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On 11/6/2023 at 1:54 PM, Wee Bey said:

That is the funniest fucking thing ever. If James Mitchell got told by the boss to fake snorting coke -- or REALLY SNORT COKE -- on air and it buries the deal then... what do you say to that? Besides who has ever snorted coke off what looks like a disposable plastic spoon? 

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Episode 132: It's Time to Give Thanks
11/7/23 @ ?? (Nashville, TN?)

Southern 6 (Morton & Taylor)  vs.  the Heatseekers
Pretty decent match. this was a return to the NWA for the Heatseekers and they put in a good account of themselves. I don't remember if i've seen them before, but their name sounds familiar, so they were probably at the Crockett Cup. Anyway, the results were never in doubt, but it was a fun ride getting there.

Women's TV Title:
Max the Impaler (c)  vs.  Missa Kate
Max does what Max does, and it's another fun match. I've been pretty ambivalent about Missa, but she put in the work here and Max made her look good. 

interview segment with EC3 where they introduce his challenger at the next event..... Jax Dane. Dane cuts a pretty good promo, especially to build a match that has no history. EC3 retorts and does pretty well also. Should be a reasonably good match.

non-Tag Team Titles match:
Blunt Force Trauma (c)  vs.  Magic Inc.
another match where the question was never in doubt, but this one was even more clear-cut and less fun getting there. Post-match, CJ gives Aron Stevens a low blow, in the high spot of the segment.

non Women's Title match:
Kenzie Paige (c)  vs.  Taylor Rising
easily the best match of the night. Kenzie does such a fantastic job of looking vulnerable by being undersized but alternately being able to dominate her opponents by her combination of skills and dastardly tactics. if you only watch one match from NWA this week, this is the one to look for.

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52 minutes ago, Raziel said:

They cut any more they'll make Corluzzo Era look like prime Fritz.

World Champion Riki Ratchet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(Hey, he once beat Sid so why not?)

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Episode 134: Overman vs Beastman  **this is listed as episode 134 but last week was 132**
11/14/23 @ Nashville, TN

Junior Heavyweight Title:
Colby Corino (c)  vs.  Mo Jabari
Jabari gets the jobber entrance. He apparently recently scored a victory over Kerry Morton in Canada, which earns him this title shot. This wasn't a perfect match (some of the interactions weren't very smooth. in particular, they did the rolling exchange of 2 counts which looked all sorts of sloppy), but it was still very good. 

Women's Tag Team Titles:
King Bees (Danni Bee & Charity King)  vs.  Pretty Empowered (c)
weird that two matches in a row we see a competitor getting a title shot in their debut. King Bees get a good reaction early on and the crowd stays with them throughout. this was a pretty great match and was only made better by the crowd buy-in. 

a super lame segment, game show style, with Rush Freeman, Rolando Freeman, and Billy Corgan searching for the newest Spectacular. Mercurio and (Paul) Burchill try out. this was AWFUL. if the rumors that NWA is cutting costs is true, the Freeman brothers would be at the top of my list. next to Gaagz the Gymp, of course.

Submission Match:
Blake Troop  vs.  Koa Laxamana
i like both of these guys, and the stipulation should play to Troop's strengths, so i expect this to be decent. Laxamana gets the jobber entrance.
ends up kind of being a mixed bag. when this is done in a "worked shoot" style, it just looks like trash. Troop has very slow strikes and takedowns, and it just looks very phony. when they pick up the pace it improves tremendously. We don't really get a crescendo leading to the finish, it just sort of happens. but not in a "sudden victory" way, just in a "it's time to end the match" way. i came a way a bit disappointed.

we get the third and fourth interviewees for the Spectaculars. your newest candidates are Tyler Midas and KC Roxx. This is completely terrible and utterly pointless. I could not overstate how fucking bad this is. 
Billy Corgan: "i'm not sure it's made for good television but it's certainly interesting".  YOU'RE THE DAMN PRODUCER, WHY WOULD YOU CHOOSE TO BROADCAST THIS?!?!

