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  1. The more I watch Tomohiro Ishii, the more I love him and his work.
  2. Johnny Gargano can be quite good at times when he's in with the right person. His NXT title match against Andrade was great, one of WWE's best matches in a very long time. But I don't ever want to see him against Adam Cole again. Cole's heel shtick wore thin with me years ago, and I'm not looking forward to him winning this tournament. And I'm going to need Hayter/Storm again at some point soon, hopefully for one of the Women's belts.
  3. He was also just banged up in general by that point and was on the decline in Mid South just before the ill-fated WWF run, IIRC.
  4. Co-sign. Buddy Jack Roberts was a great UWF TV Champion.
  5. Lots of great memories brought up by going through this thread. Barnwell was a good friend for a bit there as I was getting into Soccer - very happy for his ongoing success. The two of us watched the US/South Korea World Cup match at like 3 AM with Pete in 2002 and kept Pete's poor dog up all night. I'll randomly bump into Schneider when I head into the office - at least, before the Pandemic started. Married life agrees with him.
  6. "It is impossible to cheer for guys whose hair looks that silky and conditioned." Good stuff as always, Phil.
  7. I wasn't Steffen's biggest fan before this, but I'm definitely worried about him in goal for the USMNT at the World Cup now.
  8. I'm pretty sure - it's been a long time - that Steve Austin/Dustin Rhodes and Brian Pillman/Ricky Morton were the only things on the show worth watching.
  9. I've found Raw to be unwatchable for years. Cody's not going to change that for me.
  10. Massive choke job, indeed. With the away goals rule, all the Revs had to do was score one goal and Pumas would have needed five.
  11. Going back to the Russian Leg Sweep discussion for a moment....my favorite use of it - besides Brad Armstrong, of course - was when El Samurai would use it in New Japan and keep his opponent down then swing his leg over for a ground cobra twist submission. Always liked that combination and someone should steal it for use today.
  12. Marty Scurll's shtick pretty much makes the Bullet Club unwatchable by himself. I still record ROH on the hope that a decent match gets on the show by accident, though.
  13. As great as that Hennig gif is - and it's great - it's going to take a whole lot to get me to vote against Gordy scaring children and the elderly.
  14. The worst-kept secret out there - October's WCQ in Orlando was announced ages ago, but this is just coming out now. It's a news story when US Soccer actually gets something right.
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