense and got up from commentary to try to stop Kratos. Kratos and Stevens ended up arguing then Storm punched Kratos leading to the finish. Rinauro & Storm were announced as the winners then Storm went back to commentary. 

*Interview segment with The Pope and Tyrus w/ Austin Idol. Pope said Tyrus follows him everywhere he goes. Tyrus talked about learning from Pope and becoming friends but Pope was never the man. Tyrus said now Pope has what he wants in the NWA TV Title. Pope told Tyrus he would have to earn his shot.

*Tyrus (w/ Austin Idol) def. Matt Cross & Marshe Rockett (4:02) when Cross hit the shooting star on Rockett but Tyrus stole the pin, to become #1 contender to the NWA Television Championship.

*Kamille def. Jennacide (5:56) after two Spears. After the match, Melina came out and told Kamille that she was not indestructible and checked on Jennacide. Kamille then speared Melina as well. Thunder Rosa then came to the ring with words for Kamille as she left the ring.

*Nick Aldis vs. Jordan Clearwater was ruled a no contest (0:29) as Trevor Murdoch came out brawling with Chris Adonis and Thom Latimer as the match began. They beatdown Murdoch and stood tall to end the show.


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Lots of chaos this week with fun setup stuff. Dig the continuation of Pope/Tyrus. Enjoyed the main event. Tim Storm is still the best.


week 5 results:


*Nick Aldis - Trevor Murdoch opening promo. Aldis offered Murdoch a chance to earn a rematch for the National Title which Aldis called Murdoch's mountain top despite Murdoch eyeing the NWA World Title. They set up the main event of Chris Adonis, Thom Latimer, & ??? vs. Trevor Murdoch and two partners with the stipulations that if Murdoch's team won, he would get a National title shot but if Strictly Business won, Murdoch would be suspended for 30 days.

*Kratos vs. Sal Rinauro went to a no contest (1:49) when the ref threw the match out as Kratos continued stomping Rinauro. Danny Daniels came out but got chokeslammed by Kratos. May Valentine came to check on Rinauro while Aron Stevens attempted to calm Kratos. After the match, Kratos confronted Tim Storm at the commentary table. Chris Adonis and Thom Latimer then came out and chose Kratos as their mystery partner in the main event.

*Slice Boogie - Jax Dane interview segment setting up a Falls Count Anywhere match for next week.

*The Pope(c) vs. Tyrus (w/ Austin Idol) went to the Time Limit Draw for the TV Title (6:05)

*May Valentine and Kyle Davis hosted a Summit between Thunder Rosa and Kamille in an attempt to settle their feud, where both were required to choose advocates to speak on their behalf. Rosa chose Melina while Kamille chose Taryn Terrell. Melina & Taryn argued. Melina suggested a rematch between Thunder Rosa and Kamille. Taryn decided they would present their list of demands next week and the two sides had to be held apart.

*Chris Adonis, Thom Latimer, & Kratos def. Trevor Murdoch, Aaron Stevens, & Tim Storm (w/ Sal Rinauro) (10:43) when Adonis pinned Storm with a full nelson slam after Rinauro accidentally distracted Storm by jumping on the apron. As a result, Murdoch is suspended for 30 days.


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Posted (edited)

Billy Corgan, showing the effects of Vince Russo’s influence from TNA, has booked a “loser stays in town” match.

Somebody come out this company out of its misery.


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Posted (edited)

There's merit to the idea that Rosa isn't committed enough to the NWA, so her agreeing the stip shows she's all in on chasing the top title in the business. But no amount of rationalization can sidestep the absolute clowning that "loser stays in town" invites. 

That said, I enjoyed the last Rosa-Kamille match and expect to enjoy this one.

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This week was mostly setting up future stuff and some fun story development segments, so not much to it this week. Main event was fun while it lasted with a ridiculous ending.


week6 results:


*Strictly Business opening interview. Nick Aldis complained about the 14 man battle royal for #1 contendership to his title in 3 weeks. Aldis put over Chris Adonis & Thom Latimer while Kamille promised an announcement later. Aldis brought up that current champions can't compete in the #1 contendership battle royal so he cancelled Adonis & Latimer's scheduled tag title match in the main event.

*Matt Cross def. Mims (2:56) after a handspring cutter to earn a TV title shot. 

*Austin Idol w/ Tyrus called out The Pope. Idol brought up Pope being 4 wins away from getting a World Title shot and offered his hand but Pope walked away.

*Kratos def. Sal Rinauro (2:04) after a german suplex. 

