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July 2022 Wrestling Pics and GIFS.

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For those asking about that Continental reunion photo, Ron ID them:

 Back row from left to right. Ron Fuller, Jimmy Golden, Robert Fuller, Brian (Road Dog) Armstrong, and Lord Humongous.

Front row. left to right. Tony Atlas, Charlie Platt, Dr. Ton Prichard (bent over), Frankie Lancaster, Roy Lee Welch, Wendell Cooley and Jerry Stubbs

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Guest Stefanie Without Stefanie
1 hour ago, Log said:

I know that’s Mutoh in the background, but I can’t make out who that is in the foreground. Any help?

It kinda sorta looks like Brad Rheingans?

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It's Brad Rheingans (Brad Reagans or the Demon God in Japan) Muto defeated him in a short match. 1990 6, 30.

In Japan for NJPW Brad served as a coach for young athletes and did booking work for Americans for NJPW, he brought in Norton and other western wrestlers. He help trained Norton.

Brad Rheingans had his own dojos (one in Minneapolis and one in Japan) and he trained LPWA women.

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