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  1. I got $100 that Jericho wins with an Eddy frog splash.
  2. This is the exact booking I was hoping for. I was hoping to have Silver or 10 be the overall winner after Hangman gets eliminated. That would have elevated The Dark Order as a more threatening unit + solidified how strong the love is The Daro Order has for Hangman.
  3. I thinky favorite moment of the show was just seeing King Haku. I have so much love for that man. The Varsity Blondes is a great trip and I hope they'll be around each other for years to come. Griff & Pillman being Julia's cheerleaders is such a good moment. Jericho/Gage was ok... It was pretty tame... And it just kind of ended out of nowhere. The chair shots & gig jobs taken during the Attitude era were far sicker than anything involving halogen light fixtures. It's a cool visual, I'll give you that.
  4. It's more a sign of how vanilla they are. Their heroes are The Anderson's, Tully, and The Hart's... and they come up with gimmick names that would make Kevin Nash explode in laughter.
  5. I'd love to have seen King Haku rip out Nick Gage's eyeball.
  6. Billy Gold would have been The Gambler's greatest opponent AND greatest tag team partner.
  7. Goldberg at his peak believed his own hype and became paranoid about his spot. Granted that was due to being a green as can be rookie and having Hall & Nash in your ear filling your mind full of nonsense for their own amusement. I never would figure out why everyone thought he was an Austin clone. Black tights and a shaved head doesn't mean a thing. The dude was always Nikita Koloff for a new generation.
  8. One thing about Vince- you never saw anyone turn out like Goldberg under his watch.
  9. I love the Team Challenge theme... Aaron & Taryn are adorable as a couple.
  10. I watched the Homecoming preview on Fite... That commentary made me not want to purchase the rest of the show. Zero professionalism.
  11. It's so weird to not see a ridiculously LED blazing stage and ramp... what's up with that?
  12. totally thought ROH era CM Punk was Steve Corino for a second.
  13. It's going to be a low rent Larry Flynt without any boobies
  14. When did Danhausen start a rock n roll band?
  15. That's not that bad. It's not like he ripped open his bicep and used super glue mid match or anything.
  16. I was thinking the same. I think it would be a good way for Jericho to get past Gage if Cardona ran a distraction.
  17. Dude that is how to NOT be a heel.
  18. The GCW Universe finally has a marketable champion?
  19. ... A frenchman doing a karate/judo chop will always elicit Pink Panther memories with me.
  20. Re: Punk I believe he's said I'm the past that he would only come back if there was something incredibly interesting. I don't see him working with guys he worked with in the WWE... But a program with Darby? That would be intriguing as hell if I were Punk.
  21. Statlander is a future World Champion. You've also not listed Shida and Deeb.
  22. I just hope she's allowed to work elsewhere. I like seeing her in the NWA.. plus she is involved in her own women's promotion. Rosa and Deeb are magic together.
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