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  1. Marty Scurll's shtick pretty much makes the Bullet Club unwatchable by himself. I still record ROH on the hope that a decent match gets on the show by accident, though.
  2. As great as that Hennig gif is - and it's great - it's going to take a whole lot to get me to vote against Gordy scaring children and the elderly.
  3. The worst-kept secret out there - October's WCQ in Orlando was announced ages ago, but this is just coming out now. It's a news story when US Soccer actually gets something right.
  4. I like both teams....I think the CWC match pushes DIY over the top for me, though. (I like that they realized that the Ciampa heel turn would have a huge mistake and kept them together. It's there whenever they want it, though.)
  5. Miz is a great, great heel. He's had a very good year on the mic and running with the chance he's been given. But I still don't ever want to see him wrestle an actual match. AJ in a walk.
  6. It's really hard to vote against Negro Casas in anything, but........
  7. This is where I'm at. The Hardys won't win this tournament, but Dunne isn't the guy to beat them.
  8. Miz is such a good heel, I really want to vote against him. So that's what I did. Miz should want to lose ASAP, as a good heel doesn't care about the fans, right? (Plus, I think Sami's had about a good of a year as he possibly could given the booking.) (Also, I'm being contrarian.)
  9. Can't stand the Young Bucks' work, never have been able to. Too many flips, jumps, superkicks, and ridiculously contrived spots.
  10. Keith Lee all day. Really hope he sticks around and has a good career.
  11. Outside of his song and robe, it's still the same old Bobby Roode. Granted, the same argument could be made of Tye - and has been in this thread - but I'd rather watch his matches more.
  12. Puma's got a ton of upside, but UG is still a great rudo. I may feel differently next year, but UG for now.
  13. I'm in the tank for Mascara Dorada - watching him week in and week out when CMLL was on TV here sold me on him.
  14. Cobb - Cody's never really done anything for me.
  15. Indeed. That feud was absolutely the best thing in ROH this year. But for this discussion? O'Reilly doesn't piss me off nearly as much as he used to. But I'm still going with Bayley.
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