NWA World's Heavyweight Title match:
EC3 (c)  vs.  Talos
Talos here to play the monster of the week so EC3 can fight from underneath. And it works pretty well. Talos is still pretty green but works as a big physical threat. kind of like Dallas Lance Hoyt Lance Archer in his early TNA career.
interesting spot where EC3 is draped throat-first over the middle rope. Instead of Talos pushing EC3 down into the rope, he grabs the rope and pulls it up across the neck of EC3. it worked.
this was by no means a 5 star match, but i enjoyed it. 

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Episode 134: Who's the Turkey Now?!  *actually episode 134 this time**
11/21/23 @ Nashville, TN

Turkey Gobbler Match (loser must gobble like a turkey):
Aron Stevens  vs.  CJ
this is a grappling match, so no striking or underhanded tactics allowed.
it will surprise absolutely nobody to find out that this is more angle advancement than match. What might surprise you is that we stealth-introduce a new tag team that will undoubtedly feud with Magic Inc. That seems incredibly counterproductive, but yeah sure?
the stipulation payoff was the exact dumb fun that it needed to be.

Kylie Paige  vs.  Big Mama
good crowd reactions here, but i found it hard to get invested. Big Mama has charisma, but her in-ring skills are lacking. at least based solely on this match.

interview with the Slimeballs. another new tag team? they seem very young and very try-hard. the big one (Tommy Rant) thinks he's a Nasty Boy, and the scrawny one (Sage Chantz) reminds me of the annoying ADHD kid from junior high school. i guess time will tell, but this doesn't seem like my cup of tea.

interview with Tim Storm. He is returning to the ring full time, teaming with Jax Dane. well, i guess that doesn't bode well for Jax's upcoming NWA Title shot. Also, Tim. my man. i like you, but you turn 60 in February. You just avoided a very serious injury. Maybe time to hang 'em up.

"Hollywood" Hunter James & Adrian Thomas  vs.  "Messiah of the Faithful" Alexander Lev & Jackson Drake
per the commentators, none of these guys have ever teamed together. and from what i've seen, none of them have wrestled for NWA before. We start in the ring, so no entrances or time to get to know these guys.
Lev does the most character work here. James is the one they're positioning for a starring role. Thomas is working a martial arts gimmick. also, Jackson Drake is there. i don't know. i guess it was fine. but there's no buy-in from me.

footage of Samantha Starr "going too far". she is in the ring, running the ropes. Some other woman enters the ring and also starts to run the ropes. Starr clotheslines her and lays a beating. this was not at all vicious or shocking. 

Southern 6  vs.  The New Spectaculars 1.0
they replay some of the Spectaculars segment to lead us to this. good lord, i have to watch this a second time? the new member of the Specs is Midas (he's the one that was praising Rolando Freeman in that terrible segment). 
complete squash that goes on way longer than it has any right to, and i wonder why i waste my time.

next week: more new people: Bryan Idol, Tiffany Nieves, Carson Drake, and the in-ring debut of Paul Burchill. 


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Episode 135: Old Friends & Silver Bells
11/28/23 @ Nashville, TN

TV Title:
Carson Drake  vs.  Mims (c)
Carson drake is apparently playing an '80s preppy (preppie? i don't know if that's a -y or -ie) gimmick. is he related to Jackson Drake from last week? i popped for Mims' X-Men inspired gear. 
short showcase match. Mims' physical charisma was really the only thing happening here. Not much here, but not bad.

Thrillbilly Silas Mason introduces his buddy Devan Dixon. Dixon has NO charisma and can't talk for shit. Plus, he's wearing a Hooters NASCAR-like jacket. And he has a mullet mohawk. Mason offers Dixon a National Championship match (this was spoiled earlier in the show where this match was announced for next week).

Bryan Idol & Natalia Markova  vs.  Thom Latimer & Kamille
they hype this as the battle of the power couples. But i don't think Idol has ever been on TV before, so were we supposed to know this? Idol is "the cousin of Mercurio" according to Danny Dealz (in reality, Idol IS Mercurio). No mention of if he is also related to Austin Idol.
 the whole point was to show off Thom and Kamille's new heel personas. Match itself was kind of not good. Idol blew the timing on the finish, leading to Kamille waiting around for him. pass.

interview with Joe Alonzo. He talks about a future match with Alex Misery. i don't know who that is or where it's coming from. The graphic at the bottom of the screen shows that Alonzo is part of a triple threat match next week with two other people we've never seen before. What is going on here?

