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AEW Dynamite - 12/7/2022

The Natural

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wait, they're running a PPV on Saturday Afternoon?

anyways.. we got a battle royal for some reason, Starks wins that with the Royal Rumble 2000 finish, we got a war of words, Joe murders Darby a few times, Regal left a video will, apron skirt violence in the women's match, and the Acclaimed are still the champs but the banned from TV Briscoes are using the Gunn Boys as couriers.

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6 minutes ago, Casey said:

So did they get Sasha or are they baiting people into thinking this and tuning in January 11th for the Hayter/Baker vs Saraya & ??? match?

I'd love it if Statlander came back, can't think of any other big name returns (I would not be excited if it were Thunder Rosa).

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2 minutes ago, Casey said:

No clue about Rosa, but unless Statlander has been taking tips on injury rehab from Cena I think she’s out until a little after Revolution.


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The best one I caught was JAKE HAGER (WITH HIS HAT)

This was a fun show, loved Starks stomping all over Max's promo. The Hager tag was infuriatingly middle-ground though, very WWE, and probably because of him. BUT! We get Yuta/Garcia... what is it now? #3? #4? at the ROH PPV so that rules, along with the rest of that card. Really it started well, had a middling middle, and picked up hard at the main. And I'm not a big Acclaimed guy. Good stuff. 

One other complaint is that Skye Blue is like the green Rok-C when they could have had the real Rok-C. 

EDIT: And now I feel really bad for saying that. Sorry Skye. But I had to.

Edited by Curt McGirt
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8 minutes ago, John from Cincinnati said:

I'm only half-joking, but at this point they've written Regal out of the show three times and they have him till the end of the year. Gotta do it a fourth time with Danielson, right?

"To Bryan Danielson, I leave the following items..."

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Just sold a bunch of buys I guess.

What a show! So much wrestling! So many excellent things set up for the near future!

I hate fake injury angles. Hate em.

BUT: A Battle Royal with both Dustin and Dalton involved? Way to win me back over IMMEDIATELY, AEW!

Fuck Big Cass, though. That looked legitimately dangerous.

Cool finish to the Battle Royal! 

Who could have predicted Starks DEMOLISHING Friedman in the promo battle? That was great stuff. 

Joe nope-ing out of a Darby tope was EXACTLY what I wanted out of these lads. Bits of this were reminiscent of the legendary Nero Butcher match. Like that sick powerslam. I was bummed out by Joe's heel turn because I LOVED Ward-joe, but HEEL JOE IS SO AWESOME!


That truck bump was SICK.

CLAUDIO SNITZKIED THE HAT! In my books, that's a pure heel move. Hager should wear the hat next week, but it has a hole in it.

SHIDA VS HAYTER! I hope my heart doesn't explode. My heart survived Baddies vs Goodies so I guess it's strong enough. That was a really good trios match. Pretty classic structure.


I was legit surprised that the crowd reaction was not more divided during the main. Hats off to FTR. They have no problem putting another team over clean. 

What a show! 



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2 minutes ago, just drew said:

I’ll have more to say tomorrow but sweet Mary Moses was that Ricky Starks promo absolute flames. Strap him up next week. How often does MJF get broken open verbally like that? That ruled mother fucking ass…


Ricky Starks is money. Strap a rocket on that pillar.

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1 minute ago, Curt McGirt said:

The Hager tag was infuriatingly middle-ground though, very WWE, and probably because of him.

I think this is a bit unkind. It was quite fine. But it was a Jake Hager tag following that Starks promo and The Passion of the Darbs. The way the show was structured, it didn't stand a chance of following that. 

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