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  2. It was surprisingly pretty prestigious during that time. Like Road Dogg really elevated it in his reign.
  3. The Natural

    NJPW G1 2019

    Be nice to get a music video like last year's:
  4. Brooks Orpik has announced his retirement
  5. Well this isn't remotely close to Misawa tribute anymore plus it had been dormant for like a week and a half. Y'all can decry the downfall of society in all the other threads it is happening in.
  6. Well he’s a top face that doesn’t draw because he’s not suitable to being the top face, and is better at being a heel. He also lashes out at people that question his ability. If you read it correctly I said he was “getting to 90’s Shawn levels”, not “he’s at Shawn levels”. He needs to fight 50 sailors, do copious amounts of drugs, and refuse to job to get to that level.
  7. Uh oh, Seth Rollins is gonna be mad they said that.
  8. For a frame of reference - when the WWE first instituted the 24/7 policy on the Hardcore title (Feb 22) to the Mania Hardcore Battle Royal (April 2) - there were THREE title reigns
  9. Marty Balin the founder of Jefferson Airplane has passed. RIP
  10. Updated Title History Titus O'Neil Bobby Roode R-Truth Elias R-Truth (2) Jinder Mahal R-Truth (3) Elias (2) R-Truth (4) Jinder Mahal (2) R-Truth (5) Drake Maverick R-Truth (6) Heath Slater R-Truth (7) Cedric Alexander EC3 R-Truth (8) Random notes - 18 title reigns in a little more than a month. R-Truth and Drake Maverick are the only people to hold the title longer than a day. - Titus O'Neil and Cedric Alexander are the only people to not lose the title to R-Truth
  11. This is real but the rest of what you see is fake. We think?
  12. To me that was like the 15th most grotesque thing about the movie. Since the Natural brought him up, I thought The Mule was the most poor endangered straight white male movie I've seen recently. You're helping the helpless late Generation X/older millennial black dude fix his tire because really what he needs is a feeble octogenarian. That won't embarrass him in front of his wife and daughter. Thanks, Clint. I think Mel's character develops somewhere (not to spoil it if you plan to continue) while Vaughn's character does not. That may be where Mel is really in life. Sidebar: Apparently, Mel is trying to cast Jamie Foxx, Dinklage, and Michael Fassbender in his contemporary (neo Western?) adaptation of The Wild Bunch. I put Dragged Across Concrete mostly on Zahler. Going from interviews, that is his perspective. I'm going to put The Wild Bunch 100% on old Mel.
  13. Today
  14. Comparing Rollins to Shawn is also ridiculous, so save an eyeroll for that too.
  15. BEAT YOU! But to be fair, I remember Russo's attempt to shit on NWA Jeff and the Guy Fieri meets Amanda Bearse haircut Jeff after he left WCW jobbing to Mongo on the final Clash. I don't remember Jeff doing shoot promos for about a month that went absolutely nowhere when he did show back up. I must have been watching Nitro.
  16. Ah, I was thinking you were referring to behind the scenes (not on WWE TV). I don't really consider someone being told to go out and shoot one time by his boss to be anywhere close to the level of Shawn's bullshit.
  17. MJF answering the question in portrait mode just to be a dick was highly amusing. Between Daniels going full Peter Griffin and Kenny going full Fyre Festival organizer this was a very entertaining BTE. And to top it off you have Kenny playing DDR which officially makes him my wife's all-time favorite wrestler. And considering Fyter Fest is free does anybody else find themselves trying to get whoever possible to check it out? I've been getting the word out to some friends and the idea of AEW working with CEO has drawn some interest from them. I just hope that for a free show there's a good chance of curious people checking it out.
  18. No quote, just the infamous shoot. Edit: Fuck! You just couldn’t let me have my moment! You had to throw around your stroke! Well choke on this stroke, slap nuts! Slappy New Year, BTW.
  19. Jeff going back and forth between companies a half dozen times during the Monday Night Wars was amazing.
  20. Giannis winning is a joke. All he does is travel and flop his way to the free throw line. Every bad thing they say about Harden, Giannis actually does. Narratives. Also, can we take a break between regular season and playoffs and do this award ceremony then? It’s dumb that we do it a month after the playoffs are over. Or just announce it at a game. Assuming the MVP is still in the playoffs.
  21. Can you name an example of Jeff Jarrett's "big talk?" An actual quote?
  22. I can describe my favorite (and to be honest the only one I paid attention to) moment on RAW in one simple word FIBER Also unless Seth is turning heel then he needs to shut up on Twitter. I mean you really have to suck on Twitter to make Will Ospreay seem sympathetic
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