ANOTHER segment on the search for a new Spectacular. i skipped this, to save my sanity. This is the first segment i've skipped on NWA Power in the 6+ months i've been watching. 

Tiffany Nieves  vs.  Ruthie Jay
this is a match that existed. i wouldn't say it was bad, but i wouldn't say it was good either. Nieves has something, but she really needs to work on her timing. 

another interview with the Slime Ballz. more of what we saw last week, which further cements that i don't think i'm going to like these guys.

Kenzie Paige with Kyle Davis. She refuses to refer to Samatha Starr as a "Starr", so she calls her Sammy instead. Kenzie cuts a fun promo and riles the crowd all the way up.

Jax Dane & Tim Storm  vs.  Trevor Murdoch & Burchill
no mention as to why Murdoch is no longer tagging with Mike Knox. Also no mention of Jax Dane's title shot vs. EC3. 
this match was, to steal a JR-ism, a slobberknocker. Burchill and Storm trade European uppercuts and spend their segment brawling. More of the same when Jax Dane tags in. This was fun. 


seriously, what is with the seemingly complete turnover of the roster? Almost every match for the last 3 weeks has contained somebody brand new to the company. 

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I like everything I've seen from Tiffany Nieves, so I'm for more of her in NWA. Ruthie Jay is always fun as well.

Love to see Tim Storm in the main event! Him and Jax as a team works for me, they have a lot of history and can see them working well together. I think Knox is injured but it was also cool to see Burchill involved as he really hasn't done a lot in years since leaving WWE.

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On 11/30/2023 at 8:59 PM, twiztor said:

Jax Dane & Tim Storm  vs.  Trevor Murdoch & Burchill
no mention as to why Murdoch is no longer tagging with Mike Knox.

FWIW, at the beginning of the match Galli said Knox was injured after the table bump in Cleveland and not medically cleared. 

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Episode 136: Blood Is Thicker Than Gold
12/5/23 @ Nashville, TN

Slime Ballz  vs  Country Gentlemen
The Cazana boys enter with their father Joe. I guess they're celebrating their new partnership, with Joe Cazana's promotion being the second affiliate league. 
i enjoyed this WAY more than i expected. the Cazana brothers make for a more interesting team than the previous Country Gentlemen IMO. KC uses a handful of high flying moves that look good for his size, and they complement AJ's size and power very well. The Slime Ballz seem pretty good in the ring as well, which i am happy to say after being down on their promos the last couple weeks.

Samantha Starr will now only be referred to as "Miss Starr". She introduces her new assistant, the woman Starr assaulted in the ring 2 weeks ago. Chelsea seems extremely apprehensive about this new role. Starr is fairly wooden in her delivery, but she's trying, so it's not terrible.

Women's TV Title:
Max the Impaler (c)  vs  Chelsea
yes, the same Chelsea from the last segment. Miss Starr granted her this title opportunity. If Chelsea looked apprehensive in that promo segment, she looks downright frightened here to start. The first minute is just Chelsea literally running scared from Max. This wouldn't rate on Dave's star scale, but i found it compelling, like watching the teenagers about to be murdered in '80s slasher flicks. Just a palpable atmosphere you don't get (or want to) see every week, but it was perfect here. A+

Outrunners  vs  New Spectaculars 2.0 (Rush Freeman & Slade)
Match was fine. 

Double Interview with Colby Corino and Pretty Empowered. Colby looks befuddled by Pretty Empowered's antics. They talk some smack. He cuts a promo that is rather forgettable. He gets asked about PE's dominance, gives a pretty "let's move along" answer, and PE get riled up. 

