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  1. Mexico fans: Eeeeeeeeeehhhhhhhhhh… P***!
  2. I don’t like Arsenal but they made a mistake letting Emiliano Martinez go to Aston Villa after 2019/20. Meanwhile, Swansea don’t have a manager after the club and Steve Cooper split amicably. Cooper did get a lot out of the club last season but it was frustrating as hell to watch last season. His substitutions when he could be bothered to make them were usually shit. It was Andre Ayew or bust on offense, and Ayew wasn’t renewed. The Swans ran out of gas in the second half and it cost them automatic promotion. The playoff final vs Brentford was embarrassing. And there’s talk Matt Grimes could be sold off. A lot of Swansea fans want the American owners out because of lack of investment. But the home and away kits look good this year, huh, huh, huh?
  3. Like Bix doesn’t do the same shit about anything and everything WWE might do that is shades of grey… Hell, Bix narcs out indies who might be exceeding building fire code capacity. /rant
  4. To your point, Illinois fans are still bitter at Bill Self leaving for Kansas. I’m pretty sure some of them would kill for a chance to theoretically beat them twice a year in basketball if they move to the B1G. So for that reason alone, Illinois/Kansas would make for a good basketball rivalry.
  5. Have Colonel Parker reform the Stud Stable and Meng destroy Kenny Omega in 30 seconds with a Tongan death grip to become AEW Champion. Bunkhouse Buck and the ghost of Dirty Dick Slater turn the Young Bucks into Mulkeys.
  6. RIP to the real Mr. Wonderful. I refuse to acknowledge that Shark Tank poser as Mr. Wonderful.
  7. cubbymark

    EURO 2020

    …Lizard, Spock? excuse the Big Bang Theory reference in 2021.
  8. cubbymark

    EURO 2020

    From the banter side of things, LOL Arsenal. But poor Saka and Rashford and Sancho because as Jiji said, the English racist fucks will abuse them instead of Southgate.
  9. Did Black whiff and miss on the Black Mass to Arn or did AEW Production Kevin Dunn that shit to look like Black missed?
  10. cubbymark

    EURO 2020

    Earlier in the Euros, I gave Ronaldo shit for being Penaldo. But you have to be cold blooded in those situations which Ronaldo no doubt is. Kylian Mbappe showed us its much harder than it looks.
  11. cubbymark

    EURO 2020

    You’re not wrong about Messi. The other reason Ronaldo has the Penaldo reputation is that there are lots of instances of blatant dives. Google Cristiano Ronaldo dives and you have como videos of dives from 2010. The best comparison to Ronaldo is in many ways LeBron James. Won with multiple teams and no doubt is talented but his demeanor is going to rub some people the wrong way.
  12. cubbymark

    EURO 2020

    People have been calling him Penaldo since his Manchester United days, but it really grew in prevalence during his Real Madrid stint. Edit: TransferMarkt has Ronaldo having scored 137 times from the penalty spot. That seems like an awful high percentage of total goals from the spot. https://www.transfermarkt.us/cristiano-ronaldo/elfmetertore/spieler/8198
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