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  2. When the MCU Spidey films bother to be about Spider-Man, their good. But they both are just so damn focused on Iron Man for way too much of their runtimes. I think Holland is really good casting, I think Zendaya is solid, but, fuck do I not care whether or not Peter Parker is the next Tony Stark. Keaton was really godamn great in the first one at least.
  3. For sure @Oyaji, I wasn't necessarily saying 'all promos are crap now' more that the lack of trust to just let people go out there and sell a match or feud on their own terms and with their own words has died a death. As a result the people reciting the words can't make you believe because they barely believe themselves
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  5. My guess for the cities: Los Angeles, SF Area, Las Vegas, Portland, Seattle (with the possibility of Honolulu instead of Portland) Dallas, Houston, San Antonio, El Paso Orlando, Tampa, Atlanta, Charlotte, Nashville, DC area NYC, Philly, Pittsburgh, Boston Chicago, Detroit, Indianapolis, Minneapolis, Cleveland, Cincinnati, Milwaukee.
  6. Well - this is the one of the big stories from Japan that Dave teased last week
  7. Just don't forget the slash Steve so you can get your 10% discount
  8. A møøse once bit my sister ... no, realli!
  9. I imagine a world where everyone loves Keiji Mutoh like they do Shawn Michaels, and it’s a wonderful utopia.
  10. Can you imagine how better it would be if we lived in a world where all of the modern guys who idolize HBK idolized Bret Hart instead? I can and it hurts.
  11. Judging from the trailers, more like a beat by beat remake of T2
  12. I know this isn't the NWA thread but shit.. I love both the Trevor Murdoch and Damien Sandow pickups. I think both are talented and useful. Murdoch in ring is just a touch southern bruiser and Sandow on the microphone, his promo segment was great. Kennedy/Anderson I don't see much value in because he's still doing the tired yelling shit that was played out years ago. I don't think he fits the roster at all.
  13. I'd be interested to see what AEW would do unopposed. I think the 1.4 million in week one was obviously in part an interest thing new promotion starting up, they haven't lost too many viewers yet. NXT is down to around 700,000 now. A lot of people in the wrestling media say there isn't much crossover but I think AEW would see a marginal increase.
  14. Someone has apparently spoken up to challenge Liger for 1/5.
  15. Caught the end of Return to Salem's Lot. Didn't know it was a Larry Cohen flick and sure enough there is Michael Moriarty in all of his idiosyncratic glory. Apparently the vampires have taken over the whole town and they have human helpers, and Moriarty's wife is gonna have a vampire baby, and they wanna vampirize his other son? And some Holocaust survivor helps him kill all the vampires in town. There is like five seconds of stop-motion that is so fast that if you blink you'll miss it, and a scene where Moriarty clearly stakes the ground next to somebody instead of staking them. Glad I recorded this because it's hilariously bad and I need to see all of it.
  16. back during the Monday Night Wars, there were no "WWE Castoffs" or "WCW Castoffs". there were wrestlers "jumping ship" and there was "poaching" from ECW. i hope the terms we use will shift back to the positive spin instead of the derogatory 'castoff' tag. i expect that now that AEW is on tv and established, we will see WWE contracts expire and more wrestlers "jumping ship". Until that time, AEW is signing guys who've been out of the WWE system for a bit but haven't really shined anywhere else. I'm not high on the Hager signing, and Spears hasn't impressed me yet, but i think AEW is signing these guys sparingly. I love NWA's new Power show, but this week we saw Trevor Murdoch, Mr. Kennedy/Anderson, and Damien Sandow debut. I'd say that it's not a hot take to say that AEW is being selective and not just grabbing anybody with name value.
  17. First thing's first: I doubt Fox is all that concerned. WWE is giving them more than 2 million viewers each week. Fox knows where the basement is and that basement is about 2 million people. They're getting exactly what they paid for on a night where no one young watches TV and if they do they're going to watch WWE. That's a win for them. Second point: I feel like WWE is killing professional wrestling in the US. You had 2 million more people tune in to see what was going on with WWE in week one and what those people saw sucked. Same old shit that made them stop watching. So in week 2 they do a million less viewers. Those extra people who still tuned in were turned off enough to make 400k or so people tune out the following week. WWE is the standard bearer for wrestling in the US. They are the #1 brand and what everyone associates with wrestling. It doesn't matter if you're AEW, Impact, NXT, etc. If what you see on Mondays and Fridays sucks, you're going to think all wrestling sucks and you're probably not going to give it much of a chance because when you do give it a chance you find out it's still the same old shit. There's more wrestling to watch than ever, more good wrestling to watch than ever, and all people will think of is wrestling = WWE regardless of the company. Maybe, MAYBE AEW reaches 2 million viewers, but it's starting to feel like as WWE goes, so does wrestling.
  18. This is the Catwoman catsuit I'd like to see for The Batman (2021) movie: Darwyn Cooke's Catwoman design. A talent gone too soon.
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