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  2. The thing is, Gene Munny is basically a comedy wrestler. Hence the nickname of Sexual Gammon (nb: 'Gammon' is not only a type of salted pork, but it's also a pejorative term for a red-faced middle aged bigoted racist Brexiteer type in the UK), and the ridiculously high-waisted trunks. This is one of his few serious matches.
  3. I don’t think I ever noticed until this rewatch just how close Tanaka’s head would have been to the legs on the railing. I’d always focused on the idea that his head was probably beyond the mats when he took the bump, but man...that leg is jutting out just inches away.
  4. I like these. It's nice to know I'm not the only one who does this kind of thing though my medium is B-movies.
  5. 100% the exact bump I was thinking of when I posted that
  6. Today
  7. Michel Piccoli died earlier this month, and I didn’t even notice. He was in CONTEMPT, BELLE DE JOUR, and roughly a million other things.
  8. I've been thinking about that too. Of course it's largely arbitrary and made up bullshit, but generally speaking wrestlers who were trained and came up through the Showa era like the 4 pillars were probably the first to blend the two eras effectively. NJPW's psychology for the Musketeers era was very similar to that of the Showa period, more so than the pillars. It was more of a fight feel with random violence and big signature moves compared to the layered storytelling of Kawada vs. Misawa, whom had more long term storytelling and wove grand narratives that were poetic in many ways. Plus, Oudou was more traditionally the slower mat-based approach up until Choshu came in and changed all of that in '85. Kensuke debuted in '86 and look at the difference between how he presented himself contrasted with how somebody like Kojima or Tenzan presented themselves. On the women's side, Hokuto strikes me as somebody who blended the two eras together effectively as well. She had the violence and fight feel but was an artist in her selling and storytelling. Some of her matches are something out of a tableau or painting (particularly the ending of that match from GAEA vs. Satomura where she couldn't beat the 10 count and was splayed out on the ropes like a corpse). Bull obviously learned from Matsumoto and was very much like that too. Aja is another one who focused on violence ahead of beauty. Toyota, conversely, to me has none of the Showa attributes and is pure Heisei, focusing on clean technique over violence. Sure, some of her matches had an awful lot of drama (the Yamada hair match for instance) but a lot of it was just kinda impressive moves strung together. Look at somebody like Liger and he went from the blood feud with Sano in the first year of the Heisei era to matches more built around incredible moves with a bit of story built in. Pissed off Liger would rear its head from time to time but it was a rarity. The NJPW class of '91 don't strike me as Showa wrestlers even though, they like Ishii, were trained by Showa wrestlers they didn't have the vitriol of their predecessors. Suzuki basically left wrestling to pursue violence as a sport and returned as a man out of his time. There were definitely the odd throwbacks like Takayama too. Look at the toll that violence took on those people who stuck with the Showa way though: Hokuto, Takayama, Misawa, Hashimoto, Bull... Lots of beaten bodies to varying degrees but they all paid a steep price. Wrestling isn't safe regardless of the style but the hard hitting nature of that old school style was brutal.
  9. Only if they’re determined to kill the call up dead. Don’t get me wrong I’m a fan of his, but I can’t see Brock giving him any offense at all. Now if it had been Keith Lee I would’ve felt more confident in that prediction you made.
  10. Was certainly a factor in the Newcastle/Penrith game yesterday. Once the Knights started getting repeat sets largely from that rule (and I think one slightly charitable penalty), changed the game entirely. Watching golden point though when I had money on the Knights, and it's two retards trying to fuck a doorknob with field goals........yeesh.
  11. Nah, I caught one without bait. It was like the 2nd or 3rd fish I caught after I got a ladder and I accidentally sold it and haven't seen another one since. Womp womp.
  12. Some people said that the Golden Trout won’t spawn without bait so getting that makes it extra tedious
  13. Can I ask how you define Showa and Heisei wrestling? It sounds like 80s wrestling vs. 2010s wrestling, but within the Showa and Heisei eras there was wrestling that bore little resemblance to one another. When did the Showa era influence end and the Heisei era begin to define itself? Is 90s wrestling a holdover from the Showa era or the beginning of the Heisei era? I am overthinking this, but I'm curious.
  14. She blocked me on Twitter a while back because I pointed out that her views about how NFL players shouldn't kneel during the national anthem were borderline authoritarian. Or it might have been because I told the guy who was white-knighting for her that she wasn't going to fuck him. It's hard to say.
  15. I am weird but I am not a masochist. I'm not getting that vibe. Dude sounds like he just wants to go stack his paper and spend it. It's not really my business how he can afford to buy plane tickets to Orlando, but I do believe it's important to remember why we aren't all able to just go and hang out at a mall since there is a virus out there killing people dead. There are also cops out there killing people dead.
  16. Just those two. Two's company, anything more turns into a subreddit.
  17. Christo, the conceptual artist known for creating monumental, colorful installations around the world with his late spouse Jeanne-Claude, has died. He made the world a little weirder and more colorful and I appreciate that. Surrounded Islands has always been a personal favorite of mine:
  18. Golden Trout is pain on my island, as my clifftops are not spawning fish and ive have no luck on mystery islands today either. i did finally get a pond skater at least.
  19. Avery Brooks, Jennifer Lien and ...?
  20. Ah, my excuse to post my favorite random Superstars match from the 90s...1-2-3 Kid vs. Pat Tanaka. I'm almost positive this is the first time in WWF that someone took a sunset-flip-powerbomb to the floor.
  21. After seein these recent photos all I want now is The Revival/The Revolt/FTR whatever they are called Vs 90's era Steiner Brothers would be all kinds of awesome.
  22. Ground Zeroes and Phantom Pain are like $8 combined on the PS store, so I think I’m about to add two more games to my collection that I’ll never possibly have time to play.
  23. That it should. I still have one VHS Tape that has 6 MLW underground episodes on it. I'm pretty sure Kojima vs. Lynn is on it and Togo/Hidaka's tag match is as well.
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