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2019-20 NBA: 2nd Half

Dolfan in NYC

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5 hours ago, Brian Fowler said:

It's hard to tell right now how much the Bucks and Lakers should be concerned, verses how much of it is "we've clinched the first seed and it's hard to get up for games that don't matter now"

if the Clippers game didn't happen I'd be concerned. Otherwise, happy to downplay it as experimenting with a few things. 

Memphis looking shitty helps too.


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On 8/8/2020 at 9:25 AM, Lawful Metal said:

Blatant tampering by Draymond.  It's not as if he doesn't have experience doing shit like this. 

If the NBA had any balls, Draymond would be suspended and the Warriors would be docked draft picks. 

The NBA has just fined Draymond $50k for this.

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4 hours ago, Jiji said:

Is he wrong though?

Pre-bubble, clearly not.

Based on the bubble? Dead wrong.

More seriously, I think Phoenix is looking like they have a real bright future right now, with Booker being a top player, Ayton really starting to come around on both ends, and a decent core around them. Of course, they're stuck playing in the brutal west, which might make it hard to ever take that next step.

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Austin Rivers goes for 41.  Holy shit.  I have no idea on this, but the Rockets this season have had 4 players that have scored 40 or more in a game (Rivers, Gordon, Westbrook & Harden, of course).  Any other team do this in one season?  I'm sure Golden State had three with Steph, Klay and KD.  Rockets might be the second best West team in the bubble (behind PHX of course).

Theoretically, if Rockets win out and Clips lose out, Rockets can take over the 2 spot and Clips fall to 4.  Wouldn't that be wild?

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On 8/9/2020 at 1:28 AM, Lawful Metal said:

TJ Warren is already a legend. what’s the over under for combined points for Harden and Warren when Rockets and Pacers play? 75? 80? I’ll take the over

Nevermind.  Take the under. Harden is out versus Pacers. 

It'lll be especially hard to play TJ Warren without their best defensive guard, too:


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12 hours ago, Kuetsar said:

They should have added a zero. . . .

Honestly, it's make more sense to go that far if they just change the tampering rule to "The fine isn't paid to the NBA- the money is taken off the team's cap room and added to the salary cap of the team who's player is being tampered with."

Do that, and I think you'll see the tampering go lower, quicker.

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Nobody is "out to get" Harden anyway.  I have no issues with @Lawful Metal but I don't see this conspiracy shit that he's on.  Harden is a 1st Team All-NBA player, he's not mysteriously being left off all-NBA teams... he also won an MVP award..   he also received credit for nearly taking out the Warriors in the playoffs.  

But the other side of it is that many people don't enjoy his game,  many people think the Rockets taking so many 3's (of the NBA in general) is not the brand of basketball they enjoy watching.. or the constant trips to the free throw line..  or the constant flopping...  

This isn't an issue that is all Harden..   it's a lot of what some people think is wrong with the NBA.   

For the record,  none of these things bother me too much.  I still think the NBA is a lot of fun to watch most of the time including Rockets games.  

Also,  Harden doesn't have a great playoff record so what is there really to say about that,  the Rockets need to win more and then that would all go away.

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More from that Wojo report


As the NBA prepares for the arrival of team guests into the bubble for the start of the conference semifinals this month, the league is requiring players provide proof of "long-standing relationships" with non-family members, according to a memo obtained by ESPN.

The NBA and National Basketball Players Association negotiated terms that preclude players from hosting guests who'd be deemed as wholly casual in nature, including "known by the player only through social media or an intermediary," according to the memo.

Those without "an established pre-existing, personal and known relationship" won't be allowed into the bubble, where each second-round playoff team has been allocated 17 hotel rooms for guests. The earliest guests could clear the quarantine process and join players: Aug. 31, per the memo.

As one team general manager told ESPN, the issue of casual acquaintances "could create problems within your team -- and maybe someone's else's too," and has been a significant topic of discussion among organizations hopeful to minimize internal drama as the playoffs unfold.

So far, the NBA has been thrilled with how it has been able to maintain a campus that's free of the coronavirus and largely functional and collegial in nature. The league and union have been united in wanting to find ways to best preserve the elements that have made the environment workable, and still acknowledge the length of the stay for advancing teams makes the inclusion of family an important factor in the mental and emotional well-being of players.

The NBA and NBPA negotiated the broader inclusion of family and friends after the first round of the playoffs during the shutdown, essentially agreeing to replace the population of exiting team traveling parties with as many as four guests per player, plus additional exceptions for children.

There was significant discussion and planning about how some guests could impact the league's environment, and that's reflected in the language of rules that also prohibit those with business relationships, including agents, chefs, trainers and tattoo artists, according to the memo.

Families and guests will be required to quarantine for seven days off-site from the ESPN Wide World of Sports or three days in the team's market prior to taking a franchise charter flight to Orlando, and then four more days on the Disney campus, the memo said.

Players are allowed one ticket per guest per playoff game, with an additional seat available to a child 32 inches or shorter, per the memo. In trying to control infection in the bubble environment, family members won't be able to move outside the campus zone and go to Disney's theme parks.


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