*Thunder Rosa w/ Melina and Kamille w/ Taryn Terrell interview segment. Rosa talked about women of the past not getting the respect they deserve and wanting the division to be respected. Kamille brought up Thunder Rosa being on other promotions' shows while she has been in the NWA since day one. Rosa said Kamille had been handed opportunities while she fought from the bottom to the top. Kamille announced she would give Thunder Rosa a rematch for the #1 contendership with the stipulation that if Thunder Rosa loses, she can't work for any other company except the NWA. 

*Slice Boogie def. Jax Dane (8:05) in a falls count anywhere match when Jax threw in the towel to check on Crimson, who he had accidentally collided with. 


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Solid short matches this week. Rosa/Jennacide was fun, wished it went longer and War Kings looked good back on the same page.


week7 results:


*Kyle Davis read a statement from Billy Corgan about Strictly Business leaving the show last week and cancelling the scheduled tag team main event. It said Strictly Business would be back next week or be terminated from the NWA.

*The Pope(c) def. Matt Cross (5:07) after the Elijah Express to retain the NWA TV Championship.

*Aron Stevens & Kratos def. Fred Rosser & Marshe Rockett (5:32) when Stevens pinned Rockett after the discus forearm. Stevens & Kratos argued all match.

*Thunder Rosa def. Jennacide (4:07) via ankle lock submission

*Tyrus & Austin Idol interview announcing Tyrus as the first entrant in to the 14 man battle royal for #1 contendership to the world title. They added that it would also include Fred Rosser, Mims, Jeremiah Plunkett, Marshe Rockett, Matt Cross, & Slice Boogie.

*War Kings (Crimson & Jax Dane) def. The End (Odinson & Parrow) (5:00) when Crimson pinned Odinson after a flying elbow drop to become #1 contenders to the tag team titles.


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Thunder/Kamille was awesome. Great match, loved their last one and this was on the same level. This one has me looking forward to their feud continuing. Battle royal was predictable with only one obvious winner. Eliminations also coming from going through or under the ropes was different. 




*Aron Stevens & Kratos(c) def. Crimson & Jax Dane (5:50) to retain the NWA Tag Team Championships when Kratos pinned Crimson after someone in a hood knocked out Crimson

*Nick Aldis def. Matthew Mims (2:20) via King's Lynn Cloverleaf submission 

*Thunder Rosa vs. Kamille went to a Time Limit Draw (20:00)

-It was announced that Chris Adonis relinquished the NWA National Championship to enter the battle royal as no current champions could compete in the match, in hopes of keeping the NWA title with Aldis and Strictly Business.

*Trevor Murdoch won a 16 man battle royal (7:00) to become #1 contender to the NWA Worlds Heavyweight Championship at the When Our Shadows Fall PPV on June 6. After the match, Nick Aldis attacked Murdoch but Murdoch fought back and laid him out with his finish. Murdoch then cut a promo about challenging for the worlds championship.
-Tyrus eliminated Sal Rinauro
-Jax Dane eliminated Odinson & Parrow
-Slice Boogie eliminated Jeremiah Plunkett
-Thom Latimer eliminated Matthew Mims
-Thom Latimer eliminated Marshe Rockett
-Crimson eliminated Fred Rosser
-Tyrus eliminated Jordan Clearwater
-Jax Dane eliminated Crimson on accident
-Trevor Murdoch eliminated Jax Dane & Slice Boogie
-Thom Latimer eliminated Matt Cross
-The Pope interfered and eliminated Tyrus
-Chris Adonis eliminated Latimer on accident
-Murdoch eliminated Adonis


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Tonight is Powerrrsurge, so only one match among the recaps and PPV preview, but it's a Tim Storm match (Storm & Sal Rinauro vs. Hawx Aerie) so still should be worth a watch.


NWA have released the full card for this upcoming Sunday's "When Our Shadows Fall" PPV, with some interesting matches and additions to the roster:

Full PPV Card:

Nick Aldis(c) vs. Trevor Murdoch

Serena Deeb(c) vs. Kamille

Aron Stevens & Kratos(c) vs. Strictly Business (Chris Adonis & Thom Latimer) and War Kings (Crimson & Jax Dane)

The Pope vs. Tyrus

Thunder Rosa & Melina vs. Taryn Terrell & Kylie Rae

JTG vs. Fred Rosser

The End (Odinson & Parrow) vs. Sal Rinauro & Sam Rudo vs. Marshe Rockett & Slice Boogie vs. Bestia 666 & Mecha Wolf 450

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Decent little show here. As expected Kamille/Serena is match of the night. Sad to see Serena's run end but look forward to her doing more in AEW.  The women's tag was fun as well. Taryn Terrell is still greatness, her entrance gear was amazing, always a great character. JTG looked good. Main event felt kind of rushed in the finishing stretch.


