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MLB 2022 - 2nd Half

Dolfan in NYC

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20 minutes ago, RIPPA said:

I mean it’s not really new info

What I want to know is who has their numbers wrong (14 vs 13 division games, etc)

Either they tweaked the agreement, Stark doesn’t know maths or the above tweet is wrong 

looks like the difference between the schedule and the Stark details is that they reduced the number of divisional games down by 4 (from 14 to 13) and increased the number of intraleague games by 4

The Royals play each AL central team 13 teams and they play 7 games vs the Rays/Blue Jays/Red Sox/Mariners and 6 games vs the other 6 AL East/West teams. Then they play 42 games vs 14 NL teams and 4 vs the Cardinals.

I guess they figured 13 division games split into 4 series was easier to split than 14 games split into 4 series.

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1 hour ago, Raziel said:

I'm curious how "every team plays every team next year" is gonna work out with rain outs.

It's not.

Things are going to be screwy and unbalanced and unfair, just in a different manner than they are now.

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contingency/backup plans are "redundant" and thus an unnecessary expense to be eliminated.  Just cross your fingers and hope everything goes as planned, because why wouldn't it? Our research says it will!

[those of you with day jobs will notice this attitude is not limited to the business of professional sports]

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1 hour ago, odessasteps said:

An odd number of divisional games seems dumb, unless it’s done purposefully for a tiebreaker.

they've been doing 19 divisional games for about a decade instead of 18

MLB is sort of in a spot where their scheduling could be a little more logical if they just found two more groups of rich people to get the league to 32

with 32, they'd likely go to four divisions of 4 or 2 divisions of 8 and could do either

14 games vs 3 divisional rivals (42), 6 games vs 12 other league teams (72), 3 games vs the other league (48)


9 games vs 7 divisional rivals (63), 6 games vs 8 other league teams (48), 3 games vs the other league (48), and 3 more games vs an interleague rival (3)

The latter being a bit of a scheduling hassle if the split is 5/4

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Well they are definitely going to 32 teams - and almost assuredly before the decade is up (there is no way Oakland and Tampa will still be twisting in the wind by 2030)

Splitting into 8 divisions of 4 (basically the NFL model) is really hard just because of breaking up a lot of traditional rivals. It would require radical realignment which is virtually impossible due to ownership

It would more likely be 4 divisions of 8 - 2 in each league 

For example - one easy version (obviously guessing at the two expansions)


White Sox

Vegas (new home of As)
Expansion (Portland or another Texas Team)

Montreal (expansion)

San Fran 

Every time I do this experiment - the NL Central breakup is the hardest because you know one team that is no longer paired with the Cubs is gonna be pissed. I usually assume that team is Cincy and technically you could flip Cincy and Milwaukee but that is really stupid geographically

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7 hours ago, Death From Above said:

I thought I read an article not that long back that Nashville is definitely on the MLB radar for expansion. TAKE THAT TO THE BANK

Oh they are

There is a quasi ranking in MLB preference (as in cities they really want but some might not be feasible)

It was something like

  • Vegas
  • Montreal
  • Nashville
  • Charlotte
  • Portland
  • Another team in Texas (I wanna say Austin but I am old and forgetful)

Nashville might be ahead of Charlotte because the Braves and Nats have both already bitched about how a team in Charlotte would be infringing on their territory (mind you Atlanta tries to claim everything North of Florida, South of VA and pretty much West until Texas)

Technically Mexico City is on the wish list but that is a way bigger headache than returning to Montreal

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a 'fun' reflection of what the radio universe looked like 80 years ago is that 4 of the 5 expansion wishlist cities in Phil's post have clear channel radio stations

Montreal has 3 (one sports radio, one which is floundering, and one which broadcasts traffic information)

Nashville has 2 (one talk radio and one of two clear channels in the US/Canada that mainly broadcast music, WSM)

Charlotte and Portland have talk radio stations (Charlotte's WBT is a Tar Heels station and Portland's KEX used to be a Trail Blazers station)

So the one not on the list is Las Vegas, which was a lot smaller back when they were giving out super-powered radio licenses.

I suspect expansion plus the impending Angels sale would only bring more boring hedgefund bros into MLB team ownership at the expense of totally delusional rich guys. It would be more 'fun' if some dude lacking basic sense put an MLB expansion team in New Orleans (nevermind that New Orleans lost AAA ball a few years ago) until the whole thing imploded in a few years.

As for the 6th location, I guess the Austin area would be ranked ahead of San Antonio. After all, Round Rock is in AAA and San Antonio got booted out of AAA after one actual season (2019) to return to AA when MLB exploited COVID to reorganize the minors

Not sure if it helps San Antonio baseball any that the stadium they want to move out of is named after Bexar County's executive (the county judge). Maybe he's on board and I didn't do basic research. Maybe they'd need to put his name on a new stadium to get the ball rolling.

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1 hour ago, RIPPA said:


I feel like it would be wise to wait until the middle of next season to do this. Lots rookies have just the one good year though Rodriguez certainly looks like the real deal. 

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22 minutes ago, odessasteps said:

Mets retire numbe of guy who played 135 games for them. 


  Reveal hidden contents


When I was 6, the Tidewater Tides were the AAA affiliate to the Mets and the Mets were playing the Tides and Willie Mays was playing.  My older brother and older cousin got to go.  I didn't.  I am still pissed off.  I am 56.

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48 minutes ago, odessasteps said:

Mets retire numbe of guy who played 135 games for them. 


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I get that Willie is in the conversation for greatest ever but he should not have his number retired by the Mets. 

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2 hours ago, odessasteps said:

The Story is  Joan Payson promised it to him 50 years ago, so Steve Cohen is "righting a long ago wrong." 

He was literally her favorite player of all time (remember she owned a piece of the Giants and was the only part owner to vote against moving) so I'd bet anything the story is true.

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4 hours ago, odessasteps said:

My favorite might still be the orioles outfielder who got sunburnt in a tanning bed

Marty Cordova

The best part was the Os moved him to DH so he "didn't have to stand in the sun"

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