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1 hour ago, John from Cincinnati said:

SRS is reporting that there'll be an all-women NWA PPV this year. Mickie James was at the PPV taping. One would hope she'll be involved. 


Just confirmed. Mickie will be "executive producer"

August 28th all Women PPV + August 29th NWA 73rd Anniversary PPV, both taking place in St. Louis

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On 6/7/2021 at 3:21 PM, Technico Support said:

I can't hear the name "Kamille" without Eddie Murphy's Bill Cosby impression sneaking into my head.

I would like to talk to you about some of the things you do on your show.

Interesting storyline development episode. I don't know that the NWA roster is deep enough to do an all women's PPV. But maybe Serena Deeb ends up sticking around here longer?

Tim Storm saved Joe Galli's life from Nick Aldis. Joe Galli is turning into Kermit the Frog with the righteous indignation. I am cool with The End vs AAA tag team feuding. Austin Idol with the insult of the show by telling a fan, "You were born unscheduled."

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Posted (edited)

Finishing up the show now, thought this was a very fun show. Felt like a ton going on and they have some excitement coming off the PPV and going forward. Happy if more Serena is a possibility, I feel Mickie will wanna bring in everyone possible to make the women's PPV a big success. Looking forward to more of the follow up to everything.


Powerrr June 8 Results:


*Show opened with Billy Corgan and Mickie James announcing the NWA's return to St. Louis with an all women PPV on August 28 and the NWA 73rd Anniversary on PPV on August 29, followed by Powerrr tapings on the 30th & 31st. Mickie will be the executive producer of the women's PPV. Mickie talked about always wanting to do this but being cut off at every turn and now she can finally prove women's wrestling can draw money and matter. Mickie said she wants the best of the best regardless of where they work. 

*Joe Galli introduced new NWA Women's Champ Kamille for an interview. Kamille said she considered taking the night off but instead announced she asked to be in the main event segment. Kamille then introduced her man Thom Latimer. Galli argued with Latimer over his interference in the PPV main event. Latimer then introduced Chris Adonis and NWA Champ Nick Aldis. Aldis threatened Galli. Galli says he's glad Aldis got fined for what he did to the referee at the PPV. Aldis declared that tonight was about Kamille, not him. Galli continued to argue until Tim Storm came out and convinced Galli to leave. Before leaving, Galli congratulated Kamille for doing it the right way. Storm took over the interview and brought up the upcoming tournament for the vacated National Championship. Adonis argued that he never lost the title so he should still be the champion. Storm pointed out that Adonis relinquishing the title was Aldis' decision. Aldis blamed it on Billy Corgan and said Strictly Business would still end up with all the gold. Storm asked about Adonis and Latimer being against each other in the tournament. Adonis said as long as it stayed in Strictly Business. Storm announced two triple threat matches in the first round; Adonis vs. Latimer vs. Parrow and JTG vs. Fred Rosser vs. Kratos. Aldis announced he would second Kamille in her official coronation tonight.

*The Pope(c) def. Luke Hawx (w/ PJ Hawx) (5:20) after the Elijah Express to retain the NWA TV Championship. 

*A masked man joined Kyle Davis and May Valentine at the interview desk and announced he was the newest signing to the NWA. He said he was asked to be here and he only answers to Billy Corgan. He added that Corgan was the only person who knew who he was under the mask and the true purpose of why he has signed with the NWA. He promised to change the landscape of the NWA.

*Taryn Terrell def. Lady Frost (2:05) with a rollup 

*Tyrus & Austin Idol came out for a promo. Idol talked about how they would put an end to the Pope's title run and promised that Tyrus' punch would knock out anyone. BLK Jeez interrupted and said he had business to discuss with them but they walked away. Kyle Davis asked Jeez about his business proposition. Jeez told him to keep watching. 

*La Rebelion (Bestia 666 & Mecha Wolf 450) vs. The End (Odinson & Parrow) went to a double DQ (4:06) when the ref lost control of the match. After the match, the two teams continued to brawl to the back.

