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AEW Rampage - 12/9/2022

The Natural

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33 minutes ago, Zakk_Sabbath said:

While I'd be in total agreeance with you 9.5 times out of 10 on a normal episode, it's TAKESHITA TIME, MY BROTHER. No way those dudes don't run away with it. 

Depending on who Orange's opponent is, this could be top to bottom awesome!

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HOLY SHIT!  MOX vs KONOSUKE TAKESHITA!  FUCK YEAH!  They go slightly BattlARTS early!  Great counter wrestling by Lard Lad.  MOX is so fucking GREAT.  GREAT FUCKING RANA/DDT by Takeshita followed by a GREAT Tope Con Hilo!  Oh man, I got to fit in the International Feed tomorrow as this match goes completely FMW.  YES! FUCKING MOX RULES!  BLOOD, DADDY! JESUS CHRIST!  THAT IS SOME BLOOD!   Skinning the Cat into a Lariat!  DDT on the APRON! DDT IN THE RING FOR TWO!  When will Takeshita start bleeding. Great fucking KING KONG LARIAT!  GREAT FUCKING EVEREST BRAINBUSTER FOR TWO!  BLUE THUNDER BOMB!  This match is fucking AWESOME.  EVEREST GERMAN SUPLEX FOR TWO!  Konosuke Takeshita goes up BIG for the Death Rider!  The crowd is MOLTEN when Takeshita kicks out.  THIS IS FUCKING GREAT!  BULLDOG CHOKE FOR THE WIN!  That was fucking awesome.  Postmatch, MOX gets beat on by Hangman Page!  Man, MOX did all this while having the flu?  MOX is the wrestler of the year.  Austin is the wrestling capital of the world.  THE BUNNY! RATINGS!  HIKARU SHIDA!  Probably RATINGS!  I love that the sixth biggest Joshi promotion in Japan is getting all this exposure on US TV.  Both of these gals got the memo from ATHENA and start laying it in.  The Bunny applies an AWESOME looking Tarantula because she makes the Scream Queen face while applying it.  Oh man, I can't wait for the International Feed to actually see the Bunny beat the crud out of Shida.  The Bunny looks fucking great in this match.  Shida hits the Bunny's finisher!  OH MAN, METEORA OFF THE APRON LOOKED NASTY!  KAORU EXCALIBER by Shida! FOR TWO!  Katana for the win!  That was good!  That was the best the Bunny has looked since IMPACT!  Lee Moriarty is SHOWBOATING before Big Bill comes in and kills everybody. Oh man, I so STOKED about FTR vs the Briscoes tomorrow.  JANE!  Orange Cassidy takes on a dude I saw wrestle once on NXT UK.  I'm excited!  It's TRENT SEVEN!  They are fucking around a lot in this match.  The Butcher and the Blade come out and the Best Friends meet then on the ramp!  Okay, so they are booking the SHIT out of this. Trent Seven is very much Greg Valentine and that is awesome.  NICE Superplex by Seven.  Seven is lighting up Cassidy's chest.  Nice Tequila Sunrise Suplex by Seven.  EMERALD FROZIEN BY SEVEN!  Okay, this match is weird and great.  Cassidy goes up BIG for Seven's Lariat and it looked fucking GREAT.  This match is great.  GREAT FUCKING TWISTING PILEDRIVER by SEVEN!  This match is fucking awesome.  Orange Punch and Beach Break for the win!  I assume they are signing Trent Seven.  He looked fucking great.  What a great epsiode.  AEW RULES THE MOTHERFUCKING FUCKING MOTHERFUCKING WORLD!

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Jesus H. Fuck, did Moxley take an actual chisel to his scalp in this? It looks like there is a chunk out of his head. Really strong finish with a lot of great crowd response out of a logy beginning (take in mind Mox was ill with who knows). Moxley was especially smart in switching his grip on the sleeper so Takeshita could perform the Blue Thunder Bomb properly. Lard Lad is your new Kobashi. Bet. 

From the Discord: 



If anyone has a photo of that, post it. Bunny's circa 1970 Alice Cooper eye makeup was also awesome. That was maybe the best Shida match so far, despite opposite views.

BIG BILL had a fun squash (yeah dude, show some personality!) and then we were intrigued by the promise of POWER SLAP. Does Dana White need coke money? Do they test for CTE possibilities and then put the worst guys together? Is there a Rick James Award? WHAT IS THIS?! Tune in to find out. 

Trent Seven was a good player in the Orange "fun and totally different wrestler to fight" deal but he was maybe the least of all the surprise contenders in AEW so far, better than poor Mance Warner and Jeff Cobb but pretty low on the scale. He still lit up Orange's chest something fierce. I miss Miro. 

Anyway, good show. 

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SEVEN on Seven Violence! Yesterday I had NO IDEA Trent Seven even existed. Now I am STOKED for a potential Orange & Dustin vs Trent Seven & Kip match. Amazing. Dude has a great bulky and hairy old school heel look, hits hard, can play along with Orange's shtick without looking a fool, and has Octopus-level facial hair. Looks like Mox & Takeshita saw Speedball vs Alexander and decided they weren't going to let Impact steal DEAN's poll this week! Wait! Hook has already been around for A YEAR?!?! EVERY TIME Moriarty's music plays I think it's gonna be Magical Girl. Markhausen made me lol. JEFF COBB on Final Battle! Yeah!! Such an exciting hour!    




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