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HALLOWEEN HAVOC 2019 - The Setup Thread


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Okay - since I am an idiot - I will take over the reigns. Quick reminder - this is not be confused with the HorrorFest threads where people just post about the movies they watched in October.

Standard rules apply like all the other themes we have going.

STEP 1: Respond to say that you are in

STEP 2: PM me a movie selection that you feel best represents "Halloween". (Ideally with an explanation for why you are picking it)


- Please try and select a movie that is easily available to find (streaming services or Youtube is the best)

- Please try not to select something that was done in a previous year.

- No real life animal cruelty (This is a rule from the past that I am keeping)

- Bonus reviews gladly accepted (these can be where you scratch your TV episodes itch)








(The rest were lost to space and time)

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Movies Previously Selected

(I cut and paste straight from Excel. I didn't look up years if they weren't in the original post)


A Cat In the Brain    1990
A Christmas Horror Story    2015
A Nightmare on Elm Street 3: The Dream Warriors    
Alice, Sweet Alice    
All the Boys Love Mandy Lane    
Angel Heart    
Bay of Blood    
Black Christmas    1974
Blood on Satan's Claw    1971
Burning Bright    2010
Cellar Dweller    1988
Cube Zero    
Curse of Chucky    2013
Deadheads    2011
Demons    1985
Godzilla, Mothra, and King Ghidorrah: Giant Monsters All-Out Attack!    
Hatchet    2006
Hatchet    2006
House II: The Second Story    
House of Frankenstein    
Human Lanterns    1982
Humanoids of the Deep    
I Saw The Devil    2010
Inferno    1980
It Follows    
Jack Ketchum's The Girl Next Door    
John Dies At The End    2012
Lake Bodom    
Lake Mungo    2008
Monkey Shines    
Night of the Comet    1984
Night of the Demons    1988
Night of the Demons    2009
Nightmare Castle    1965
NOROI The Curse    
Only Lovers Left Alive    
Popcorn    1991
Possession    1981
Q: The Winged Serpent    1982
Red Eye    2005
Repo! The Genetic Opera    
Santa's Slay    2005
Spiral    2007
Tales From The Darkside: The Movie    
Texas Chainsaw    1983
The Loved Ones    
The Mummy    1932
The Mummy's Shroud    
The Neon Demon    2016
The People Under the Stairs    
The Pit    1981
The Prophecy    1979
Theatre of Blood    1973
Tower of London    1962
Train to Busan    2016
Trick or Treat    1986
Warlock    1989
You're Next    

Quick observations from me

Hatchet has been picked twice already. Both versions of Night of the Demons are done. I think Black Christmas was reviewed for Halloween AND Christmas

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The original was in Havoc

I could have sworn it was the original in Christmas too - but it also could have just been you and JT discussing how you couldn't believe the original wasn't picked


Yeah it was the original and here is the best part - @Brian Fowler was the one who picked (and should have known better) and @J.T. reviewed it which is too on brand


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  • RIPPA pinned this topic

I have re-upped my Netflix so feel free to assign me any horror shiz from there. 

I was planning on trimming down to just Amazon Prime, but thought better of it after watching The Witch redux on Sunday night.

We have an intern here who is beginning her journey through Scary Netflix, so I thought The Witch deserved a rewatch so that we could talk about it over lunch today.

I've seen Hush and The Ritual like a million times a piece, so I think I'm good on those two fronts.

I really should rewatch Gerald's Game, though.

Edited by J.T.
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I feel insanely stupid for asking, but is there a deadline to sign up?

I gotta watch a few candidates in order to even be able to pick a movie, and last year I signed up and then dropped out as I realized I didn't have enough time to come up with something good.

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12 hours ago, FluffSnackwell said:

J.T., have you watched Lifechanger yet? It's one of those body-jumping movies like The Hidden with a unique twist that the being actually feels existential dread having to constantly jump from body to body. 

I have heard good things about it, but never checked it out. 

I have been busy with loads of real life crap and my horror movie watching free time has been used while getting myself caught up on all of the good shit on Netflix that I have missed since I let my subscription lapse.

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Okay - this is who I have as in

  • Curt McGirt*
  • Execproducer
  • JT
  • Brian Fowler
  • Nate
  • Travis Sheldon
  • Ultimo Necro*

* - indicates I already have their pick

Let's say that Monday, Sept 16 is the deadline to join and get me a pick. (There is a little wiggle room there but I want folks to have time to watch and review)

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