*Kamille w/ Nick Aldis came to the ring for her coronation where Aldis presented her with flowers. Melina interrupted and said they had unfinished business as she and Kamille went face to face. Jennacide ran out, took Melina down and told her to go so Melina left. Jennacide then raised Kamille's arm and told her to continue her celebration as she then left.


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– The Wrestling Observer Newsletter reports that the NWA’s When Our Shadows Fall PPV on June 6 had less than 500 buys, according to early estimates. The show happened on a Sunday afternoon from Atlanta. Most of the business for the event likely came from FITE TV, but those numbers haven’t been announced.


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This weeks show was a little all over the place with chaos. Seemed a shorter show but I enjoyed it and it flew by quick. Colby Corino is a nice addition. JTG looked good again in the solid main event. 


Powerrr June 15 results:


*Show opened with a Trevor Murdoch promo, warning Nick Aldis that he's still going to be coming for him and he won't stop until he becomes NWA Worlds Champion. 

*Melina def. Jennacide & Kenzie Page (2:29) via rollup on Kenzie.

*Kyle Davis interviewed PJ Hawx & Sal Rinauro about facing each other for their chance to become #1 contender to the NWA Television Championship. Colby Corino interrupted and argued with them, setting up a future triple threat instead.

*Aron Stevens vs. PJ Hawx went to a no contest.. (3:22) when Bestia 666 & Mecha Wolf 450 interfered and attacked both. After the match, Luke Hawx ran out for the save but got laid out as well. La Rebelion then cut a promo challenging the tag team champions.

*Kyle Davis interviewed Thom Latimer, Chris Adonis, & Parrow (w/ Odinson) ahead of their triple threat match in the National Title tournament next week. Adonis & Latimer assured the title would stay in Strictly Business, while Parrow said things were about to change and they would not have all the power anymore. 

*JTG def. Fred Rosser & El Rudo (7:15) after the Brooklyn's Edge on Rudo to advance in the National Title Tournament. After the match, JTG cut a promo saying that he came to the NWA for gold.


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Solid little show this week. Enjoyed the chaotic Thunder/Serena segment, looking forward to them two facing off again. Fun finish to the main event, Adonis/JTG for the national title should be pretty good.


Powerrr June 22 results:


*Strictly Business opening promo discussing Chris Adonis & Thom Latimer both competing in a triple threat in the National Championship tournament.

*The Masked Mystery Man def. Mims (6:07) after a death valley driver.

*Tyrus (w/ Austin Idol) def. Jordan Clearwater & BLK Jeez (2:08) when Jeez convinced Clearwater that they should lay down for Tyrus.

*Kyle Davis hosted a face to face interview with Serena Deeb & Thunder Rosa, setting up a #1 contenders match for the women's championship. They were asked what upcoming women they see the most in. Serena picked Kylie Rae, who came out and put both women over. Before Thunder Rosa could make her pick, Melina came out assuming she was the pick and said she's already a legend. Rosa clarified that she picked Skye Blue. Melina said Kylie & Skye can't compare to her and Rosa, then ran down Serena on the mic as well. Rosa told Serena to stop stealing her shine and shoved her, resulting in a brawl to the back.

*Crimson (w/ Jax Dane) def. Slice Boogie (w/ Marshe Rockett) (7:20) after a death valley driver in a No DQ match. Jax Dane stopped Crimson from using a steel chair so Crimson got upset and walked off.

*Chris Adonis def. Parrow (w/ Odinson) & Thom Latimer (8:16) when Adonis pinned Parrow after while double teaming Parrow, Adonis directed Latimer to go up to the top and when he did, Adonis pinned Parrow behind Latimer's back.


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Not much happening this week but a couple solid womens matches opening and closing the show. Looking forward to how the "Empower" women's PPV ends up coming together by August.


Powerrr June 29 Results:


*The Champions Series, a points based tournament including NWA Champ Nick Aldis and Women's Champ Kamille, is coming in 2 weeks on July 13.

*Jennacide (w/ Taryn Terrell) def. Lady Frost (4:20) after the Tombstone.

