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  1. Certainly far-reaching consequences whenever it happens - they've got teams in five different leagues. And then there's their massive stake in F1.
  2. Did Haaland ever play against Man United while he was at Dortmund? Kind of want him to run up the score in the Manchester Derby after what happened to his Father.
  3. As much as I don't want it to be MJF, it's totally something I can see them doing.
  4. I can absolutely see him in the Player/Coach role, maybe a tag team with one of the NXT prospects.
  5. Tito Santana comes to mind - he had been using the Flying Forearm and then started using the Figure-Four Leglock during his IC Title feud with Greg Valentine.
  6. I'm here for either of these. Mr. Gannosuke from the FMW days did a Full Nelson Camel Clutch and I've always felt it would get over in the States. Same for Shinzaki's Straightjacket Camel Clutch (Gokuraku-gatame? It's been a while.)
  7. To be fair, both Dunkin' and Krispy Kreme have apple fritters, which are - I'll say it - superior to Cinnabon. To keep things on topic, I look forward to the trios match hopefully starting the push for the Trios tournament. -- While I don't anticipate Trios matches in AEW having captains, I'd love it if the Trios Finals and all subsequent title matches were 2/3 falls.
  8. I think one of the early WWF tapes on Coliseum Home Video had Gorilla Monsoon talking about how Killer Kowalski would use the claw sometimes on the stomach or knee. Always thought that could add another layer of storytelling if someone were to start using it for a finisher today.
  9. The FMF (Mexican Soccer Federation) fires their Women's Coach, Men's U-20 Coach, and Sporting Director for missing out on the 2023 WWC, 2023 U-20 World Cup, and the 2024 Men's and Women's Olympic Tournaments. Insert your favorite "That's a real shame," "GTFO," or "Get to steppin'" gif here.
  10. The deal is apparently guaranteed through next year with an option for 2024. I'd be shocked if he makes it that long. This strikes me as desperation - on the whole, this team is just plain bad and they're looking for anything to stop the bleeding that doesn't involve fixing the real problems - getting rid of the GM and selling the team to competent owners. Taxi Fountas will be wanting to get out of here as soon as he's able.
  11. Chris Jericho in an Ironman match. Love a good Ironman (or Ironwoman) match.
  12. If Cornette never used this line back in the day, then someone certainly needs to start using it now.
  13. With the UEFA Nations League basically taking European friendlies off the table, it's certainly in the best interests of the USMNT to play two Asian teams - one of which was the second-best team in Asian WC Qualifying (Saudi Arabia), seeing as how we've got the best (Iran) coming up in Qatar.
  14. Favorites? The late, lamented Joe Louis Arena that I just talked about. Also, Arena Mexico and Arena Coliseo. A couple of pilgrimages that I was thrilled to make.
  15. 1985 - 1992. Got to see The British Bulldogs go 25:00 with The Hart Foundation in Detroit (RIP, Joe Louis Arena) and even then I could tell that all four were just getting warmed up by the time the match was over. The Jumping Bomb Angels were amazing. Jake Roberts's DDT was a death spot - Ricky Steamboat made it truly look like The End on that one SNME. Steamboat and Randy Savage being awesome in general, and at WM3 in particular. Koko B. Ware's dropkicks and KILLING people with the Ghostbuster.
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