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  1. There are dozens of anti-depressents, mate. Sometimes it requires a combo of meds to do the trick. With mine I still wind up going to some pretty dark places, but that's bound up with the creativity side of things and as long as I can find my way back, it's all good. My doctor (who is wonderful) has said that the main thing to watch for is not the dark places, he totally gets that, but has said watch for any behavioral changes like eating or sleeping habits. Once in awhile I get useful info from him, most of the time he just wants to bs about boxing and MMA.
  2. I'm still trying to get my head around the fact that all of these shelter cats (which implies abandoned strays) look like they eat pretty damn well. This guy looks to be between the size of Seven and Jackpot, and I know why they are huge, Seven loves people food, especially Church's Chicken and he'll eat a whole thigh by himself. Jackpot feigns disinterest, but if left alone with a drumstick, the meat mysteriously disappears. Now here's a funny thing, none of our cats (except Jorkens who was born in Seattle) show any interest in seafood. Now I'm no scientist, (where's Naimark when you need him
  3. Sad to report that bassist Tim Bogert passed away yesterday. A founding member of Vanilla Fudge and Cactus he really lit it up in the super group Beck, Bogert & Appice. While it seems to be customary to automatically declare Cream to be the best power trio ever, B,B & A certainly make it an interesting discussion as while Ginger Baker is clearly the greatest drummer who has ever lived, Carmine Appice isn't exactly chopped liver, Clapton wishes he was the virtuoso that Jeff Beck is; and Tim Bogert edges Jack Bruce as a bass player, but it's when you compare them as vocalists, Bogert jus
  4. Impossible! Eric Clapton says that all flu and COVID vaccines are filled with water, the massive amount of money being collected is being used to resurrect Ginger Baker and Jack Bruce so that Eric can assume his normal spot of being third in a field of three for the CREAM reunion tour to commence...
  5. Dennis actually came along a bit too late, ten years earlier and he'd have been thumping guys like John Lowe, Eric Bristow and Barry Twomlow. As it was it was like the American baseball situation of Jimmie Foxx and Babe Ruth (with Ruth taking the Phil Taylor role), just because Foxx would always come in second to Babe Ruth didn't mean that Jimmie wasn't a hell of a ballplayer, his #2 to Ruth in lifetime home runs stood the test of time for nearly forty years, that ain't nothing. Dennis Priestly is one of the finest players that I've ever seen, unfortunately the money for the #2 guy was shit (c
  6. Fan? Hell, I was a top-fifty in the US player in my prime. Also, wearing a lab coat with "Dr. Dart" in huge silver letters on the back and screaming "Turn out the lights!" when hitting the out made me one of the most hated heels in the sport. Yes, I watched professional wrestling and learned well. I think that the highest I was ranked was 38 or 37, right about then was when they changed to accomodate the real pros, you got moved up on the rankings just for showing up at a major tournament which I think is just so much bullshit. It favors the people who do nothing but play tournaments and shit
  7. Good. Michael is one hell of a darts player, but what a nasty little prick. I'll admit that I'm partial to "Snakebite" Peter Wright! I hope Raymond van Barneveld's comeback goes well, darts is a better sport with Barney in the mix.
  8. Thanks for the virtual hug, bro! Needed that. Here's the bright spot, there is less than two weeks for the orange shit-gibbon to try and undermine democracy as it is practiced here. I'm old enough to have lived through two terms of Richard M. Nixon and if we got through that, we can get through anything. Despite approximately 50% of my countrymen being too stupid to put the toilet seat up when they have to piss, we are a rather resilient people and I have high hopes for the next three terms of the POTUS, in which we will see the first woman as POTUS (and a woman of color at that) and the oldes
  9. We're likely going to get this shut down for being political, but what the hell... As Kathy and I re-watched the footage it became obvious to us. The Capitol police are some seriously bad MFs, due to who and what they are charged with protecting, their training is a bit different than that of other police departments; they are trained to shoot first and do the paperwork later, they do not fuck around with warning shots or "freeze" commands, they fuck you up real badly. This has "inside job" stamped all over it, you cannot convince me that the Capitol police didn't know this was coming and had
  10. Ah, being a closed-in recluse has its advantages (at least here in a small town). On one of my very limited forays into the public I get treated like royalty. (Though I suppose that being recognized and treated like royalty by Asst. Pharmacists, RNs, and Physicians' Assts. has a bit of a dark side to it if you stop and think about it..) Anyway, here's hoping all my peeps here are having a good start to 2021, the preceding year was pretty much a blight that we need to collectively forget as a species.
  11. Damn it to hell, I just spent some thirty minutes writing a post covering J.L.'s excellent taste, the impressive writing talents of Joe Abercrombie and Scott Lynch, and digressing into the works of the publishing biz and the damn board ate my post. Obviously, I shall blame Rippa.
  12. Ah, this is welcome news indeed! I suppose I should start subscribing to Locus again. When I hear about new books from favorite authors on WRESTLING message boards, obviously something has broken down somewhere (possibly the fact that I haven't attended a Con since 2006 has something to do with it), anyway, the other example was that a new Joe Abercrombie book came out in September and I heard about it only because a fellow poster listed his Christmas gifts on Wrestling Classics. When I'm four+ months late to the table to buy a book that I will insist on following the flag and buying only the
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