Joe Alonzo  vs  Rey Fury  vs  "Certified" Luke Kurtis
Crowd chants "certified loser" at Kurtis. Rey Fury lands a nice looking Froggy 'Bow, which i didn't know anybody except Mark Briscoe. Rey Fury kinda of steals the match here, but the story they tell early is Alonzo and Kurtis working together. Until it breaks down, of course. above average match. 

National Title:
Devan Dixon  vs  Silas Mason (c)
the announcers make fun of Dixon's hair, which looks very much like Brian Knobbs'. They tell a decent story that mostly works. Mason brought in Dixon since they were running buddies, but Mason just takes it to him and lays down a beating. Certainly a way of showing that former friends are former for a reason, and that it's all about the Southern 6 now.
Post-match S6 beatdown on Dixon is interrupted by EC3 and Jax Dane, who are all buddy-buddy now. In the last 30 seconds we get Dane and EC3 facing off, but then they shake hands and leave amicably. This is the worst build to a title match i have literally ever seen. There's no animosity, no disrespect, no misunderstandings, and really even no 'mutual admiration'. The interaction has been practically nonexistent. i don't get what they're going for here at all.

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Glad to see Rey Fury is getting morre eyes on him. 

Dude has been working all over MS and the south since 2015ish. 


Saw him last Friday at a LAW show,asked when his NWA match was airing. Then a pile of us were joking about Jey Uso stealing Rey's Yeet Yeet catchphrase. Not knowing what was gonna happen on Raw Monday then Rey's match airing this week.


He does the froggy elbow cause his two favorite wrestlers growing up were Macho Man and Eddy Guerrerro.

I will dig it up later. But on my channel got Rey Fury,back when he was dark Fury, VS Vordell Walker in an old Church  Gym in Byram MS.

Was at most 20 people in the crowd and 25 people vending or selling food.

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Episode 137: Return to Robarts, Part 1
12/12/23 @ Sarasota, FL

full time wrestler Tim Storm joins us on commentary again. He is a welcome addition.

Heavenly Butterflies (Tony Donati & Faboo Andre)  vs.  Daisy Kill & Talos
Talos really looks like a giant compared to these two. GREAT shot while Talos is on the apron about to enter the ring while the Butterflies are in their corner and he just looks MASSIVE. match as a whole was fine, nothing spectacular, but the closing run featuring Talos was pretty fun. This might be the most i've enjoyed him?

next week: Magnum Muscle EXPLODES~! in a match for the TV Title. OK, so they're competing out of friendship, so 'explodes' might be a big much, but they're facing off at least. and to echo what @Peck said, Mims' promo was short but sweet. i liked it.

Junior Heavyweight Championship:
Joe Ocasio  vs.  Colby Corino (c)
this left me feeling a little underwhelmed. I think the guys took a little too long to get their timing aligned, so it just felt off. Colby is good. Ocasio seems good as well, but this just didn't deliver like i expected.

Taylor Rising  vs  Allie Recks  vs  Airica Demia
Allie and Airica are both making their NWA debuts. Taylor is the vet, having been with the promotion since....NWA 75 in August. this wasn't good. Taylor wins with a pedigree, and i'm sure there's a Terra Ryzing connection in there, but i'm not going to make the effort to find it.

Matt Cardona issues a challenge to EC3 for the next PPV. i guess that means that EC3 will be winning his defense vs. Jax Dane from this same set of tapings. 

US Tag Team Titles:
the Immortals (c)  vs.  Brothers of Funstruction
i'm surprised to see Violent J still with the clowns. i assumed he was only brought in for a short run from NWA75 to Samhain, but i guess not.  i want to like Odinson. he's got a unique look. But he just doesn't have it in the ring. Unless you REALLY like European uppercuts, he just feels very one-note.
slow match to start, with Yabo juggling early which leads to Kratos just manhandling him for a while. that's kind of the story of the match here. the Immortals dominate until the clowns use some "wacky" schtick to gain an advantage. 
"The Kids" run in, knock down Violent J, and interfere in the match, sending it to a DQ finish. Who are "the Kids" you ask? two of the new debuts (Jackson & Lev) from three weeks ago. that was a shit-ass heatless finish. At least it didn't break up any kind of interesting match.


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