*May Valentine interviewed Sal Rinauro (w/ Danny Deals) about his chance to become Television Champion. Colby Corino interrupted and beat down Sal, laying him out with a suplex from the apron. As a result, Kyle Davis announced that Sal Rinauro's TV title shot against the Pope would be postponed. Tyrus w/ Austin Idol interrupted for a promo. Idol put over Tyrus and declared war on Pope. The Pope interrupted and challenged Tyrus to do it right now but Idol stopped him.

*Aron Stevens, Mims, & Captain Yuma vs. Kratos, Luke Hawx, & PJ Hawx went to a no contest (5:24) when La Rebelion (Bestia 666 & Mecha Wolf 450 interfered.

*Kyle Davis hosted a face off with JTG and Chris Adonis, who face off in next week's main event for the vacant National Title. Adonis said that he had an insurance policy in Strictly Business. Fred Rosser intervened and told JTG that if he needs backup, he's not hard to find. 

*Kylie Rae def. Melina (6:03) after a superkick


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Pretty good little show this week. Always love seeing Serena & Thunder in the ring together. Cool to see Homicide back involved in the ring here instead of just behind the scenes. Good solid main event even though it seems odd to ever have taken the National title off Adonis in the first place.


Powerrr July 6 Results


*The Pope(c) def. Sal Rinauro (4:20) after the Elijah Express to retain the NWA TV title. After the match, Austin Idol came out with Tyrus, Jordan Clearwater, & BLK Jeez to the interview stage. Idol mocked Pope's title reign as having beaten nobody while Tyrus guaranteed Pope would not make it to 7 title defenses to get a world title shot. Idol announced Tyrus vs Pope as Pope's 7th defense.

*Serena Deeb & Kylie Rae def. Thunder Rosa & Skye Blue (7:27) when Kylie made Skye submit. After the match, Rosa & Serena fought to the back.

*Kyle Davis interviewed Jax Dane & Crimson. Jax asked Crimson not to get angry as he brought out Slice Boogie. Crimson got upset and walked off.

*Mecha Wolf 450, Bestia 666, & Homicide def. El Rudo, Luke Hawx, & PJ Hawx (5:56) when Mecha Wolf pinned Luke with the 450.

*Chris Adonis def. JTG (9:38) to win the NWA National Championship when Fred Rosser came out and threw in the towel as Adonis had JTG in the Adonislock. After the match, Trevor Murdoch questioned Rosser throwing in the towel. Rosser said he did it to save JTG and that this was not over with Strictly Business.


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  • 2 weeks later...

The NWA Champions Series~! begins.

4 NWA Champions (Nick Aldis, Pope, Kamille, and Aron Stevens) are paired with 4 "Legends" (Austin Idol, Velvet Sky, Melina, and Taryn Terrell) to form teams of 4. Each member of the winning team will receive a title shot to be redeemed at any time while the captain receives a years protection from those under them or a shot at another title.

Team Aron Stevens paired with Taryn Terrell, picked #2 Tyrus, #7 Lady Frost, #10 JTG, & #15 Marshe Rockett with alternate Jordan Clearwater
Team Pope paired with Velvet Sky, picked #4 Trevor Murdoch, #5 Jennacide, #12 Jax Dane, & #13 The Masked Man with alternate Colby Corino
Team Kamille paired with Austin Idol, picked #1 Thom Latimer, #8 Kenzie Paige, #9 Kratos, & #16 Mims with alternate Sal Rinauro
Team Aldis paired with Melina, picked #3 Crimson, #6 Skye Blue, #11 Fred Rosser, &  #14 Slice Boogie with alternate Jeremiah Plunkett

Team Aron/Taryn and Team/Kamille/Idol paired off setting up Block A to be Latimer vs. Marshe Rockett, Mims vs JTG, Kenzie vs Frost, and Kratos vs Tyrus
Team Aldis/Melina and Team Pope/Velvet matched up for Block B setting up Skye Blue vs Jennacide, Murdoch vs. Rosser, Crimson vs. The Masked Man, and Jax Dane vs. Slice Boogie

this is certainly an idea.

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Solid lineup of matches in the champions team challenge series.

