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  1. Mexican fans gonna do the Puto until FIFA kicks them out of big competitions. Which given the cash cow they are for CONCACAF, we’ll see. This time, Cruz Azul vs Monterrey ConcaChampions semifinals Thursday night was the site.
  2. CFL matchups for this week: Friday: Calgary @ Hamilton Toronto @ Saskachewan Saturday: BC @ Montreal Winnipeg @ Edmonton Tiebreakers: 1. Total sacks for both Friday games 2. Montreal passing yards
  3. More Creed Brothers, please! This is so my jam and what has been missing in wrestling for a very long time.
  4. Bayern doing Bayern things in Camp Nou.
  5. The opening segment ruled. Getting Trae Young to troll Knicks fans was amazing. For as much as WWE has been trotting out Logan Paul, more Trae Young please. Pat McAfee back on commentary, thank you.
  6. Toronto Winnipeg Edmonton Ottawa 210 47
  7. Friday: Hamilton @ Toronto Saturday: Saskatchewan @ Winnipeg Calgary @ Edmonton Sunday: Ottawa @ BC Tiebreakers: 1. Toronto passing yards 2. BC rushing yards
  8. After a shit first half in Honduras, USMNT get the job done with a 1-4 road result. From the highlights, Ricardo Pepi looked like MOTM. A little pressure off Gregg Berhalter.
  9. Wrestling needs less Young Bucks and more Creed Bros. This squash would not feel out of place in a Rob Naylor WIMPY comp.
  10. Montreal Winnipeg Hamilton Edmonton 1. 64 2. 49
  11. Full slate this week! Friday: Montreal @ Ottawa Sunday: Winnipeg @ Saskatchewan Monday: Toronto @ Hamilton Edmonton @ Calgary Tiebreakers: 1. Total points scored in both Labour Day games 2. Saskatchewan total rushing yards
  12. I wonder if any Fulham fans will show up to hijack that show or voice displeasure with the Khans’ ownership.
  13. Buenos Aires would probably serve the same purpose. The Argentinian barras bravas do not fucking play.
  14. The Arsenal All or Nothing Netflix show is going to be amazing!
  15. Lee Judges on the AFTV post match said that Mickey Mouse would be a better manager than Mikel Arteta. Less than 18% possession vs Man City. Xhaka being sent off made this too easy. And arguably Man City should have scored more.
  16. So are the Scrub Cubs. They score 6 runs in the top of the first vs the White Sox, then give up 13 unanswered runs. 1 in the 1st, 8 in the 3rd, 4 in the 5th. God this team is fucking awful.
  17. He could pull a Kobe and LeBron. Kobe wore 8 and 24. LeBron has worn 6 and 23. Both guys sold a shit load of jerseys with both numbers.
  18. And North Dakota State would probably be the favorite in most matchups vs what’s left of the big xii. Fuck it, let’s have promotion and relegation in college football to Robert Cl’s point.
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