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  1. I haven't followed WWE in years... but I would have bet money that a New Day vs Bloodline 6+ month feud would have been gangbusters business wise.
  2. The GOAT of unfulfilled potential is my man, my #1 favorite wrestler of all time (but not in my GOAT list because he didnt really do anything)... Barry Windham.
  3. Bret Hart Bryan Danielson Curt Hennig Ricky Steamboat Shinjiro Ohtani Toshiaki Kawada Kenta Kobashi Nick Bockwinkle Steven/William Regal Terry Funk
  4. Man, Soul Train vs Misawa wpuld have been epic.
  5. Eddie has to go over in one of his feuds. I can see Punk being that guy.
  6. Britt might get pregnant just sitting next to Tony.
  7. What about the rest of The Freebabes(?)?
  8. Would you ever go into contract negotiations potentially worth 6-7 figures without an agent?
  9. Nobody is forcing them to sign these contracts. They have the option, and at this point everyone knows the risks. If your contract is prematurely terminated by the WWE there shouldnt be a Non Compete Clause. If the employee wishes to exit the deal prematurely then a Non Compete Clause should exist (until the practice is finally made illegal in all 50 states). If there is a mutual agreement termination that should also nullify any non Compete. If either party wishes to exit early there should be an early termination fee based on a % for the remainder of the contract. This isn't rocket science. The WWE isn't being carny. This isnt blaming talent nor is it blaming the WWE. This is more pointing out that anyone who wants to do business with the WWE (or any corp) needs to protect themselves. The only people smart enough to do so are the ones on top. I dont think they will ever bring in an AJ Styles again. The future of the WWE is in homegrown cookie cutter failed football player and gym rats. Kids who won't know any better or just don't care about that at this stage in their lives/careers.
  10. Im more surprised the contracts dont have buyout clauses. I dont out any blame on the WWE. Business is business. The independent contracters know the risks, and if they were smart they would include a buyout clause.
  11. Im still waiting for Charlotte to be good and not just a legacy.
  12. The inanimate carbon rod is my favorite and most often used Simpsons reference.
  13. Well if they never cancelled Silk Stalkings and Monk they wouldnt be in this mess!
  14. Pro Wrestling Shamrock was just always a little weird to me. He totally changed his physique for wrestling and I felt he lost a little bit of his edge. I also always wanted to see him do more hooking than the boring paint by the numbers pro wrestling match.
  15. I really want to see Danhausen in AEW as a manager scolding everyone for swearing.
  16. Mox & The King being a MVC 2021 would be very intriguing.
  17. I really like that idea of Comoroto & Nese.
  18. Well... she isnt blonde, is over 30, and wouldnt get any surgery.
  19. If Orton ever ends up in AEW I want him in a tag team with Kazarian.
  20. Dude i dont even rate Garcia or Jungle Boy on the same level as The Natural. 50 years old or not, Dustin Rhodes is still great... and better than Cody and the other 50 year old in AEW - Jericho.
  21. She had to have been a plant. Nobody bought a white Monday Nitro shirt.
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