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  1. As a Swansea fan, I’m glad we aren’t getting Bournemouth or Brentford in the playoff semi-finals. I just don’t know if the Swans have enough legs to survive three more games.
  2. Troopz kicked that bucket better than Arsenal kicked a ball. This is where AFTV and their offshoots really shine. You thought the 10-2 batterings vs Bayern were bad? They haven’t seen nothing yet.
  3. This loss even broke Ty, the most optimistic/delusional one of them all. It can’t be much longer until Don Robbie starts a video by saying, “Disappointing result at Millwall...”
  4. No European football for Arsenal next year. Unai Emery’s revenge. Good ebening.
  5. Chris Arreola cutting a wrestling promo on shitty judges tonight:
  6. The number I saw was 9,300 traditional PPV buys. That’s still real low for a company that has been around since 2002.
  7. As a Bears fan, I am glad they didn’t draft Mac Jones. However, they most certainly overpaid for Justin Fields. Roger’s promos for mental health and fighting hunger felt so insincere.
  8. Gary Bettman vs AEW Stans was the feud I never knew I wanted.
  9. Yahoo Sports Canada is reporting TNT. Oh yes, the irony is rich and real. https://www.google.com/amp/s/sports.yahoo.com/amphtml/tnt-to-buy-nhl-national-broadcasting-rights-195902718.html
  10. There is probably a good Midnights/Road Warriors match out there.
  11. The AAF lasted longer than this Super League. Curious what other ramifications will come of it.
  12. The German model gives supporters more overall control of their clubs, even though Red Bull Leipzig has been controversial there. It's interesting Bayern Munich and Borussia Dortmund weren't part of this thing.
  13. Patriot stans are Twitter are trying to talk up Edelman for the HOF. He’s not even the best slot WR to play for the Patriots in the Belichick era. Wes Welker says hello.
  14. After hearing all the Peacock horror stories, I decided to use a VPN on my phone and watch Mania on the WWE Network. It was a much better experience and getting to skip around at will makes it so much easier to watch.
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