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Should have probably started doing this a couple of years ago - oh well.

Anyway - this is random and most folks won't care but some of you might fall in that tiny Venn Diagram piece that is folks with kids and SiriusXm subscribers

Disney has shut down the Radio Disney and Radio Disney Country channels.

Radio Disney is still one of my presets from when my son used to listen so as I was flipping around yesterday I stumbled across the pre-recorded message that the station was gone. (Apparently the folks who didn't lose their jobs from the stations are all being moved to the TV side to focus on creating content for Disney+)

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KLF exist. KLF have appropriated the work done between the 1st of January 1987 and 31st of December 1991 by The Justified Ancients of Mu Mu, The Timelords The KLF This appropriation was in order to tell a story in five chapters using the medium of streaming. The name of the story is SAMPLECITY THRU TRANCENTRAL. The five chapters are: 1. Kick Out The JAMs, 2. Pure Trance Series, 3. Come Down Dawn, 4. Moody Boys Selection 5. Solid State Logik (Parts 1 &2). If you need to know more about the work done by The Justified Ancients of Mu Mu, The Timelords or The KLF, you can find truths, rumours and half-truths scattered across the internet. From these truths, rumours and half-truths, you can form your own opinions. The actual facts were washed down a storm drain in Brixton some time in the late 20th century. Further information can be found on a poster, fly posted under a railway bridge on the Kingsland Road in London on the 31st of December 2020.


Outside 'the obvious' it will be interesting to see what else they put out there. Come Down Dawn is probably 'Chill Out', which I loved turning heads with way back when (and is on YouTube illicitly anyway). But we will see.

We deserved a better class of art criminal, and the KLF gave it to us......

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I cant believe how long it's been since I listened to Ray Charles' Modern Sounds in Country and Western Music. I'm floored by every track. One of the landmark achievements of American music. And a masterful curation of the country music songbook as it stood in 1962.

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I’m really bummed SOPHIE died. She was fantastic and was really a driving force in weird glitchy pop songs that made you question whether it was actual music while simultaneously getting stuck in your head forever. Also a fantastic producer —> see the Vince Staples track

Rest in Peace.




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So Morgen Wallen stepped in it... again

This time he was caught drunkenly coming home from a bar yelling profanities and using racial slurs (which is not the first time he has been caught doing that too)

He was suspended by his record label and has been removed from pretty much all radio playlists

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From the I really did not see that one coming-files, this week I learned that Men Without Hats (of The Safety Dance-fame) actually made an album in 2012. The fact that I learned this nearly a decade after the fact wasn't so surprising, but the fact that the material was unquestionably geared towards the German synth, electro, goth, retro - scene was the real shocker. More electronic Sisters of Mercy kind of a deal. Been listening to it a whole bunch this week!

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Because of the Boney M in the other thread. This song IS the aural embodiment of cocaine. 

EDIT: Shit, the radio edit might be even better because of the one singer doing her best orgasm imitation. Plus Bobby Farrell takes off his shirt to go full Tommy Davidson even if the dancing isn't as wild. And then there's this, with him wearing the incredible Hammer pants. 


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