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Just saw a screenshot of a career mode CAW getting booked in a 1vs2 handicap match against Rollins and Ambrose ¯\(°_o)/¯


I think they're in My Career and Universe, but not in exhibition or online. In other words, you can only play those matches against AI, not with friends.


Someone feel free to correct me if they've heard something different.


And they finally got SCM right. Or at least the stored, tired one.

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Yeah the game was clearly rushed, but this is the pitfall of having an annual series.  It's the foundation of bigger things blah blah blah.  So all that really means is that you are buying a rough first-generation version and should wait for the better next-gen versions later.


Say what you will about THQ's UFC Undisputed, but they took a lot of extra to make Undisputed 3 an awesome jam packed game.  I would rather wait longer to get the best, most polished game possible instead of an underwhelming, rushed letdown.


Ubisoft should've just released Rogue this year and Unity next year.

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So I'll be in the minority - I'm loving this game so far.


I've only done two matches so far - CM Punk v. HHH (in the demo while downloading) and '91 Sting vs. Luke Harper.  Lost both matches.  Didn't care, because I had so much fun.


The big thing is the little things.  To me, it feels more like a "WWE match" (for better or for worse) than ever before.  There's a lot of little animations added in and time taken on things in-ring.  Wrestlers go to the top rope in different ways depending how tired they are.  The pace, to me, has been slowed down a bit.  Some things seem to have more "impact" now.


The sliders definitely have an effect.  For preference, I turned up finisher damage a tad, and yup, Harper's discus clothesline took me out as Sting.  Ditto the Pedigree.  As it should be.


When you select Harper, you automatically select Rowan and Wyatt as managers, and it does the full Wyatt entrance.  After I lost to Harper, the postmatch wasn't a celebration by Harper, but Wyatt taking me out with Sister Abigail, before hitting the standard pose.  It brought up the usual "rematch/exit" menu, but after I chose exit, right before it completely faded out, it hit the Wyatt scare note.


I keep saying details, but it just FEELS better than before.

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"It's the best game I have ever seen in my life." - Jerry Lawler


That doesn't have to be a lie.







Cause it's all in my head,

I think about it over and over again,

And I can't keep picturing you with him

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I might give it a 6.


The gameplay is improved, but there is still a long ways to go. Many of the same animations from previous smackdown games (and they become very repititive), not a fan of the mini-game to start the matches, same reversal mechanism that I personally hate, the commentary is not much better and repititive, too many options stripped that I like to play, community and online is too limited and even the graphics are a bit overrated, as some of the models have really weird looking eyes (Jericho, HBK, RVD, etc.). I will say that I think it's headed in the right direction, as it's more of a simulation than arcade style, and the stamina idea has definite promise. The game next year or the year after should really kick ass.


Maybe I just need to play more of it to get used to it. That's a definite possibility. I might have a different opinion when I get home from work.


I'm interested to see some more opinions, good or bad. I wanna know what you guys are seeing.

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He's not really wrong and even then he's still overrating it.


The graphics...they made nice models of certain guys and paraded them around for months. By and large, the graphics are terrible. Long hair looks PS1-level bad, and even more so on the women. Go play as AJ Lee and get back to us.


I'd really like to know for sure whether or not it's always been the same engine since the PS1 days. It's obvious that they've recycled animations for that long, though.


And on that note: Graphics aren't just pretty models. The animation is incredibly awful with tons of missing frames.

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I've played about 15 matches over three or so hours and here are some point form initial thoughts:

*The weight of wrestlers and their movement is great. Not perfect but a huge improvement.

*The stamina system is a great introduction and has big time implications on the engine.

*Matches are fun again. Again, if you're expecting perfection or a brand new engine you'll be disappointed but they've made pretty big strides here in my opinion.

*I'd agree with Bix that graphics are a mixed bag with short haired guys generally looking good and those with long hair not so good. Some faces are just... off. HBK was face scanned and still doesn't look right. He also has about twice as much hair as he ought to with a ridiculously low hairline. Hogan also received magical hair implants. In saying that, the characters that they nail look excellent.

*Lots of great transition animations, fatigue animations, some nice new move animations but too many old animations and quite a few goofy looking ones too.

*Showcase is pretty neat. I've had quite a few excellent matches between Trips and HBK, but like the rest of these types of modes in the past, they have a limited shelf life.


So, from my limited playtime I'm excited with the direction the series is going and this is a fun game but I still expected a bit more from 2K after they stripped so much from last year's iteration. I'm in agreement with Brandon that either next year's or the year following's release will be the game we're looking for. I'd recommend it to diehard rasslin' game fans with current gen consoles.


Also, for those playing on PS4, how do we use the accelerator? It seems like it's not up on PSN yet from what I gather. Anybody had success with it? I actually think I might just try to unlock everything this year. And for anybody that's played the HBK/HHH Showcase: when going for the elbow signature off the pod in the Elimination Chamber match at Survivor Series '02, I'm not ticking the box for whatever reason. I've tried it off two different pods without success. Glitch? 


When is Paige released? I would've thought they'd give us the season pass bonus right from the get go. That's pretty lame that she's not day 1 DLC.

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RE: Hair


It is always going to look like shit in games that have as much free range of motion and as many animations to cycle through. I remember in the trailers for MLB 14 The Show they were showing off hair that swayed when guys moved....game came out.....and nope. 


This is about as good as hair is going to look for a while. 

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I like the stamina system,hate the chain wrestling, create mode sucks now, but the matches are a lot better. Luke Harper is so awesome to play as.

But why is Tina Yothers dancing with Fandango, you guys?

And poor, poor Lana. Nattie had it pretty bad but obviously she deserves it. I feel bad for Lana.

They scanned Gary Coleman for Cameron too.

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So far I really love this game.  The gameplay has more a sense of realism than past ones, that's for sure.  I'm glad they fixed the collision detection, not having to wait for an animation to finish before hitting does wonders.  The stamina system works really well for me.  I like the arcade style gameplay from before, but I'd rather have the stamina kick in and there's a struggle.  The selling after hitting big moves or using the ropes to get up is a very welcome thing to see.  I'm a bit annoyed at the reversal timing as it is different than what I'm used to.  Tried messing with the sliders but for MyCareer I got my ass kicked due to timing issues.  Wish there was a change difficulty for MyCareer, as despite having it on Easy for everywhere else it is still on Normal.


Speaking of MyCareer, I'm in love with it.  This is exactly what I was looking for.  Reminds me of the UFC Career Mode (this year's edition) which I loved as well.  The leveling up system makes sense for a rookie going through NXT on up.  So happy to see Neville and can't wait to face Sami Zayn.  Just got promoted to Main Event and it's working pretty well for me.


Also, Community Creations is aces.  You see big thumbnail previews of everything which makes it so much easier to cycle through.  And the speed it tremendous.  I know in the past it'd start out great then crap out, but if they can maintain this then that's wonderful.  Shame there's only 25 slots.  I did find a sweet Itami and Balor CAW that I'm enjoying immensely.

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