NWA When Our Shadows Fall PPV Results:


*Dark Match: Jennacide def. Skye Blue after the Tombstone piledriver

NWA When Our Shadows Fall - June 6, 2021

*La Rebellion (Bestia 666 & Mecha Wolf 450) def. Marshe Rockett & Slice Boogie, Sal Rinauro & El Rudo, and The End (Odinson & Parrow) (8:50) when Bestia pinned Marshe after Total Rebellion

*Tyrus (w/ Austin Idol) def. The Pope (10:23) after a heart punch with a foreign object in a non-title grudge match.

*Taryn Terrell & Kylie Rae def. Thunder Rosa & Melina (8:58) when Kylie pinned Melina via rollup with tights pulled as Rosa & Taryn fought to the back.

*JTG def. Fred Rosser (9:39) with a small package

*Aron Stevens & Kratos(c) def. War Kings (Crimson & Jax Dane) and Strictly Business (Chris Adonis & Thom Latimer) (14:12) when Stevens pinned Crimson after Kratos used a low blow to retain the NWA Tag Team Championships.

*Kamille def. Serena Deeb(c) (14:28) after the Spear to win the NWA Women's Championship

*Nick Aldis(c) def. Trevor Murdoch via DQ (12:53) to retain the NWA Worlds Heavyweight Championship when Aldis hit the referee from behind with a steel chair and the ref thought it was Murdoch.


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Posted (edited)

I need to preface this with the fact that I love Kylie Rae, I hope she's doing better than she was last year, and obviously mental health is nothing to sneeze at - but it's wild how she's gotten out of two contracts with companies to sign or just wrestle elsewhere. AEW contract to the indies, Impact contract to NWA.

I don't know how the new NWA stuff is set-up, presentation wise (is it still in a studio? do they have fans right now?), but Kylie Rae in a studio wrestling setting just feels right.

EDIT: "gotten out of two contracts" probably isn't the right phrase to use, but I can't think of any other way to say it. No disrespect meant for her or the situation either, obviously.

Edited by Casey
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1 hour ago, Casey said:

I don't know how the new NWA stuff is set-up, presentation wise (is it still in a studio? do they have fans right now?), but Kylie Rae in a studio wrestling setting just feels right.

Yes, same studio setup. This PPV was the first event to allow limited fans back in

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Posted (edited)

So does Kamille winning the belt mean that Serena Deeb is going to AEW full time or are will Kamille be able to showcase her skills in AEW as the NWA Women's Title holder and Serena Deeb will still have the liberty of taking bookings in both federations?

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Kamille vs Serena Deeb was very much a young Lex Luger match. I honestly didn't expect Kamille to pull out the victory (I bought the PPV on a whim and don't subscribe to the NWA). 

They started the match very well with a slow build with some wearing down spots. Deeb focused heavily on taking the legs out of Kamille with dragon screws. I did think the final third of the match relied too heavily on spots / impact moves... I would have liked to have seen better pacing at the finish, but that's just wrestling these days to go 100 mph at the end.

The Lucha Rules 4-Way Tag was honestly too many people to keep up with. It also did me no favors that the only one I recognized was Bestia 666... The luchadors carried the match and deservedly won... The Thor looking dude from the Road Warrior knockoffs is out there huffing paint and thinking it makes him look menacing... I really didn't know what to make of that other than it was pretty damn minor league.

Tyrus vs Pope was hard to get through.. and it was because of Tyrus. It actually irritates me seeing how he doesn't care about his health to be out there in his condition. Pope I hadn't seen since pre-covid and he had that really intriguing angle going with Eddie Kingston... So I wasn't sure what to make of his Babyface work... And he was a manager the last time I saw him so him being in the ring also takes some adjustment.

Taryn Terrell is money. I thought she was brilliant character wise. Thunder Rosa, Melina, and Kylie Rae worked their asses off and it was the second best match of the night behind the NWA Women's Championship. Kylie playing heel is really cute.

The Three Way Dance for the NWA Tag Team Championship also suffered I felt from just too many players. I'm realizing that for me- the small studio setting is too small for any more than 4 people in the ring. Really good work by all involved though... But this match does expose how there's a lot of the same type of wrestlers in the NWA. 

Trevor Murdoch vs Nick Aldis for the NWA World Championship was a solid match. Good backstory with the two being trained by Harley. Quite a solid and interesting match leading up to the finish- which was straight out of Dusty Rhodes playbook of "I don't need a finish baby!". The visibly upset Murdoch post match interview had him swearing... Which I thought was jarring considering I see NWA as a family friendly program in how it's presented. 

For a PPV I'd expect a better ending... The show just kind of ended with a thud. 

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