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    EURO 2020

    You’re not wrong about Messi. The other reason Ronaldo has the Penaldo reputation is that there are lots of instances of blatant dives. Google Cristiano Ronaldo dives and you have como videos of dives from 2010. The best comparison to Ronaldo is in many ways LeBron James. Won with multiple teams and no doubt is talented but his demeanor is going to rub some people the wrong way.
  2. cubbymark

    EURO 2020

    People have been calling him Penaldo since his Manchester United days, but it really grew in prevalence during his Real Madrid stint. Edit: TransferMarkt has Ronaldo having scored 137 times from the penalty spot. That seems like an awful high percentage of total goals from the spot. https://www.transfermarkt.us/cristiano-ronaldo/elfmetertore/spieler/8198
  3. cubbymark

    EURO 2020

    Poor Hungary. Run out of gas and give up a rebound goal, then Penaldo puts the game out of reach with a rather soft penalty with what the ref was allowing all game.
  4. cubbymark

    EURO 2020

    Schick goal with Spanish commentary:
  5. Hell froze over now that Ian Rotten and Jim Cornette agree on something. As for the Jack Evans/Cornette spat, Jack’s lucky no one has pointed out how he used to be running buddies with Teddy Hart once upon a time.
  6. cubbymark

    EURO 2020

    Univision/TUDN will carry the games in Spanish in the US, for those of you inclined.
  7. I would like to talk to you about some of the things you do on your show. Interesting storyline development episode. I don't know that the NWA roster is deep enough to do an all women's PPV. But maybe Serena Deeb ends up sticking around here longer? Tim Storm saved Joe Galli's life from Nick Aldis. Joe Galli is turning into Kermit the Frog with the righteous indignation. I am cool with The End vs AAA tag team feuding. Austin Idol with the insult of the show by telling a fan, "You were born unscheduled."
  8. I was not aware the Pluto chant showed up again, but I’m not surprised.
  9. This game had more fighting than Mayweather/Paul.
  10. I don’t know. As a Bulls fan, it feels like this is as far as Thibodeau can take the Knicks. He’s a good point A to point B coach, but that isn’t enough. And the good players he does get he runs into the ground.
  11. How strange would it be for Liverpool fans to sing, Steve Gerrard, Gerrard. He slipped on his fucking arse. He gave it to Demba Ba. Steve Gerrard, Gerrard!
  12. Kylie Rae? As a heel? Anyway, here’s hoping she sticks around and she has overcome whatever personal issues prevented her from sticking with AEW and Impact.
  13. Blackpool are League One Playoff winners vs Lincoln City. Cruz Azul won their first Liga MX title in 23 years vs Santos tonight. The team that suffered heartbreak after heartbreak, including the infamous Miguel Herrera Super Saiyan celebration in the rain.
  14. You have magic when JomBoy and UrinatingTree break down the same epic Pirates fail. https://youtube.com/watch?v=0r5QeMCslKg https://youtube.com/watch?v=X7cE_J1yclI
  15. Big Sam resigns at West Brom, presumably to attempt to pull a relegation double with Arsenal.
  16. Glad Serena is ready to go so she (hopefully) drops the NWA Women’s strap to Kamille.
  17. Thanks for that. I couldn’t remember which one of the Turner networks got first four games.
  18. There might be one preemption a year. The first four games are usually Tuesday and Wednesday before the start of the NCAA tournament.
  19. I think that the Turner getting NHL rights threw a monkey wrench onto the idea of a second show on Turner proper. We’re still not even sure if Dynamite is staying on Wednesdays. Irrespective of the demo numbers AEW does, Turner didn’t pay the NHL as much money as they did for their demo rankings.
  20. What makes it even funnier is that Gertner runs through the same entrance way that New Jack came out to for the match.
  21. Rest in Peace, New Jack. He was a real one. Keep up the good work in the afterlife, Jack.
  22. Disappointed none of the heels trolled Tony about Fulham with a Burnley shirt. Missed opportunity there. Two, Mid South Tony seems to be blowing all the Fulham money on AEW licensing music instead of their transfer budget. Now he gets Wild Thing for Moxley. With the Fulham parachute payment money, is he going to get Hanson’s MMBop for the Young Bucks? Cody can go away and never come back. Chris Jericho is turning into Chris Davis of the Orioles before our own eyes.
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