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  2. Hip-Hop heads been usin this term since right around the time the song came out tho, so it aint exactly new. Jay and Nas fans were callin each other Stans back in 2001 when "Takeover" and "Ether" dropped...
  3. I ended up going to Kohl's instead, where store brand workout shorts, likely made in the same sweatshops as Adidas, Nike, and Under Armor, cost 1/3 the price.
  4. The word you're looking for is erection. Time to ditch that blue chew sponsorship.
  5. ohmygodohmygodohmygodohmygod I will watch that trailer 817 times by the end of May.
  6. I legit had no idea Craig wasn't in.
  7. I went back to Borderlands 2 because I needed sort of a palate cleanser after Kingdom Come: Deliverance. I like nuanced games with lots of choices and things like that but I also like to just load up games like Borderlands and Doom and shoot things in the face.
  8. Oh man if I would have known I could write off doing shitty, half-assed work on my taxes I'd never have paid a dime in my life.
  9. If that happened the Manchester Derby would basically become a proxy battle between blood drenched Middle Eastern governments attempting to buy legitimacy through sports. Would also be the point where I say "I'm outta here".
  10. Is there a difference between men's compression pants and women's? That's a route you may want to take. When I was attempting to run last summer, I bought some compression pants and I have legs like a running back. I'm so fucking lazy, but I really need to get into the gym and working out. During the winter, when I was wearing layers I didn't realize that almost all of my dress shirts are too tight. I need to figure out a routine that will keep me motivated.
  11. I finally went ahead and made a PROGRESS thread in the WWE Minor League Folder
  12. I love @Marty Sugar's stories (even though he probably doesn't)
  13. Okay - this has been due for a bit but I was reminded to do it with the news that this past weekend's NXT UK tapings were partly written and produced by PROGESS' crew Also - Brackets for SSS16 are out
  14. People would have bought Pillman as a challenger and Muta was still around. The blood stoppage looked worse because Lex had never bladed before. He was suppose to be drenched in blood, but only got a trickle. The finish did lead to a hot house show run with Lex vs Flair. He really should have won the title at Starrcade or had Flair cheat more. He bashed Lex's leg with a chair to give him an out for losing, but I don't think it was enough. So some more fantasy booking Starrcade 88. The card was not really set until fairly close to the show. Lex and Sting vs the Road Warriors was drawing well on the house shows. Eddie Gilbert vs Barry Windham had happened a week before Starrcade and the fans believed in Eddie. It was the main event program leading up to Steamboat being Eddie's mystery opponent. Flair vs Bam Bam Bigelow was a new match and they were already sorta feuding. Bam Bam could take the loss. Dusty could have replaced Nikita and teamed with Ivan Koloff vs the Russian Assassins.
  15. I think the WWE is the only company on earth that keeps people on the payroll just to probably spite them. What? You want to go somewhere else and be productive? The hell with that. Sit at home and do nothing.
  16. Admittedly I'm no economic expert, but if you've spent that much money making a film wouldn't you be better off to release it and at least try to recoup SOME of the losses? Or does it all wind up being a tax write off?
  17. Maybe the reason Kevin Owens turned on Kofi & Woods so quickly was because they were worried people would hear his Canadian accent and think he wad saying "Nude, eh?"
  18. I only saw this shit start last year. First time in some stupid Becky Lynch tweet. Which is funny considering her fan base.
  19. Without Chicago, Detroit, the Rangers and Flyers, and losing Washington and Pittsburgh, NBC will presumably putting all their hopes on Boston going all the way.
  20. Kofi couldn't even beat the computer opponents in the qualifying rounds for that mini-tourney they had on IGN. I mean goddamn.
  21. Woods is prob smart enough to not let anyone (except maybe Kofi) keep the belt.
  22. I've never been a MK fan, so watching some of the fatalities in the new game just makes me shake my head in ... not quite repulsion, but something a little less strong. I'd say old man yelling at clouds, but I hated stuff like that when I was young too.
  23. They don't want him showing up on Being The Elite and throwing it in a trash can or losing it to Kenny Omega. They need to step up their MK game significantly.
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