Champions Series Week 1 Powerrr Results:


NWA Champions Series - July 27, 2021

*Thom Latimer (w/ Kratos & Mims) def. Marshe Rockett (w/ JTG, Lady Frost, & Tyrus) (7:21) after a stunner to earn 5 points for Team Kamille/Idol

*Jennacide (w/ Jax Dane, Trevor Murdoch & The Masked Man) def. Skye Blue (w/ Fred Rosser, Slice Boogie, & Crimson) (5:51) with a powerbomb to earn 5 points for Team Pope/Velvet

*JTG (w/ Lady Frost, Marshe Rockett, & Tyrus) def. Mims (w/ Kratos & Thom Latimer (8:04) after the Brooklyn's Edge to earn 5 points for Team Aron/Taryn

*Trevor Murdoch (w/ Jax Dane, Jennacide, & The Masked Man) def. Fred Rosser (w/ Slice Boogie, Skye Blue, & Crimson) (4:49) via submission to earn 5 points for Team Pope/Velvet

Bracket A
Team Kamille/Idol: 5 Points
Team Aron/Taryn: 5 points
Bracket B
Team Pope/Velvet: 10 points
Team Aldis/Melina: 0 points


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On 7/28/2021 at 7:57 PM, The Great ML said:

Jake Milliman and a turkey?

Larry Z steals the check from his team and leaves for another territory?

I meant with the place closing after, though thinking about it, Tony Khan would probably feel obligated to bring that roster into his, and I’m not gonna watch a Dynamite with Nick Aldis and Thom Batteredher.

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i enjoyed Nick Aldis' reign for the first year plus, and his feud with Tim Storm. Minus a single month reign by Cody, Aldis has had the title for THREE AND A HALF YEARS. that is crazy and way past its sell-by date. the problem is that current NWA is full of third raters. i don't know what Corgan has planned, but i hope it's big.

i would love to follow this promotion, but a subscription model with the current roster just ain't gonna cut it. i hope they can thrive by possibly picking up some of the talent WWE cut loose. Or coming up with interesting matches, stipulations, and storylines. Team Challenge Series 2021 is definitely not what i'm looking for.

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Enjoyable episode this week. Liked the Crimson/Masked Man match and for once, did not see that finish coming. Next week's already the final of this thing, I'm guessing Team Pope/Velvet win it for sure. and then the build will be on for just a couple weeks to set up Empowerrr & NWA 73. 


Champions Series Week 2 Powerrr Results:


NWA Powerrr Champions Series Week 2 - August 3, 2021

*Kenzie Paige (w/ Thom Latimer, Kratos, & Mims) def. Lady Frost (w/ Tyrus, JTG, & Marshe Rockett) (5:05) with a small package to earn 5 points for Team Kamille/Idol

*Crimson (w/ Fred Rosser, Slice Boogie, & Skye Blue) vs. The Masked Man (w/ Jax Dane, Trevor Murdoch, & Jennacide) went to a time limit draw (10:00), earning 2 points for team Aldis/Melina and Team Pope/Velvet

*Jeremiah Plunkett def. Colby Corino, Jordan Clearwater, & Sal Rinuaro (6:18) after a DDT on Corino in a 4 way of alternates, earning 7 points for team Aldis/Melina while Corino taking the fall cost Team Pope/Velvet 3 points.

*Tyrus (w/ JTG, Lady Frost, & Marshe Rockett) def. Kratos (w/ Thom Latimer & Mims) (7:10) after an elbow drop, earning 5 points for Team Aron/Taryn. 

*Jax Dane (w/ The Masked Man, Trevor Murdoch, & Jennacide) def. Slice Boogie (w/ Crimson, Fred Rosser, & Skye Blue) (6:31) to advance Team Pope/Velvet to the final against Team Kamille/Idol next week.

Bracket A:
Team Kamille/Idol: 10 pts
Team Aron/Taryn: 10 pts

Bracket B:
Team Pope/Velvet: 14 pts
Team Aldis/Melina: 9 pts

Team Kamille/Idol advance over Team Aron/Taryn via quickest combined time for victories to break the tie.


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NWA put up an extra episode of Powerrr for free on youtube today to celebrate NWA 73.


