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SDL is Gobsmacked! - 11/8/2019

Dolfan in NYC

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Smackdown is in Manchester, UK today, so here are the spoilers:


- King Corbin is out to start the show. He cut his usual heat-seeking promo (and it sounds like it succeeded in getting boos) to set-up his match later on, joking about how Roman’s testicles have shriveled up and what not.

- Big E & Kofi have a segment backstage. E jokes that if they don’t win the tag titles now, they’ll never catch Charlotte. Their match is next.

- The New Day def. The Revival to win the SmackDown Tag Team titles (via pinfall on Dash Wilder when Kofi Kingston hit Trouble in Paradise while Big E held him up)

- Heavy Machinery is out for a match, ?but IMPERIUM IS HERE!? WALTER’s NXT UK stable attack. New Day come out to join the battle. Others from the SmackDown locker room run in to chase off the invaders.

- Backstage, Sami Zayn chats with Daniel Bryan. If Dan had only joined up with him last week, he’d be NXT champ now. He wants Bryan to come to ringside to see how impressive his man Shinsuke Nakamura looks in his match tonight.

- Shinsuke Nakamura & Cesaro def. Shorty G & Ali with help from Sami. Bryan stood on the ramp but declined to come down when Zayn asked him to join them in the ring post-match.

- Sasha Banks enters, with Bayley and to a new theme, which includes a verse from cousin Snopp Dogg.

- Sasha Banks def. Nikki Cross via submission with a Bank Statement

- After the match, Bayley attacks Nikki, but Shayna Baszler is here to attack Bayley!

- Carmella & Dana Brooke def. Fire & Desire via pinfall (Brooke on Sonya Deville after a senton)

- King Corbin def. Roman Reigns via pinfall after End of Days; lots of interference from Dolph Ziggler & Robert Roode, with that duo taking the Superman Punch & spear combo before Corbin hit his finisher

- Tyson Fury in the house. Braun Strowman comes out to confront him, but... they’re forming a tag team instead? The B-Team are out to challenge them. Wonder how this will go. 


Fury & Strowman destroyed the B-team, so they're a team now.  

The tag title switch kind of makes sense since that SurSer match was heel heavy inasmuch as the Vikings are essentially faces that work heel. 

Speaking of heel heavy matches, I'm guessing DB is going to be Intercontinental Champ by the time SurSer rolls around. 

And also... FUCK. YES.  WALTER ON FOX~!


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  • Dolfan in NYC changed the title to SDL is Gobsmacked! - 11/8/2019

See the difference in WWE humour. Apparently Baron Corbin talking about Roman Reigns' small testicles and yapping like a small dog is hilarious to someone. Also, sounded like they piped in a huge amount of boos to Corbin's promo.

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Corbin's opening promo was ok in parts, crap in others. The match with Roman later in the night was perfectly solid if forgettable.

New Day vs. Revival was good. Wish it got built as something bigger considering the recent history between the two teams. Disappointed Revival aren't champs anymore.

The Imperium attack was again neat to have though it was weird with them not getting a follow up on Smackdown.

Sasha/Nikki was fine. I generally dug Bayley on commentary. The Shayna attack felt kind of unnecessary after both she and Becky kind of blew Bayley off. Bayley really should have been the next one to get an attack in to draw all eyes on her.

Carmella/Dana vs. Sonya/Mandy was decent though I must have missed them announcing it was for a spot  for Smackdown's SS team. Hopefully they give Dana a chance to show off a bit like she did here.

The Fury/Braun segment felt weird with the instant respect the two had for each other, but it was probably the way to go with how much the crowd seemed like Fury.

Dug the Sami/Bryan stuff. All of that leading to a Fiend attack though was surprising. Fiend/Bryan makes sense to a degree with the Fiend clearly wanting vengeance for all those who wronged Bray over the years. This still feels early though with Bryan not fully embracing his face turn yet. I'm surprised they didn't wait for RR or even WM.

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2 hours ago, Casey said:

Sasha's new theme is not good. And I say that as a big fan of Snoop.

Sounds like a merger of the original theme and the rap Snoop Dogg gave during Sasha Banks WrestleMania 32 entrance. I liked both of those, this new one will take getting used to.

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Dr. Meltzer was so upset about Baron Corbin's promo, he had to go on a rant about the inaccuracies of Baron Corbin cutting a heel promo that mentioned Roman Reign's leukemia.

I guess Meltzer didn't learn last time that he probably shouldn't be talking about other people's cancer. I can barely get through Meltzer on Observer Radio anymore. Now, to play devil's advocate, he might be recording these shows late at night where he might be tired and fried. But my concern is that he can barely string together a sentence coherently anymore. And it's been this way for a while. 

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So, watching this show, we could really do a lot worse then have Ali and Gable be a full time tag team. They both have that underdog baby face appeals. And Ali’s awesome story of trying to show that Muslim does not equal bad person could fit in with Gable’s “embrace who you are” shtick. Hell, it’s not like either guy is really doing anything of note right now anyway 

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