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  1. Tim White was my first thought. They trashed his bar a lot of times for skits and would pay to fix the damage. Given that he passed away last year, might be a big thing for his Family as well.
  2. Thanks, Pete! Our game against Kansas can only have one result, but I'm thrilled that we've made it this far.
  3. Right before he started climbing, Hobbs had a look on his face for half a second that said "Hold up, I think this might be a bad idea...." I wonder why he didn't call an audible and just go get another ladder.
  4. I mean....I knew going in that Okada/Takagi couldn't help but be great. As much as I like Cassidy and Yuta, I didn't think their match was going to be *that* good.
  5. I got MLS Season Pass and I'm pleasantly surprised so far. The price didn't bother me as I already have Apple TV+ so it was only $80 for the season. That's what Direct Kick used to cost - yes, I'm old - so not a big deal. I do question how the league plans on creating new fans with a paywall barrier to watch matches, but I don't get paid the big bucks to figure that out. (Community outreach, get this MLS 2 league going, reach out to local media, invest in your youth teams, try to work with US Soccer on USMNT/MLS doubleheaders again.....there are ways.) There were a couple of moments of lag, but that's the case with every streaming service. There's also an option for local radio commentary, so this DC United fan was happy to still have DCU PBP institution Dave Johnson on the call. Big unexpected plus for me.
  6. And Yank Lampard is a far worse nickname than Ted Lasso.
  7. Jesse Marsch out at Leeds. Totally unsurprising, given the team's form. Hope they can turn it around, but interim managers can't score goals, so...
  8. Went ahead and signed up for it. Direct Kick used to cost $80 back in the day - happy to get everything for the same price that I used to. Hate losing the DC announce team in general and Dave Johnson in particular, who's been calling DCU since day one. Classiest of class acts.
  9. https://www.theringer.com/wwe/2023/1/30/23577919/roman-reigns-kevin-owens-wwe-royal-rumble-2023-best-wrestling-matches Great job writing up the Mark Briscoe/Jay Lethal match.
  10. I think the story was that the entire ROH locker room was given IQ tests and Mark had the third highest score, with Danielson at #1 and Nigel McGuinness at #2. I've kind of viewed Mark in the way you do since hearing that. ------ Get well soon, Dean.
  11. If their match against Brazil in the 2006 WC that I was at in Berlin is any indication, it's pretty much waving a bunch of flares around. Their supporters were fun to be around. Nerves of steel in the shootout. Might just mess around and get back to the Final.
  12. It's not that I want Saudi Arabia to win, it's that I want Mexico to lose.
  13. Obviously very thrilled that we got the win over Iran. We're playing with house money now - I just want us to play our best game against Holland. Bad thing, though? Berhalter will absolutely be kept on as coach now. This would be A Very Bad Idea, as was the case with Arena...and Bradley...and Klinsmann. Coaches should only get one WC cycle at most.
  14. Well, we could use your height on corner kicks.
  15. Not beating Wales looms larger now. That was a wasted opportunity. I'm not expecting a win against England, but we definitely have the ability to get a result. Whether we win/lose/draw today, we have to beat Iran to get out of the first round.
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