Nick Aldis vs. Odinson
Tim Storm vs. Jordan Clearwater
The Pope(c) vs. Tyrus for the TV title



*Nick Aldis def. Odinson (7:26) via Kingslynn Cloverleaf submission

*Tim Storm def. Jordan Clearwater (w/ BLK Jeez) (6:27) after the Perfect Storm

*Tyrus (w/ Austin Idol) def. The Pope(c) (10:49) to WIN the NWA Television Championship with the heart punch after interference from Idol when the ref was knocked down.


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Fun show ending the Champions Series, which was pretty enjoyable overall. Solid matches and cool to see Daivari pop up here in addition to Impact lately.




NWA Powerrr - August 11, 2021

*Team Captains Kamille and the Pope talked about making it to the finals of the Champions Series. The teams picked the matchups for the final night.

*Trevor Murdoch (w/ Jax Dane & Jennacide) def. Thom Latimer (w/ Kratos, Kenzie Paige, & Mims) (6:54) after the Diving Bulldog to earn 5 points for Team Pope/Velvet (5-0)

*Mims (w/ Thom Latimer, Kratos, & Kenzie Paige) def. Jax Dane (w/ Trevor Murdoch & Jennacide) (8:37) with a rollup to earn 5 points for Team Kamille/Idol to tie the series at 5-5, leaving it up to the alternates.

*Nick Aldis promo w/ Chris Adonis. Aldis complained about his team in the Champions Series and blamed his alternate Jeremiah Plunkett. Plunkett interrupted and questioned them being so miserable when they're the most successful. Plunkett revealed that he found a friend in Nick's former roommate, Shawn Daivari, and made a challenge for a tag team match. Daivari came out and talked about taking Aldis under his wing when he was a rookie. Daivari said in his 20 year career, he's never got a world title shot, so he wanted the stip that if they win the tag match then Aldis owes him a future title shot. 

*Strictly Business (Nick Aldis & Chris Adonis) def. Jeremiah Plunkett & Shawn Daivari (6:42) when Aldis used the Kings Lynn Cloverleaf on Plunkett while Adonis held Daivari in the Masterlock outside. 

*Colby Corino (w/ Trevor Murdoch, Jax Dane, & Jennacide) def. Sal Rinauro (w/ Thom Latimer, Kenzie Paige, & Kratos) (10:25) by hitting him with brass knuckles after Latimer tried to get Sal to use a steel chair, to win the Champions Series for Team Pope/Velvet. As a result, the Pope, Velvet Sky, Trevor Murdoch, Jennacide, Jax Dane, The Masked Man, & Colby Corino are all now awarded official NWA Title Shots.


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Current card for NWA EmPowerrr and Final card for NWA 73:


NWA EmPowerrr (August 28)

Tootie Lynn vs. Jamie Senegal (w/ Pollo Del Mar) vs. Chelsea Green vs. Lady Frost vs. Debbie Malenko vs. Bianca Carelli vs. Jennacide (w/ Taryn Terrell) vs. Masha Slamovich vs. Thunderkitty vs. Kiera Hogan

Kamille(c) vs. Leyla Hirsch

Deonna Purrazzo(c) vs. Melina

The Hex (Allysin Kay & Marti Belle) vs. Hell on Heels (Sahara 7 & Renee Michelle) 
Red Velvet & KiLynn King vs, The Freebabes (Miranda Gordy, Hayley J, and Jazzy Yang)
+ Finals.

Diamante vs. Kylie Rae vs. Chik Tormenta

Paola Mayfield (w/ Taryn Terrell) vs. Kenzie Paige

Skye Blue vs. Christi Jaynes


NWA 73rd Anniversary Show (August 29)

Nick Aldis(c) vs. Trevor Murdoch

Chris Adonis(c) vs. James Storm

Aron Stevens & Kratos(c) vs. La Rebelion (Bestia 666 & Mecha Wolf 450)

Winner of Kamille/Leyla vs. Winner of Invitational Gauntlet

Mickie James vs. Kylie Rae

Thom Latimer vs. Tim Storm vs. Crimson

Tyrus, Jordan Clearwater, & The Masked Man vs. The Pope & The End (Odinson & Parrow)

12 Man Battle Royal for #1 Contendership to the NWA National Championship

Ric Flair to appear.



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