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  2. Technically this doesn’t belong here because this isn’t how you cut a typical promo but I think it’s safe to just put anything here that qualifies as great which this is, especially anything that people might not have seen before. https://youtu.be/RLannrVWHao
  3. I wonder how many people actually used the Iron Burden.
  4. I do truly love Wrestlefest, but it isn't even my favorite arcade wrestler. That honor belongs to Konami's "The Main Event". Although I suspect its placement on my all-time list stems from the fact that it came out first, plus the Main Event machine in my neighborhood was in a laundromat next to the best taqueria in the neighborhood, so chances were high I was eating hella fat plus fucking fools up with El Condor & The Maui Mauler.
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  6. I was planning on some TV stuff on that list.
  7. Without offering an opinion on the Anderson situation, I'll just say that I'm surprised Stroman is pushing this "you can't suspend someone for language" horseshit. Is the implication that he thought it was fine when Pillar was throwing around homophobic slurs a couple years ago? Or did he forget? Probably the former. "Normal slang trash talk" is a likely pretty wide net. Also, Marcus Stroman not believing in "beef" is a lark. What's next? The sky is green? Of course I've been done with Stroman since he cropped his dog's ears, so I'm a little biased and have an ax to grind.
  8. Speaking of bonus reviews, if anyone is thinking about it but doesn't want to tackle two features, there is plenty of TV stuff to go through. Just off the top of my head: Daredevil, Iron Fist, Green Hornet, Kung Fu, Martial Law, Ultraman, Jackie Chan Adventures, Hong Kong Phooey, Power Rangers, Sidekicks, etc etc. Also plenty of other shows that had martial arts themed episodes. CHiPs, Happy Days, Fantasy Island. and on and on.
  9. Thought of you when I was at the WrestleCon Supershow and saw someone in a Coventry kit.
  10. Oh Naked Killer, an awful movie I have fond memories of seeing at the Film Forum James
  11. Beauty Evil Rose? Naked Killer? Don't Give a Damn?
  12. @Stefanie the Human has sent me down a Youtube hole. I rarely go in for fast food, but Corny is getting my cravings going. I'm liable to be super disappointed in about an hour's time.
  13. If your spouse works for the same company, where's the harm of a couple being able to be together on the road? If that's not the case, then yeah, you're going to be away from your spouse. We all understand the nature of the job.
  14. Well first off you have to note he’s not beating Pettersson, and generally speaking he’s probably not beating Binnington either. Those are gonna be 1-2 on most ballots. Then it just becomes “Can you buy someone saying Taichung, Svechnikov, or Heiskanen was better then Dahlin this year” I personally say no. But I don’t think it’s absurd to think some people could think so. All 3 though...
  15. In the comics, SHIELD's acronym has changed at least once, prob more, since it was created in the Silver Age. And if you factor in all the stuff Hickman did, probably a lot more now.
  16. Iron Banner with Double Valor will be next week Bungie has already announced that there will be one more IB after this one this season. They have already announced they will not be bringing back Iron Burden for Season 7
  17. Some sheets suggested that someone in creative didn't believe Rusev "deserved" Lana and some other things people posted here I don't know how much truth if any was behind those reports.
  18. I like the A.I. aspect also. I'm in on the Child's Play reboot.
  19. They wanted to break up the act, not the couple.
  20. You think that's aged poorly? How about Coulson's "Strategic Homeland Intervention, Enforcement and Logistics Division" bit from the first Iron Man? Fury was calling it Shield all throughout Captain Marvel and I'm sure people who watched the Peggy Carter show can be put me on to other such moments. Good read on Age of Ultron. Even if jokey, toothy Ultron isn't for you and it is a bit of a mess, it's nice to see the movie recognized for some of the better beats Joss got in there. Rewatched Thor: The Dark World. Super bland. The Loki stuff was really good (especially the beat with him and Frigga), but only about 15 minutes of the movie tops. So... whatever. Guardians Vol. 2 is a really strong installment. Thematically strong movie about difficult families that fleshes out the MCU's Nebula and her relationship with Gamora, and has some good Rocket-Quill and Rocket-Yondu dynamics. GotG needle drops are still fun, if a bit easy. There's plenty of colour in the movie. Baby Groot is a hit. And Kurt Russell is in the movie, which is never a bad thing. But GotG Vol. 2 also has some of the most laboured humour in the MCU. There's a lot of good laughs here. There's also a lot of swings and misses. Rocket and Drax spend far too much time laughing uproariously, to the point where I feel like I'm being bullied into finding something amusing. Taserface was rough, no way around it. Dragged so badly you'd think you were watching Peter Griffin selling his knee.
  21. I love that WWE is supposed to give a shit about keeping married couples together when the nature of the job is keeping people on the road, usually away from their spouse.
  22. Discussion: When bad refereeing happens, what's worse: 1) ticky tack bullshit fouls against one team but not the other, or 2) swallowing whistles on obvious fouls on one team but not the other? Obviously, the worst is when it's ticky tack bullshit fouls against one team, and the other team doesn't get anything called against them. I think when they're not calling obvious fouls the game can get dangerous. For example, player drives down the lane for a layup, gets bodied out of bounds. no call. Next time down, hit him harder, they ain't gonna call it. It can escalate. And it can be demoralizing and throw off your rhythm if you're getting bumped every time you take a shot.
  23. There was a lot out there that pointed to them wanting to break up Rusev and Lana.
  24. If you mean Roberts might strangle prostitutes and/or runaways "working" to support drug addictions, then yes.
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